Some time later, Zhang Xuan finally opened his eyes.

The acknowledgement of Celestial Master Teacher this time around lasted much longer than before. Under the tempering of the unique aura, his aura became much sharper, and his thoughts became clearer than ever.

Even though there was no tangible increase in his strength, the sharper clarity of his thoughts granted him better reflexes than before.

At the same time, his Eye of Insight had also become keener. With his sharper perception, his ability to disguise himself was also enhanced too. As long as he willed it so, not even an 8-star master teacher would be able to notice anything unusual about him.

On top of that, in the past, he was only able to discern flaws of individuals or objects which corresponded to a maximum to four cultivation stage higher than him, but now, he could see through the cultivation of those whose fighting prowess was on par with him.

To put it in more direct terms... he was able to see through the flaws and openings in the cultivation of Primordial Spirit pinnacle experts!

In the future, if he were to encounter such Saint 4-dan pinnacle experts, even without the Library of Heaven's Path, he would be able to analyze their flaws just with his Eye of Insight and subdue them with ease.

"The growth of my Eye of Insight is great, but what is truly significant is that my Soul Depth... has increased by 2.0 once more!" Zhang Xuan thought in excitement.

The changes in the Eye of Insight was great, but what that had left him the most excited was the explosive rise in his Soul Depth.

This acknowledgement of Celestial Master Teacher had increased his Soul Depth by a whole 2.0!

After undergoing the Saint Ascension Ordeal, his Soul Depth had already been increased to 23.1, putting him on par with 7-star pinnacle master teachers. With this further increase by 2.0, it had reached a staggering 25.1, putting him on an equivalent level as 8-star high-tier master teachers!

With his enhanced Soul Depth, even 7-star pinnacle master teachers would succumb easily to his Impartation of Heaven's Will and willingly submit to him.

"As long as I know their cultivation technique, I should be able to faze even 8-star low-tier master teachers with my Impartation of Heaven's Will!" Zhang Xuan thought with clenched fists.

For the Impartation of Heaven's Will to work, the knowledge which one was lecturing must be aligned with the essence of the world. Those who were able to become an 8-star master teacher were all individuals with near transcendental state of minds. At their level, a lecture of fundamentals would do little to faze their mind. However, if Zhang Xuan could uncover their cultivation technique and correct it, beguiling them with his Impartation of Heaven's Will shouldn't be too difficult.

"Speaking of which, my Soul Depth has already long reached the mark required for me to become a 7-star master teacher. It should be about time for me to start preparing to take the 7-star master teacher examination…" Zhang Xuan thought as he exhaled deeply.

More often than not, the limiting factor to a master teacher was his Soul Depth. High Soul Depth enhanced one's rate of cultivation and learning, so once one's Soul Depth reached the mark, one's cultivation and supporting occupations would swiftly follow suit.

At the moment, the conflict between the Xuanxuan Faction and the Combat Master Hall seemed to be resolved. The members from both organizations were getting along amicably with one another, so that was a burden off his mind.

With that, it was about time for him to focus on his own personal matters. It would be good to pay a visit to the Master Teacher Pavilion, meet some old friends, and obtain a 7-star master teacher emblem while he was at it.

For this 6-star master teacher examination, he had chosen to challenge Empire Building. It was the most difficult examination, but its benefits lay in that he would be automatically entitled to the 7-star master teacher emblem once he met the prerequisites for the promotion.

His Soul Depth and cultivation definitely met the mark for promotion, so what was lacking was his supporting occupations.

So far, the occupations which he had achieved a mastery of 7-star in were spirit awakener, demonic tunist, and poison master. His other occupations, such as apothecary, blacksmith, and the sort, were still at 6-star.

Of them, the spirit awakener was not considered as a unique occupation, and it wouldn't reflect well on his reputation if it was revealed that he practiced poison arts. Thus, he only had a single 7-star supporting occupation at the moment...

"In order to qualify as a 7-star master teacher, I'll require seven 7-star supporting occupations. Currently, other than appraiser and soul oracle, my other occupations are at 6-star pinnacle."

In his long journey, Zhang Xuan had picked up a total of twelve supporting occupations, and they were namely: 7-star spirit awakener, 7-star demonic tunist, 7-star poison master, 6-star blacksmith, 6-star physician, 6-star painter, 6-star beast tamer, 6-star celestial designer, 6-star terpsichore, 6-star formation master, 5-star appraiser, and last but not least... soul oracle!

It went without saying that he couldn't use his spirit awakener, poison master, and soul oracle occupation, so he had only had the remaining nine to rely on.

"For formation master, I have already achieved the level of 7-star, and Guild Leader Han has already helped me apply for an emblem. If nothing goes wrong, I should be able to collect it very soon."

Back at the Qiu Wu Palace, Zhang Xuan had managed advanced his mastery as a formation master straight to 7-star pinnacle. In view of that, Guild Leader Han, as the head of the Qingyuan Empire Formation Master Guild, had taken the initiative to apply for the 7-star emblem for him, so he didn't have to go through the trouble of taking the examination.

But even so, he only had two 7-star supporting occupations with that.

He still needed another five more.

"With my current identity, I should be able to access the libraries of the respective guilds directly. As long as I work fast, I should be able to be done with it in a single day…" Zhang Xuan thought.

To others, advancing their supporting occupations was a lengthy and tiresome process, requiring them to work diligently over a long period of time to brush their knowledge and skills up to par. However, to Zhang Xuan, it was truly nothing at all.

Even if he were to take his time, he should be able to accomplish it within two days easily.

"As the capital of a Tier-1 Empire, most major guilds can be found in Qingyuan City, such as the Apothecary Guild, Physician Guild, and the Beast Tamer Guild. However, I wonder if there is any Terpsichorean Guild, Celestial Designer Guild, and the others here as well..."

As Zhang Xuan had mainly spent his time training the Combat Master Hall over the past three days, he still hadn't gotten a clear grasp over the layout of Qingyuan City yet. As such, he had no idea what kind of guilds there were here and where they were located either. If he could uncover this information beforehand, he would be spared much time fumbling around the city looking for the occupation guilds.

With this thought in mind, Zhang Xuan walked out of his room and shouted, "Sun Qiang, Sun Qiang!"

Sun Qiang would always gather intelligence from the locals as soon as they arrived in a new city, so there was no one apter than him to ask.

"Teacher, Butler Sun headed out last night, and he isn't back yet!" Hearing Zhang Xuan's shouting, Liu Yang walked out and said.

After they parted the previous night, Sun Qiang left the Combat Master Hall, and even till morning, there was still no trace of the latter to be seen.

Zhang Xuan frowned, "Do you know where he went then?"

"I'm not too sure either. However, I have already entrusted some friends from the Combat Master Hall to help look into this matter." Liu Yang quickly replied.

"Un." Zhang Xuan nodded. "Tell him to look for me as soon as he returns."

This wasn't the first time Sun Qiang had stayed out overnight, so Zhang Xuan was not particularly worried about him. In any case, the Combat Master Hall was already looking for him, so it shouldn't be long before the other party returned.

"Noted!" Liu Yang nodded.

After which, Zhang Xuan began making his way over to Hall Master Xing's residence.

Since Sun Qiang wasn't around, he could only seek Hall Master Xing for help.

"You wish to brush up your supporting occupations and push for a promotion to 7-star master teacher?" Hearing the intent behind Zhang Xuan's visit, Hall Master Xing replied with a smile.

"That's right!" Zhang Xuan nodded.

"Elder Qi happens to be the old head of the Physician Guild, and given your deep mastery in the Way of Medicine, it shouldn't be too difficult for him to apply for a 7-star physician emblem, so there is no need for you to take the physician examination either."

Hall Master Xing smiled. "Furthermore, the head of the Apothecary Guild, Wu Huayu, has heard news that you are currently residing in our Combat Master Hall. In a conversation we had recently, he indicated that he has helped you apply for a 7-star apothecary emblem, and he intends to pay you a visit and hand the emblem over to you personally some time soon."

"Wu Huayu?" Zhang Xuan was startled.

That name was astonishingly familiar to him. It was the apothecary whom he challenged during the Pill Debate conducted via the Communication Jade Screen back when he was at the Hongyuan Master Teacher Academy Apothecary School! Back then, he had given the latter several pointers in his pill forging, and in exchange, the latter had helped him apply for the Grand Intermittence Grass he needed to save Wei Ruyan...

All along, he had thought that the other party was a small fry in the Qingyuan Empire Apothecary Guild. Who could have thought that the other party would actually turn out be the head of the Apothecary Guild...

Later on, it seemed like the other party had come over to Hongyuan Empire personally to deliver the Grand Intermittence Grass, but Zhang Xuan happened to be out with Luo Ruoxin during that period of time, so they missed one another.

"Factoring in those two occupations, I would have four 7-star supporting occupations at the moment. I would just need three more in order to qualify as a 7-star master teacher!" Hearing those words, Zhang Xuan heaved a sigh of relief and smiled.

It would have surely taken quite a bit of effort if he had to go through the various occupations one after another. Naturally, it would be for the best if he could save some time.

"As for the location of the respective guilds... Our Qingyuan City doesn't have a Celestial Designer Guild, and the Beast Tamer Guild is located in a mountain range roughly two hundred li away from the city. However, the Terpsichore Guild, Appraiser Guild, and Painter Guild are located in the city, so you could consider going for them instead." Hall Master Xing explained.

"I see. I'll head to the Terpsichore Guild first then." Zhang Xuan nodded.

Since the Beast Tamer Guild wasn't in the city, it would be more efficient if he could clear all the examinations within the city before heading there.

"Alright, allow me to bring you over then…" Hall Master Xing nodded.

"It's fine, it's fine. There's no need to trouble Hall Master Xing over a minor matter like this. You just have to tell me the location, and I'll head there myself." Zhang Xuan replied with a smile.

He was only taking the examination for a supporting occupation, it would be an overkill if he were to have the head of the Combat Master Hall accompany him there. That would raise too much of a commotion, and it went without saying that it was at odds with his intention of maintaining a low profile.

"That works too. However, the branch of the Terpsichore Guild in Qingyuan Empire... is located at a location which might be a little awkward for you to visit…" At this point, Hall Master Xing suddenly recalled a matter, and a peculiar expression appeared on his face.

"Awkward for me to visit?"

"Un. You have learned terpsichorean arts yourself too, so you should know that terpsichoreans utilize dance as an intermediary for their offense, and the location where dancers are the most sought after happens to be the... Spring Pavilion!" Hall Master Xing continued.

"Spring Pavilion?" Zhang Xuan was perplexed. "Is that the name of the Terpsichorean Guild branch in Qingyuan City?"

"It is... the name of a courtesan house!" Hall Master Xing replied awkwardly.

"A courtesan house?" Zhang Xuan's lips twitched.

"Yes, but it isn't the kind which you are thinking of. The courtesans there sell their craft, not their bodies. Nevertheless, it is still one of the most popular spots in the city with huge crowds walking in and out of its doors every day!" Hall Master Xing said.

Typically speaking, those who opted to learn terpsichorean arts were top-notch beauties with excellent figures. A dance from them could easily enchant them, leaving them craving for more.

But still, for an orthodox unique occupation to run a courtesan house... just the thought of it sounded deeply inconceivable.

"The founder of the Terpsichore Guild, Elder Gong Sun, had her entire family massacred by an enemy back when she was still at a young age. She spent many years of her life refining her craft as a dancer, and eventually, she managed to exact vengeance on her enemy. After that, under Kong shi's guidance, she founded the terpsichore occupation. However, in acknowledgement of her past as a dance courtesan, most of the Terpsichore Guild branches are still established as courtesan houses." Hall Master Xing explained.

Zhang Xuan nodded in realization.

He had learned about the history of Elder Gong Sun through the books in the Master Teacher Academy, but as most of them were carefully selected by master teachers, the portion regarding Elder Gong Sun being a dance courtesan was probably intentionally left out due to it being viewed as dishonorable.

"Nevertheless, Kong shi didn't look down on Elder Gong Sun despite her occupation. Instead, he said that there was no such thing as a lowly occupation; there were only lowly individuals in the world. As long as dance courtesans lived their life with dignity, they were individuals worthy of respect too. It is with this philosophy in mind that terpsichore eventually managed to become a unique occupation as well."

"Un." Zhang Xuan nodded.

Kong shi was right.

Every single occupation had to be respected. Even the most ordinary occupation served a vital purpose in this world, so they shouldn't be disregarded and looked down upon.

As expected of Kong shi, his state of mind had indeed transcended mere forms.

"Where is the Spring Pavilion you spoke of located?" Tossing aside the prejudice in his mind, Zhang Xuan asked.

"It's located not too far away from the Combat Master Hall. After you leave here, turn left and head straight for roughly ten li, and you should see it." Hall Master Xing said.

After getting the location of the other two guilds out of Hall Master Xing, Zhang Xuan finally clasped his fist and bade farewell, "Alright, I'll be heading over to take a look now. Farewell."

After leaving the residence of Hall Master Xing, before Zhang Xuan could even step out of the Combat Master Hall, he saw a young lady hurriedly walking towards him.

"Zhang shi, are you heading out? Why don't you bring me along with you?"



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