Chapter 1142: I’m Willing To Offer a Dance To You!
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"You're being too polite." Seeing that the other party didn't know him, Zhang Xuan heaved a sigh of relief.

It was for the best that the other party didn't know him. Otherwise, if it were to be known that an honorable master teacher, as well as an esteemed guest of the Combat Master Hall, had visited a courtesan house, his reputation would be dragged through the mud!

"To be honest, Brother Zhang has chosen the right time to visit. Tonight, we have Fairy Ziyuan on the line, and Fairy Ziyan is going to perform her newly learned terpsichorean art too. I can guarantee you that it's going to be a feast for the eyes!" Chu gongzi said excitedly.

"Ziyuan? Ziyan?" Zhang Xuan asked doubtfully.

"You haven't heard of the both of them before?" Noting the confusion in Zhang Xuan's voice, Chu gongzi was taken aback.

Zhang Xuan shook his head.

"To think that you actually wouldn't have heard of them, Brother Zhang, you are really…" Chu gongzi couldn't help but shake his head in disappointment.

When he saw the other party brought a few beautiful ladies with him to the courtesan house, he thought that the other party was a fellow comrade. Who could have thought that he hadn't even heard of the two most famous terpsichores in the Spring Pavilion?

"Are they very famous?"

"Using the word 'famous' on them would be a gross underestimation of their reputation! There's probably no one in the entire Qingyuan City who hasn't heard of them! This is especially so for Fairy Ziyan. A 7-star terpsichore, her dance had bewitched countless audiences. Who knows how many men have emptied out their fortunes just to see her perform? However, it's a pity that she only performs once a month. For this very day, I had to book this suite a month ahead in advance!" Seeing that Zhang Xuan truly knew nothing at all, Chu gongzi shook his head in disapproval.

"You had to book the suite a month ahead?" Zhang Xuan was speechless.

To go to such an extent just to watch a couple of dances, the other party sure was tenacious.

Chu gongzi was just about to respond to Zhang Xuan's words when the sound of instruments suddenly echoed from the grand hall. He quickly waved his hands and headed towards the seat near the glass wall, "We'll talk later, the performance is about to start soon…"

Soon after, a figure landed daintily on the stage in the grand hall.

The figure was a young lady who seemed to be in her twenties. In contrast to the resplendent violet robe she wore, her feet were bare. However, when she flew across the air, her figure was truly reminiscent of a fairy.

If one were to evaluate her just based on her looks itself, she would be beneath Hu Yaoyao and the others. However, the aura she exuded was reminiscent of a heavenly fairy, one that could ascend into the sky at any moment. It was like fiction had spilled over into reality, making her existence one that was extremely hard to fathom.

Such a feeling was further enhanced by her clothes. Not only was it resplendent and gorgeous, it shaped out her figure perfectly, accentuating her natural grace. At the same time, it bared her skin at the perfect proportion. A little more revealed, and she might have appeared crass; a little less revealed, and she might have looked plain.

With such, it was inevitable that her appearance could capture every single gaze in the room as soon as she landed.

It was no wonder why Chu gongzi would be so moved by her. If not for the fact that Zhang Xuan's state of mind had already reached a near-transcendental level, he might be tempted to take a few more glances at her while sighing in pleasure.

"This is Fairy Ziyan?" Zhang Xuan asked.

"Of course not! This is Fairy Ziyuan, Fairy Ziyan's junior!" Without turning his gaze from the stage, Chu gongzi replied indignantly.

Seeing how the other party wasn't even willing to tear his eyes away from the stage for a single instant, as if a little boy who had never seen a woman in his life, Zhang Xuan could only shake his head bitterly. Looking out of the glass wall, he took a swift glance of his surroundings. Be it the audiences in the suites beside him or amidst the grand hall below, their eyes were all fixed on the young lady on the stage as well. It was as the young lady had already stolen their souls from the moment she first arrived in the grand hall.

"A dance to steal the world... This is indeed a formidable occupation!" Seeing how everyone was reacting, Zhang Xuan couldn't help but remark in his head.

It was only due to the fact that his mastery in terpsichorean art was equivalent to a 7-star terpsichore and his powerful soul that the other party's dance couldn't faze him. But the same couldn't be said about the others. Their souls were more vulnerable, so it was inevitable that the dance would put them into a deep trance.

"Even though that Fairy Ziyuan is only a 6-star pinnacle terpsichore, her prowess in terpsichorean arts seems to be significantly more refined than Wei Ranxue…"

The head of the Hongyuan Master Teacher Academy Terpsichore School, as well as Hu Yaoyao's teacher, Wei Ranxue, was a 6-star pinnacle terpsichore too. Her beauty was on par with Fairy Ziyuan, but in terms of the allure of their dances, she didn't even come close to matching up with Fairy Ziyuan.

Every single gesture of the young lady on the stage was just so graceful that others would inadvertently fight their attention completely stolen by it. Clearly, the young lady's comprehension of terpsichorean arts had already achieved an incredible level.

"Esteemed as one the Ten Great Master Teachers, it is inevitable that Wei Ranxue's dance would be a little more rigid in consideration of her reputation. This resulted in the loss of the worldliness in her dance, and the lack of this quality resulted in a steep decline in the prowess of her dances…"

With just a look, Zhang Xuan was able to analyze the problem in Wei Ranxue's dance.

Those who hadn't gone through the vicissitudes of life wouldn't be able to devote feelings into their dance to evoke a certain quality, and as a result of that, their dance would be lacking in appeal.

This appeal was extremely important for bring forth the true prowess of a terpsichorean art in battle.

It was no wonder why the branches of the Terpsichorean Guild were established as courtesan houses. It was indeed beneficial for mastering this occupation.

Without a doubt, if Wei Ranxue were to battle with Fairy Ziyuan, the latter would emerge victorious.


While Zhang Xuan was still deep in thoughts, the young lady suddenly twisted gracefully, and a set of beautiful dance moves flowed smoothly from her.

Her dance was silent and tranquil, reminiscent to the soothing atmosphere of a river gentle knocking on a boulder amidst a lush, remote mountain. Those watching it instantaneously fell into a unique state of mind which placed their bodies and souls in a state of absolute relaxation.

"Watching such dances regularly will be beneficial to the growth of one's soul…" After taking a short look, Zhang Xuan nodded in approval.

Even though the dance was riddled with so many flaws that he could hardly bring himself to watch it, its effects to place one in a calm state was still undeniable. By immersing themselves into such a state of mind often, one's soul would be nourished.

Perhaps, just like what he had guessed before, the crowd had come not for the allure of the dancers but the pleasurable sensation of one's soul growing...

With such thoughts in mind, he subconsciously turned his head towards Chu gongzi, only to see the latter's eyes glowing brightly as his saliva dripped all over his clothes.

"Ah?" Astonished, Zhang Xuan swiftly turned his eyes toward the other audience as well.

Just like Chu gongzi, they were completely absorbed into the dance too. Saliva was trickling down their cheeks, and there was an inexplicably lecherous expression on their faces.

From the looks of the faces, if not for fear of the prowess of the Terpsichore Guild, those men might have rushed forward and committed atrocities.

"It seems like... I have overthought the matter!" Zhang Xuan rubbed his glabella as a bitter smile surfaced on his lips.


Very soon, the dance came to an end, and Fairy Ziyuan bowed gracefully before taking her leave.

Following which, a middle-aged lady stepped out, and surveying the crowd, she said, "Tonight, our Spring Pavilion will be auctioning an [Exclusive Dance] from Fairy Ziyuan. If anyone is interested in it, feel free to make a bid. The starting bid is 50 high-tier spirit stones, and every raise must be of 10 high-tier spirit stones at the minimum!"

"Exclusive Dance?" Zhang Xuan asked in confusion.

At this moment, Chu gongzi had finally recovered from his trance, and he quickly wiped away the drool from his mouth as he explained, "It means that the fairy dance for you personally... Just imagine it in your head, watching the dance of a fairy at close proximity within a private room... how could one not fall into a frenzy over it? It's precisely due to the popularity of Exclusive Dances that they are priced so steeply…"

Zhang Xuan came to a realization.

The execution of terpsichorean arts was extremely taxing on one's soul. Most terpsichores would only be able to dance at her full prowess once or twice per day due to the limitations of their souls. But, who could have thought that such an opportunity could actually be auctioned as a limited commodity too?

For the starting bid of a single dance to be 50 high-tier spirit stones... How fearsome!

Even the private lesson from a 6-star pinnacle master teacher wasn't worth as much!

"I'll offer 60!"


"Hah, aren't you embarrassed to be only bidding 70? 100!"


A huge commotion broke out on the audience stand. In just a few moments, the price had already exceeded a hundred. Eventually, the opportunity was auctioned off at a final price of 150 high-tier spirit stones by a gentleman in one of the suites.

To be honest, Zhang Xuan was already doubting his existence at this very moment.

Back when he was still at Hongyuan Empire, he had to toil his body away just to earn a couple of high-tier spirit stones. And yet, the other party had managed to earn a whole 150 high-tier spirit stones just by executing a single dance.

Was this a sign from the heavens that it was high time for him to switch occupations?

With his profound comprehension of terpsichorean arts, his dances should at least be far more valuable than the young lady on the stage!

"Why didn't you bid for Fairy Ziyuan's Exclusive Dance?" Zhang Xuan turned to Chu gongzi and asked curiously.

From the fact that the other party had booked this suite, it could be seen that on top of being a fan of terpsichorean arts, he was also an individual with no lack of money. Logically speaking, he should be interested in an opportunity at an Exclusive Dance with Fairy Ziyuan, so why didn't he make a bid?"

"Naturally, I am saving up my money to purchase Fairy Ziyan's Exclusive Dance!" Chu gongzi replied proudly.

"Fairy Ziyan?"

"Un, that's right. Look, she's coming out now!" Chu gongzi's eyes lit up.

Zhang Xuan quickly turned his head over and saw a huge commotion rippling across the audience stand. Following which, another young lady gracefully flew down onto the stage as well.

This young lady was clearly much more beautiful than Ziyuan, and her figure was more alluring as well. Astonishingly, she was on par with even Hu Yaoyao!

More importantly, she carried an incredible air of worldliness, seemingly ready to plunge into the river of love with another at any moment.

"A 7-star pinnacle terpsichore... No wonder!" Zhang Xuan remarked internally. This explained why so many people were infatuated with her.

Hu hu!

While Zhang Xuan was still in thought, the young lady beneath began dancing. Her movements were graceful and exquisite, and it seemed to be playing on the souls of the spectators.

Once again, Zhang Xuan turned his head over to look at Chu gongzi, and as expected, the latter was drooling more than ever.

Shaking his head, Zhang Xuan quietly turned his attention back to the dance on the stage.

It must be said that Fairy Ziyan's comprehension of terpsichorean arts had reached an astonishing level. Every single movement of hers seemed to be aligned with the natural beauty of the world, causing even one's heart to beat in tempo with her dance.

"As long as she wills it so, she could easily cause the hearts of every single one here to come to a complete halt with her dance!" Zhang Xuan remarked meaningfully.

If her dance could even control the beating of one's heart, it would be no exaggeration to say that she wielded the life of every single being within this grand hall at this very moment. Truly, no occupations should be underestimated.


Before long, the dance came to an end, and the auctioning of Fairy Ziyan's Exclusive Dance began.

"The starting bid of Fairy Ziyan's Exclusive Dance will be 500 high-tier spirit stones, and every increment must not be less than 100. Alright, let's begin the auction right now!" the middle-aged lady announced once more.

"I offer 600!"




Fairy Ziyan's Exclusive Dance was indeed far more popular than Fairy Ziyuan's. In the blink of an eye, in the literal sense of the phrase, the price had already shot up to 1000 high-tier spirit stones.

"1000 high-tier spirit stones, just to watch a single dance?" Zhang Xuan shook his head bitterly.

If he hadn't seen it with his own eyes, he might have thought that the world had gone mad!

While he was still deep in thought over the matter, he suddenly heard the voice of Chu gongzi sounding beside him, "I offer... a concentrated high-tier spirit stone!"

"A concentrated high-tier spirit stone?" Zhang Xuan was startled for a moment before his eyes widened in shock.

One must know that even the Combat Master Hall only had 10 concentrated high-tier spirit stones! To offer a concentrated high-tier spirit stone just to watch a dance...

This darned prodigal!

"As long as I could obtain an Exclusive Dance from Fairy Ziyan, there's no price too heavy for me to pay!" Noting Zhang Xuan's shocked stare, Chu gongzi replied.

"There's no price too heavy for you to pay?" Zhang Xuan's lips twitched. At this moment, he suddenly recalled a matter, and his eyes lit up. Getting to his feet, he looked at Chu gongzi confidently and said, "Why don't we do this then? Instead of watching her dance, why don't you give that concentrated high-tier spirit stone to me, and I'll dance for you instead!"

"..." Chu gongzi.



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