Chapter 1159: You Can Do It!
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"Heart Tempering Bridge?" Confused, Zhang Xuan turned his gaze over and saw that the one who had just spoken was a 6-star master teacher like him.

The other party seemed to be in his forties, and there was an aged look of a veteran on his face.

"Zhang shi's talent has allowed him to advance his cultivation swiftly, but that, in exchange, has made his mental fortitude his greatest weakness. As such, Pavilion Master Gou has sent him out to temper his mind well. He has returned from his journey just a while ago, and it seems like he's attempting to give it a try to see if he is able to break his previous record." the 6-star master teacher explained.

To be able to raise his cultivation realm to Saint 3-dan pinnacle and advance his master teacher rank to 7-star before hitting his thirties, Zhang Jiuxiao was indeed a formidable genius. On top of that, as he was from the Sage Zhang Clan, there was also nothing to pick about his background either. The only thing that was lacking about him was his mental fortitude.

This was also the reason why he had been working on it over the past month, hoping to achieve a breakthrough in it soon.

"Ahem, I am asking about the Heart Tempering Bridge, not Zhang Jiuxiao…" Zhang Xuan cleared his throat.

All he wanted to know was what the Heart Tempering Bridge was used for.

It didn't matter to him how powerful or weak Zhang Jiuxiao was. In his view, it was just the difference between one punch or two punch anyway, there was truly no need for him to go to the extent of analyzing his opponent's strength.

"The Heart Tempering Bridge is a unique artifact that assesses one's mental fortitude. Those who attempt to walk through it will be placed under immense pressure, and cultivators with weaker minds would find themselves succumbing to the pressure very soon. All in all, there are ten levels for the entire bridge, and even a typical 7-star pinnacle master teacher would find it hard to reach the end. Previously, Zhang shi has only managed to reach the fourth level. This time, he is intending to see if he will be able to surpass his previous record." The 6-star master teacher shot a perplexed glance at Zhang Xuan, but he still chose to explain it anyway.

There were no master teachers in Qingyuan Empire who were unaware of the existence of the Heart Tempering Bridge. For the other party to disregard the number one genius of their Master Teacher Pavilion and focus on a mere bridge instead... this had truly rendered him speechless.

"Fourth level?"

"Don't underestimate the Heart Tempering Bridge. The previous record of the Heart Tempering Bridge for cultivators beneath thirty is left behind by Ye shi two thousand years ago, but even he had only managed to reach the fourth level. The fact that Zhang shi is able to reach the fourth level is already a formidable feat in itself... However, Pavilion Master Gou has high hopes for him. He feels like reaching the fourth level isn't enough, so he tasked Zhang shi to work harder on his mental fortitude." the 6-star master teacher replied.

"I see." Zhang Xuan nodded.

"You aren't surprised by his achievement?" Seeing how nonchalantly the young man was acting, the 6-star master teacher couldn't help but feel a little stifled within.

When he first heard about Zhang shi's accomplishments back then, he had been so shocked that he fell into a very long moment of daze before he could finally regain himself. Yet, the fellow before him simply replied with a nonchalant 'I see', as if the achievement was nothing at all.

Did the other party not get what was going on, or was he feigning composure?

"Surprised? Why should I be surprised? Didn't you say that there are ten levels? He has only reached the fourth the previous time, so even if he did make some improvement over the past month, at the very most, he would only at the fifth or sixth now. That's still a long way to go before reaching the end." Zhang Xuan scratched his head in confusion.

Honestly speaking, he had never really cultivated his mental fortitude as well, so he couldn't relate to the difficulty and torture in tempering it.

What fourth level and fifth level, he had completely no notion of that at all. Since that was the case, what did he have to be surprised over?

"You…" Hearing those seemingly ignorant words, the 6-star master teacher staggered and nearly spurted blood. He quickly explained, "The fact that 7-star pinnacle master teachers would find it hard to reach the other end of the bridge means to say that it's a trial which even Saint 4-dan pinnacle experts are unable to clear. Just think about it, Primordial Spirit realm experts, despite the superior prowess of their Primordial Spirits granting them mental fortitude far surpassing that of ordinary cultivators, are still unable to reach the tenth level... Given so, the fact that Zhang shi, a Saint 3-dan cultivator, was able to reach the fourth level is already a frightening feat in itself!"

"Ah." Zhang Xuan replied indifferently. "So it's a formidable feat. Then... how should I react to this matter? Should I be shocked, or should I scream like the others over there?"

"Forget it…" Seeing that the other party was still unable to comprehend the significance of the feat, the 6-star master teacher shook his head helplessly and gave up.

At this point, he was really starting to doubt whether the young man before him had robbed the master teacher robe and emblem from elsewhere to put it on... To think that there would be a master teacher in Qingyuan City who wouldn't even know about the Heart Tempering Bridge, as well as the significance of a young man below thirty reaching the fourth level on it...

Just how lacking must his general knowledge be?

"Look, look! Zhang shi is about to overcome the fourth level!"

"Wah, you're right! Impressive, I feel like my admiration for him is shooting up swiftly!"

"As expected of my idol! Wuu wuu, I am so agitated at this moment that my tears are about to stain my pants wet!"

All of a sudden, the piercing shrieks abruptly crescendoed.

Zhang Xuan and the 6-star master teacher quickly halted their conversation and turned their gazes back towards the Heart Tempering Bridge.

There, Zhang Jiuxiao's figure could be seen gradually nearing the center of the bridge. Despite the tremendous pressure that the latter was clearly under—his body was shaking, and his robe was completely drenched in sweat—he did successfully hold on up to the point.

Is that the demarcation of levels? Seeing how exhausted Zhang Jiuxiao was, Zhang Xuan couldn't help but take a closer look at the bridge. There, he saw various red lines scattered across the bridge, and Zhang Jiuxiao had passed the fourth and was slowly making his way over to the fifth.

"As expected of the number one genius of our Master Teacher Pavilion! Despite only spending a month in the Marshlands of the Northern Meadows, his mental fortitude has already grown by such a great extent. At this rate, it might really be possible for him to reach the fifth level today!" the 6-star master teacher remarked in agitation.

"Marshlands of the Northern Meadows?" Hearing that phrase, Zhang Xuan couldn't help but frown.

It hadn't been long since he had arrived at Qingyuan City, but this must be his third or fourth time hearing of that location.

Vicious's body parts could very well be there, and it seemed like a soul oracle had settled there as well... Why would the number one genius of the Master Teacher Pavilion head to such a dangerous location to temper his mental fortitude?

"That's right. According to the rumors, there is a place known as the Ghost Cavern in the Marshlands of the Northern Meadows that raises one's mental fortitude immensely. It is extremely famous even in the surrounding empires, and there are many master teachers who would head to the Northern Meadows each year to seek it, hoping of training their mind. The fact that Zhang shi dared to challenge the Heart Tempering Bridge after spending less than a month there, even improving his record by an entire level, means that it's very likely that he might have found the Ghost Cavern!" the 6-star master teacher explained in excitement.

"Ghost Cavern? What's in there?" Zhang Xuan's curiosity was piqued.

The conventional methods that others use to temper their mental fortitude were the usage of inner demons, illusions, pain, and sourcing for inspiration for enlightenment... So what did the Ghost Cavern rely on to allow one's mental fortitude to increase swiftly, attracting so many master teachers to see kit?

"I have never been there before, so I'm not too sure either. However, I heard that there's a body of springwater there that deeply resembles the shape of an eye. Staring into it would allow one to peer into the deepest desires in their hearts, and the longer one stares into it for, the more desires would spring up. As long as one kills off the desires that are reflected in the springwater, their minds would grow more wholesome and resilient…" the 6-star master teacher pondered for a brief moment before responding.

"A body of springwater that can reflect one's deepest desires?" Zhang Xuan widened his eyes in astonishment.

"Indeed. I was also as shocked as you when I first heard of the matter, and I didn't believe it either. However, there are simply too many rumors that lend credibility to the case, so eventually, I could only accept it to be true. Also, another thing that is perplexing about the Ghost Cavern is that it doesn't seem to be fixed to one location. Instead, it moves around, and only the truly fortunate master teachers are able to find it. There were more than twenty master teachers who have headed to the Northern Meadows along with Zhang shi this time around, but Zhang shi was the only one who enjoyed a tremendous increase in his mental fortitude... It seems like the others simply just aren't as lucky…" the 6-star master teacher said.

"I see." Zhang Xuan nodded.

From the sounds of it, it seemed like the Marshlands of the Northern Meadows was truly a mysterious place. If he had some time after being promoted to a 7-star master teacher, he would really have to head over there to take a look himself.

While Zhang Xuan was deep in thoughts, excited shrieks continued resounding from the surroundings, and there was a single one which was particularly piercing.

"Look! Zhang shi has already reached the fifth level!"

Turning around, Zhang Xuan noted that the source of the sound had come from the millstone-bottom lady whom he had encountered just a few moments ago. The latter was staring at the Heart Tempering Bridge with gleaming eyes, and if she could, Zhang Xuan had no doubt that she would pounce on Zhang Jiuxiao at this very moment to bear his babies.

After which, he turned his gaze back to the bridge and saw that Zhang Jiuxiao had already passed the fifth red line. However, it seemed like he had reached his limit as well. His body was trembling so intensely that he could hardly move anymore, and it seemed like he would collapse at any moment.

"This is probably his limit…" Zhang Xuan noted.

Seeing that the show was over, Zhang Xuan was just about to leave the area when he suddenly heard a deeply displeased voice echoing from the other end of the bridge, "Send off our guest!"

Following which, the doors to a residence at the other end of the bridge suddenly creaked open, and two armored individuals walked out with awkward looks on their faces.

"It's Wu shi!" Zhang Xuan's eyes lit up.

He could tell in an instant that the displeased voice belonged to Wu shi. It seemed like he was in the residence on the other side of the bridge.

"I should head over to find him."

With this thought in mind, Zhang Xuan began walking towards the stone bridge without any hesitation, wanting to cross to the other side.


"Argh... Persevere, persevere! I must persevere on!"

On the bridge, Zhang Jiuxiao's sweat flowed profusely down his head. At this point, the vision before him had already blurred, and the only thing that was pushing him on was the tenacity in his mind.

But no matter how hard he tried to push himself, he was already completely sapped. This was the limit of his mental fortitude, and it was impossible for him to push any further.

Eventually, he could only give in, "Forget it, I'll just stop here today…"

Giving up, Zhang Jiuxiao turned around, only to see a young man with a 6-star master teacher emblem pinned on his chest walking over leisurely. From the faint aura that the latter emanated, he could vaguely discern that the latter was a Saint 2-dan pinnacle cultivator.

The young man walked up to him nonchalantly, nodded in approval, and pulled his arm down in an encouraging gesture, "You can do it!"

After which, he proceeded on to cross the bridge leisurely.

It was a trial which left his mind feeling as if it would succumb at any moment, and yet, the other party was able to clear it so easily as if it was a mere stroll down the streets...

"He cleared the tenth level so easily?"

The stupefied Zhang Jiuxiao stared at the sight before him with twitching lips.

He wasn't the only one who was flabbergasted by this inconceivable situation. The surroundings had suddenly grown so silent that one could literally hear a pin drop.

The 6-star master teacher who had been speaking to Zhang Xuan earlier had an expression on his face which suggested that he had seen a ghost.

The millstone-bottom lady had also halted her fervent cheer dance. In this instant, her mouth was widened even larger than her bottom...



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