Chapter 1174: Heavenly Art of Dimension Unravel
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In the next moment, he was already standing before the tablet erected right outside the Qiu Wu Palace.

The tablet was a gigantic high-tier spirit stone in itself, and it had left him deeply moved back then that he had even considered stealing it. But now... high-tier spirit stones were already completely useless to him, so it no longer held as great of an allure to him anymore.

These words... they have actually reached the level of Evoking Vividness! Zhang Xuan exclaimed as he looked at the three large words, 'Qiu Wu Palace'.

Back then, his proficiency in painting wasn't too high, so he wasn't able to accurately discern its level. However, looking at it once more now, he was very certain that those three words had reached the eighth level.

As mere words, the feelings that evoked from them were unable to match up to an entire painting, but nevertheless, if one were to stare at it for too long, they might find themselves sinking uncontrollably into a trance.

Hm? Those words... Why does it seem like there is something strange about them?

After a short look, just as Zhang Xuan was about to take his leave, he suddenly exclaimed with a frown.

He didn't think that there was anything peculiar about those three words initially, but after staring at them for some time, he suddenly felt his zhenqi jolting within his body. To his shock, his zhenqi had suddenly begun flowing on its own accord.

It's the circulation pathway for the Heavenly Demon Great Sorrow Palm! Feeling his zhenqi flowing under the effects of the three words, Zhang Xuan couldn't help but fall in a dazed state.

He recognized the circulation pathway which his zhenqi was moving at to be the Heavenly Demon Great Sorrow Palm, which he had learned in Ancient Sage Qiu Wu's trial back then. But why would he have such a reaction just by looking at those three words?

Let me give it a try… Allowing his zhenqi to move freely, Zhang Xuan raised his palm and lightly thrust it towards the tablet

After resolving all of the flaws of the Heavenly Demon Great Sorrow Palm, raising it to the level of a Heaven's Path technique, he had gained the ability to manipulate the strength of battle technique freely at his will. Even though he had struck the tablet squarely, the latter didn't sustain the slightest damage at all.


As soon as his palm struck the tablet, those three words suddenly emanated a blinding glow. With a stagger, Zhang Xuan vanished from the spot.

When he opened his eyes once more, he found that he had entered another space. The space wasn't too large, and the area was filled with all kinds of inscriptions.

"Heavenly Art of Dimension Unravel?" Zhang Xuan read the line of words right before him, and his eyes narrowed in astonishment.

When those inscriptions were placed together, they formed a unique secret art known as the Heavenly Art of Dimension Unravel.

Just by reading its content, Zhang Xuan could tell that it was an incredibly profound technique, far exceeding any other secret art he had learned thus far.

Could this be... the heritage of the Qiu Wu Palace? A thought suddenly struck Zhang Xuan's mind, and he couldn't help but gasp.

Back then, after being traumatized by him, Ancient Sage Qiu Wu's will ended up vanishing before it could reveal where the heritage was located.

Zhang Xuan had thought that the heritage was a gone case after that matter, but who could have thought that it would actually be hidden within a tablet at the entrance?

All who had entered the Qiu Wu Palace had headed straight for its deepest regions in hopes of acquiring the greatest treasure within it. What an irony it was for the most valuable heritage to actually be located in the most conspicuous and open place instead!

However, it seemed like the key to entering this place was to execute the Heavenly Demon Great Sorrow Palm. Without knowing the battle technique, even if one were to stand before the tablet and notice its peculiarity, one would still be unable to enter it and obtain the heritage.

"The Heavenly Art of Dimension Unravel views the space of heavens and earth as two separate entities, and it seeks the manipulate the two through calculations made through the Number of Grand Transformation 1 …"

While those inscriptions looked foreign to Zhang Xuan, for some reason, he was still able to fathom the meaning behind them.

"Similar to the Heavenly Demon Great Sorrow Palm, this secret art is also divided into 5 dans. Those who have mastered the fifth dan will be qualified to stand at the very peak of the world, possessing strength not beneath mine…"

Taking the inscriptions into sight, Zhang Xuan's eyes lit up in excitement.

Initially, due to his possession of the Library of Heaven's Path, he wasn't particularly concerned about obtaining Ancient Sage Qiu Wu's heritage. However, after looking through the inscriptions, he was glad that he had stumbled upon the heritage eventually. The Heavenly Art of Dimension Unravel was truly a powerful technique. If he were to cultivate it well, he would be able to gain a strong grasp over the spatial laws, allowing him to manipulate space skillfully.

With that, his fighting prowess could easily be enhanced manyfold.

If I could just cultivate the Heavenly Art of Dimension Unravel to 2-dan pinnacle, I would at least be able to escape from Luo Chengxin even if I were to encounter him once more... Zhang Xuan thought in agitation.

So far, Luo Chengxin was the strongest expert he had encountered, a true Saint 7-dan expert. Even if he were to use all of his means, he still wouldn't stand a chance against the other party, and even fleeing was out of the question... But with the Heavenly Art of Dimension Unravel, everything would be different.

Even if he were to just master the secret art to 2-dan, he would still be able to struggle free of the other party's spatial seal and make his escape!

However, it seemed like the secret art had an exceptionally high requirement on one's zhenqi capacity as well. From the looks of it, it seemed like it would be impossible to cultivate it to 2-dan without possessing the cultivation of Leaving Aperture realm pinnacle.

After scanning all of the inscriptions and successfully collecting them into the Library of Heaven's Path, Zhang Xuan heaved a sigh of relief.

Let me see if I can compile it into the level of Heaven's Path!

Over the past few days, he had collected an astounding number of battle technique and secret art manuals. Perhaps, if he were to compile the Heavenly Art of Dimension Unravel with them, he might just be able to perfect the secret art.


A book materialized before Zhang Xuan's eyes.

Flipping open the book, the knowledge contained within the manual flowed into his mind.

I have managed to perfect the 1-dan Heavenly Art of Dimension Unravel, but I'm still a far way off from perfecting the 2-dan…

While he had only managed to perfect the 1-dan Heavenly Art of Dimension Unravel, the results were well within his expectations. Overall, he was still satisfied with the outcome.

While the Heavenly Art of Dimension Unravel formed an entire whole, it was subdivided into multiple dans with increasing levels of profoundness.

So far, the most powerful battle technique he had collected so far was only at Saint intermediate-tier. As powerful as Qingyuan Empire was, the battle technique manuals that it had was still insufficient for him to perfect the entire Heavenly Art of Dimension Unravel.

In fact, it was already a huge blessing that he was able to perfect the 1-dan of the secret art here.

Let me try cultivating the secret art…

Zhang Xuan swiftly internalized the 1-dan Heavenly Art of Dimension Unravel before backing out of the space within the tablet. He swiftly searched for a quiet location in the Qiu Wu Palace before whipping out his concentrated high-tier spirit stones to cultivate the secret art.

The Heavenly Art of Dimension Unravel was a technique that granted one the ability to manipulate space, so in the strictest sense, it couldn't be considered as a cultivation technique or battle technique.

If one were to fully master the secret art, one would be able to manipulate space and traverse through it freely. In fact, it was possible to cover a distance of over a hundred million li within a single day through it.

All in all, the secret art could be divided into five realms, which were namely Compress, Traverse, Control, Creation, and Destruction.

One who masters the 1-dan Heavenly Art of Dimension Unravel would be able to compress space, allowing one to cover a distance of a hundred meters in a single step... If used well in battle, it could allow one to catch one's opponents off guard and launch a surprise assault or escape from a cornered situation!

Going through the cultivation technique in his mind, Zhang Xuan drove his zhenqi, and before long, he entered a unique trance. In this state, his comprehension of spatial laws swiftly deepened.

A long time later, he opened his eyes once more and stood up. Then, he took a single step forward.


His figure suddenly vanished on the spot and appeared at a distance of a hundred meters ahead.

I succeeded? Zhang Xuan's eyes lit up.

Cultivating the Heavenly Art of Dimension Unravel wouldn't raise his cultivation, but it would deepen his understanding over the spatial laws. If paired with his Unbounded Treader, he would be able to flit from place to place like a specter!

With my current speed and grasp of spatial laws, I should be able to match even Vice Pavilion Master Tian in a battle…

WIth Zhang Xuan's current fighting prowess, he could already be considered an invincible existence amongst Primordial Spirit cultivators. Even so, it was still difficult for him to go up against Half-Leaving Aperture realm experts like Vice Pavilion Master Tian.

However, after learning the Heavenly Art of Dimension Unravel and gaining a deeper understanding of space, Half-Leaving Aperture realm experts no longer posed as great of a threat to him anymore. With his enhanced understanding of space, even if the other party were to use his Primordial Spirit to suppress him, he would still be able to easily struggle free. On top of that, as long as he were to play his cards well, he could abruptly appear before his enemy and deal out a lethal blow before the latter could process what was going on.

More importantly, after learning the 1-dan Heavenly Art of Dimension Unravel, I am already able to set up some basic Spatial Formation. While the Spatial Formations I can create is still severely limited on many aspects, it has the ability to isolate individuals within it from the rest of the world, as well as to... compress matter! Zhang Xuan chuckled in delight.

It was due to his soul being too big that he was unable to fuse it into his Origin Core, but with the Heavenly Art of Dimension Unravel, as long as he could find a way to set up a Spatial Formation to compress his soul, his soul should be able to enter the passageway of his Origin Core and successfully fuse the two together.

However, Zhang Xuan's delight didn't last for too long. Looking at the powdery remains of the concentrated high-tier spirit stones on the ground, he couldn't help but rub his glabella and lament, As powerful as the secret art is, the depletion of zhenqi... is really a little unacceptable…

Just to cultivate the 1-dan Heavenly Art of Dimension Unravel, he ended up using up the 17 concentrated high-tier spirit stones which he obtained with great difficulty.

Without a doubt, the Heavenly Art of Dimension Unravel was an invaluable secret art, allowing one to comprehend the essence of space... However, the depletion that resulted from its cultivation was equally fearsome as well.

Initially, he had been thinking that with the concentrated high-tier spirit stones he had at the moment, it should suffice for him to reach Embryonic Soul realm pinnacle at the minimum, but before he ended up expending all of them before he could even start. How stifling!

I really must find a way to earn more money… Zhang Xuan thought as he stood up and left the Qiu Wu Palace.

In any case, at least he had managed to resolve the problem regarding his soul being unable to enter his Origin Core. All he had to do now was to find a way to earn more concentrated high-tier spirit stones!

Ahhh, the days without money sure sure was difficult to endure!

But where can I earn more concentrated high-tier spirit stones? Returning back to his room, Zhang Xuan lowered his head and pondered instead of anxious heading out.

Even if he wanted to earn concentrated high-tier spirit stones, he had to have a concrete direction first. Considering that the Qingyuan royal family only had 17 and the Combat Master Hall could only afford to take out 10... Where else in Qingyuan City could he possibly find more concentrated high-tier spirit stones?

I should go and ask Hall Master Xing! Knowing that it would be futile for him to wrack his brain over it since he didn't have much of an understanding of Qingyuan City in the first place, Zhang Xuan stood up and began heading over to Hall Master Xing's residence.

By this point, the sun had already risen at the horizon. The brilliant rays of the sun pierced through the coldness of the night, bringing warmth to the world.

It didn't take long for Zhang Xuan to find Hall Master Xing.

At this point, the latter had already mastered the Vitreous Heart Tempering Sutra. Over the past few days, his Primordial Spirit had become even purer, and his aura felt denser than before.

At this rate, it shouldn't be long before Hall Master Xing was ready to face the Leaving Aperture Ordeal and push for a breakthrough to Leaving Aperture realm primary stage.

"Hall Master Xing, how are Elder Xu and the others? I hope that they aren't causing you any problem."

Yesterday, Elder Xu and the others were brought away from those of the Combat Master Hall, and given that a day has passed since then, they should have been settled down by now.

"They aren't causing any trouble, but... something weird did happen. Yesterday, Butler Sun happened to pass by their quarters, and shortly after, all of them suddenly chose to join the Xuanxuan Faction as well…" Hall Master Xing said with a perplexed look

The poison masters were far more compliant than he expected them to be, but if he had to point out something weird about them, it would be their excessive respect towards Zhang Xuan's butler.

Sun Qiang's strength was unremarkable, but for some reason, the poison masters from the Poison Hall would bow respectfully to him whenever they met the latter.

As such, that butler extended an invitation to the poison masters to join the Xuanxuan Faction as well, and naturally, that bunch accepted the offer and became members of the Xuanxuan Faction as well.

But of course, that wasn't at odds with them being members of the Combat Master Hall, so it wasn't really a big problem.

"I see... Anyway, I'm glad that they aren't causing any trouble. They have been through a lot, so I hope that you can treat them kindly. They do possess expertise in a field that the Combat Master Hall is lacking in, so it would be good to have the other combat masters to interact with them, allowing them to learn from one another." Zhang Xuan nodded.

"That is my intention as well... Right, Principal Zhang, the other Conferred Empire Combat Master Halls will be coming over for a friendly spar a few days later, so if you have some time, I would like to invite you to conduct a few lectures for our combat masters." Hall Master Xing said.

"The other Conferred Empire Combat Master Halls will be coming over for a friendly spar?"

"That's right. They should be arriving in three days' time." Hall Master Xing nodded.



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