Chapter 1179: It Seems He Is Called Zhang Xuan
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In the Appraiser Hall…

"How is it? My medicine is quite effective, right?"

In the lounge, Elder Qi spoke to the young man before him with a smile.

Looking into the mirror and seeing that his dashing appearance had finally been restored, the young man heaved a sigh of relief and clasped his fist. "Elder Qi, thank you for your help. If not for your assistance, who knows how long it would have taken for me to recover!"

"There's no need to stand on ceremony. It's my responsibility as a physician to help those in need," Elder Qi replied kindly.

"Jiuxiao, you really mustn't act recklessly in the future. Don't push yourself to do what is beyond your capability. Being embarrassed is just a small matter, but it would truly be a huge disaster if you were to lose your identity as an appraiser over it," Guild Leader Mu advised worriedly.

It went without saying that the young man was Zhang Jiuxiao.

The previous night, while the poison that Zhang Xuan had prescribed him was effective in eliminating the spirit that had taken root within him, it had caused his face to swell, leaving him unable to meet anyone. Thus, he could only stay overnight in the Appraiser Hall.

That morning, the swelling had still shown no signs of subsiding, so he could only invite the old guild leader of the Physician Guild, Elder Qi, over to treat him.

While Elder Qi's enemy wielded great influence, considering that it was in the middle of the day and the Master Teacher Pavilion was in the vicinity, his enemy would surely not be so brazen as to assault him at that moment.

"I understand." Zhang Jiuxiao nodded in response.

He had stepped out in the hope of winning the respect of others by deciphering the seal on the painting, only to end up leaving himself in a pitiful state.

When he had looked into the mirror and seen how his dashing face had been warped hideously… just recalling the matter was enough to send tears to his eyes. It was fortunate that he had been in the Appraiser Hall, so none of his fans had been able to see the state that he was in. Otherwise, he would have been too embarrassed to walk on the streets of Qingyuan City ever again.

Of course, more important was the rule surrounding appraisers that only allowed them to make three appraisal errors in their entire career. While the affair yesterday had not really been considered an appraisal, it had happened before many eyes, and once others learned of the matter, it would become a stain on his records.

It's all because of that Zhang Xuan… He clearly knew how to decipher the seal, but he chose not to speak just so to embarrass me… Recalling that seemingly innocent yet revolting smile of that fellow, rage swiftly surged through Zhang Jiuxiao's veins.

That fellow had already embarrassed him once on the Heart Tempering Bridge, and he had been banking on that matter to vie back some dignity. Yet, who would have expected that he would be beaten further down into the ground?

He must have done it intentional, no doubt about it!

As innocent and honest as that fellow looked on the surface, his instincts told him that the other party had done it intentionally to humiliate him in public!

As stifled as Zhang Jiuxiao was, as a 7-star master teacher, he was still able to conceal his emotions perfectly, so neither Elder Qi nor Guild Leader Mu noticed his inner thoughts.

"Elder Qi, can you tell me what poison my face is afflicted with?" Zhang Jiuxiao asked.

"It's a particularly potent poison, possibly reaching the level of grade-7. If it was not for the fact that I have been studying poison for the past few years, I might not have been able to treat you," Elder Qi replied with a frown.

It was not for no reason that he had chosen to flee to Jingyuan City after he had been poisoned by his enemy. He had heard that a Poison Hall was located there, so he had decided to try his luck.

In the twenty years he had spent there, while he had failed to cure his poison, he had managed pick up several means concerning poisons through interacting with a few local poison masters, which had allowed him to suppress the poison within him considerably.

Thanks to that, he had been able to survive long enough to meet Zhang Xuan.

His experiences had granted him a deep insight into poison. As long as a poison was not particularly potent, he would be able to resolve it with ease.

Hearing those words, Zhang Jiuxiao could not help but mutter aloud in astonishment, "The prescription that Zhang shi gave me was actually a poison? Could it be that Zhang shi is a poison master?"

The Poison Hall maintained a strict confidentiality over their poison formulas, so for Zhang Xuan to prescribe one to him so easily… Could it be that he was a poison master?

Hearing a familiar name, Elder Qi could not help but ask, "May I know who the Zhang shi you mentioned is?"

"Ah, Jiuxiao must be referring to the 6-star master teacher from the Hongyuan Empire who has recently arrived in our city, Zhang Xuan," Guild Leader Mu replied.

"Zhang Xuan? You all know him too? He's my benefactor! He's truly an incredible figure, isn't he? Not only does he wield phenomenal capabilities in the Way of Medicine, which far exceed my own, more importantly, he holds compassion in his heart. There's no way a person like him could be a poison master," Elder Qi replied.

"Benefactor? His capabilities in the Way of Medicine far exceed yours?" Zhang Jiuxiao was dumbstruck by those words.

That fellow has a Soul Depth higher than me? Fine, I'll accept it.

That fellow's capability as an appraiser is higher than mine? Fine, I'll accept that, too.

But for his capability in the Way of Medicine to be more formidable than mine as well… Just who is the 7-star master teacher here?

Ever since meeting that fellow, it seems like I have been leaping from one nightmare straight into another!

Zhang Jiuxiao heaved a sigh of relief. "It's fortunate that my master teacher rank is higher than his, or else I would really be utterly outmatched by him…"

But before he could finish his words, a voice reminiscent of the rumbling of thunder suddenly boomed in the air.

"I, Zhang Xuan, as a 6-star master teacher and the principal of the Hongyuan Master Teacher Academy, hereby request permission from the headquarters to crash the Qingyuan Empire Master Teacher Pavilion! Today, one of us shall fall!"

Hearing the news, Zhang Jiuxiao nearly collapsed to the ground. "What? He's intending to crash the Master Teacher Pavilion?"

Pavilion crashing was the act of challenging an entire Master Teacher Pavilion single-handedly.

Whether one had a conflict with a superior master teacher or had committed a sin, as long as one had not betrayed humanity, one would be able to absolve oneself of blame through successfully crashing the Master Teacher Pavilion.

To put it in simpler terms, once a master teacher had successfully crashed a Master Teacher Pavilion that they had a conflict with, the headquarters would no longer pursue the matter.

It was just a moment ago that Zhang Jiuxiao had consoled himself with the fact that he still had his master teacher rank to fall back on against Zhang Xuan, but then the latter suddenly challenged the entire Master Teacher Pavilion.

Was this for real?

Rushing out of the room, Zhang Jiuxiao saw a master teacher emblem flying straight into the sky before floating silently.

Deep within the Master Teacher Pavilion, from the Teacher Acknowledgement Hall, a pure and ancient aura surged into the sky and shrouded the emblem. Two words slowly morphed into appearance. 'Permission granted!'

"The headquarters… actually agreed to his request? A 6-star master teacher is going to challenge a 7-star Master Teacher Pavilion branch? Is this for real? This is going to make history!"

"If Zhang shi successfully carries out the pavilion crashing, the Qingyuan Empire Master Teacher Pavilion will lose all shred of its dignity and honor, and Pavilion Master Gou will become a laughingstock of all master teachers…"

Guild Leader Mu and Elder Qi were dumbfounded by the happenings before them.

"Teacher, Elder Qi, as a master teacher of the Qingyuan Empire Master Teacher Pavilion, I have a responsibility to guard its honor as well, so I'll be taking my leave. Farewell!" Zhang Jiuxiao clasped his fist before hurriedly flying back to the Master Teacher Pavilion.

Pavilion crashing was as good as causing trouble on the home turf of the regional master teachers. As one of the master teacher of the Qingyuan Empire Master Teacher Pavilion, he had to rush back to protect it!

"Zhang Xuan, no matter how talented you are, if you wish to bring down the Qingyuan Empire Master Teacher Pavilion, you will have to get past me first," Zhang Jiuxiao muttered menacingly with narrowed eyes.

It was about time for him to return the favor for the two face slaps that he had suffered from the other party!

In the Qingyuan Empire royal palace…

A pig-faced middle-aged man was lying on a bed, panting heavily.

King Zhongqing.

After being viciously pummeled for an entire night, while he had managed to suppress the poison within his body for the time being, he had nearly been crippled in the process. If not for his superior physical resilience and the abundant supply of pills, he might have long died from the relentless beating.

In order to satisfy his needs, more than twenty guards had already had their turn with him, and every single one of their hands had swollen up and was trembling from frailty.

Butler Qin walked to King Zhongqing and politely enquired, "Old Master, how are you feeling at the moment?"

"I'm still fine for the moment… Right, remember to get rid of those guards who pummeled me. No one can learn of my condition, got it?" King Zhongqing harrumphed callously.

"Don't worry, Old Master. I have already made arrangements for that," Butler Qin respectfully replied.

"Good." Struggling to sit up, King Zhongqing began meditating to recuperate from his injuries. It took a while before the pain from the beating he had sustained finally alleviated. Turning his head toward Butler Qin once more, he asked, "Is there any news from Vice Pavilion Master Tian?"

"I have already informed Pavilion Master Gou of the situation surrounding Vice Pavilion Master Tian as you have instructed me to…" At this point, Butler Qin could not help but hesitate for a moment before continuing. "Old Master, will Pavilion Master Gou really save Vice Pavilion Master Tian? The crime of framing another master teacher is a serious matter. Will it really be worthwhile for him to protect Vice Pavilion Master Tian?"

"Don't worry, I know that old man very well. He'll definitely save Vice Pavilion Master Tian!" King Zhongqing sneered coldly. "As long as Vice Pavilion Master Tian remains in power, no one will be able to touch me. Humph, I will make sure Wu Rufeng and Zhang Xuan pay the price for their actions!"

"I see…" Butler Qin heaved a sigh of relief. He pondered for a brief moment before asking once more, "Old Master, what is Zhang Xuan's background? How can a 6-star master teacher manage to corner you and Vice Pavilion Master Tian to such an extent?"

"Regardless of where he is from, there's no way he will be able to escape with his life after offending Vice Pavilion Master Tian." King Zhongqing waved his hand leisurely. "You do not have to worry about this matter anymore; he will be a goner soon enough. Most likely, either today or tomorrow, he will be apprehended by the Master Teacher Pavilion and die an untimely death in the cells."

However, before he could finish his words, a resounding voice echoed deafeningly in the air, shaking the entire royal palace.

"I, Zhang Xuan, as a 6-star master teacher and the principal of the Hongyuan Master Teacher Academy, hereby request permission from the headquarters to crash the Qingyuan Empire Master Teacher Pavilion! Today, one of us shall fall!"

King Zhongqing was taken aback for a brief moment before hearty laughter boomed from his mouth. He was laughing so intensely that tears were beginning to form in his eyes. "A 6-star master teacher like him actually dares to crash the Master Teacher Pavilion? Hahaha, this must be the most hilarious joke that I have heard my entire life! He's bringing about his own doom! Given the prowess of the Qingyuan Empire Master Teacher Pavilion, not even an 8-star low-tier master teacher would dare challenge it. For a 6-star master teacher to dream of crashing it, he sure likes to dream big!"

There was no master teacher who was unaware of the difficulty in pavilion crashing. It was a nigh impossible feat to accomplish, and throughout the long history of the Master Teacher Continent, only a small handful of top-notch prodigies had ever succeeded in accomplishing it!

Yet, that fellow was so conceited as to think that he could succeed in it. It seemed like they had been worrying over that fellow for nothing!

Just as King Zhongqing was laughing heartily, Emperor Chu Tianxing suddenly walked into the room with widened strides.

"Your Majesty!" Overwhelmed with excitement, King Zhongqing immediately reported, "That Zhang Xuan has foolishly decided to crash the Qingyuan Empire Master Teacher Pavilion. With this, his days are already numbered!"

"I have heard the declaration, too. That will be one less worry for us." Emperor Chu Tianxing nodded, but there was still a hint of worry in his eyes.

As the emperor of a country, he always considered the worst-case scenario so that he would not be caught off guard by any abrupt changes in the situation. As unlikely as it was, he could not shake off the sliver of doubt nudging his mind. Thus, he could not help himself from asking, "Is there anyone who has succeeded in crashing the Master Teacher Pavilion before?"

"This… I'm not too sure either. However, we can call Bai shi over to ask him," King Zhongqing replied.

While the Master Teacher Pavilion did not interfere in the affairs of the empire that they were stationed in, the royal family would usually recruit some unaffiliated master teachers to bolster their ranks.

Master teachers had a choice to decide whether they wanted to join the regional Master Teacher Pavilion or not. If they joined, they would be granted several privileges, but in exchange, they would have a responsibility to the Master Teacher Pavilion as well. On the other hand, they could also choose to remain unaffiliated.

The Bai shi whom King Zhongqing spoke of was one of the unaffiliated master teachers, and he was currently serving as the Imperial Master Teacher of the Qingyuan Empire.

Emperor Chu Tianxing nodded before sending a subordinate to invite Bai shi over. Not too long later, an elder walked into the room.

"Bai shi, have you heard of any master teachers who have successfully crashed a Master Teacher Pavilion?"

"Hold on a moment, Your Majesty. I'll have my friend look into the matter," Bai shi replied.

Unaffiliated with the regional Master Teacher Pavilion, he was unable to access its resources as he liked. Thus, he could only ask his friend to do it in his stead.


Not too long later, the jade token in his palm lit up. Bai shi swiftly took a look at it before clasping his fist. "Your Majesty, there are indeed cases where a Master Teacher Pavilion has been successfully crashed before. There are three such men in history who have succeeded in pulling off this feat."

"Three men?" Hearing that such a small handful of people had succeeded in the past, both King Zhongqing and Emperor Chu Tianxing heaved a sigh of relief in unison.

It had been several dozen millenniums since the Master Teacher Pavilion first came into existence. Countless geniuses must have come and gone throughout the many years of its existence, and despite that, only three had ever successfully crashed a Master Teacher Pavilion. This was more than sufficient to show the difficulty of the task.

Just by this fact alone, it was impossible for Zhang Xuan to successfully crash the Qingyuan Empire Master Teacher Pavilion.

Out of curiosity, King Zhongqing asked, "Who are those three men? Do you have their names?"

"I do. The first goes by the name of Luo Yuntian, and the second is Yuan Xi. They are both the old ancestors of Sage Clans, the Luo Clan and Yuan Clan respectively…"

"What about the third person?"

Looking at the name written on the jade token, Bai shi was visibly taken aback for a moment before he stuttered in astonishment, "I-it seems he is called…

"… Zhang Xuan!"



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