Chapter 1181: You Think I Dare Not Pummel You?
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"This… How is this possible?"

Everyone's face warped in shock.

The millstone-bottom lady even fell to the ground in utter disbelief.

The idol whom she had revered for so long… was actually unable to even withstand a bellow from the other party, kneeling down without the slightest bit of resistance. What in the world was going on?

In an instant, the faith that she had carried for so long abruptly shattered.

"No, this can't be…"

While the crowd was staring at the situation with mouths agape, veins were popping up on Zhang Jiuxiao's forehead as frenzy overtook his mind.

He was a genius!

A peerless genius in the Qingyuan Empire!

How could he be subdued in a single shout? How could he kneel before another man so embarrassingly?

"You bastard, I'll slaughter you!" Roaring furiously, Zhang Jiuxiao pushed his hand against the ground forcefully and flew into the air. After which, he charged forward furiously once more.

He had come here to prove himself, not to be humiliated once more!

Seeing how the other party was still doggedly coming after him, Zhang Xuan bellowed once more. "Scram!"


Zhang Jiuxiao plummeted from the sky, and this time, his body scrambled on the ground and fled away hurriedly.

"Jiuxiao, be careful! Your state of mind is your core weakness, and that is why he's using demonic tunes against you! As long as you shut off your hearing organs, you should be able to cope with his offense easily!" Pavilion Master Gou anxiously sent a telepathic message over.

While others were still wondering why Zhang Jiuxiao was listening to Zhang Xuan so obediently, Pavilion Master Gou had already fully comprehended the situation. Zhang Jiuxiao's greatest weakness was his state of mind, which resulted in him being powerless before the other party's demonic tunes.

It could be said that Zhang Xuan had already identified Zhang Jiuxiao's weaknesses, and he was playing on them to his advantage.

Hearing those words, Zhang Jiuxiao swiftly awakened from his frenzied state, and gritting his teeth, he forcefully shut off his sense of hearing. As expected, the effects of the demonic tune dulled significantly, allowing him to wrestle back control over his body.

Then, with a swift leap, he dashed straight toward Zhang Xuan to launch an assault.

On the other hand, seeing that Zhang Jiuxiao was determined to court his death, Zhang Xuan impatiently flicked his finger.


" Ahhh! " A scream of agony echoed loudly in the air before Zhang Jiuxiao was smacked away like a pesky fly. He crashed right into the wall of the building before dangling weakly up there.

Zhang Jiuxiao was no weakling, but he was still far from a match for him.

After sending Zhang Jiuxiao flying, Zhang Xuan turned his attention back to the remaining master teachers, and placing his hands behind his back, he said, "To save some time, why don't all of you come at me together?"

"He wants to challenge all of us simultaneously?"

"Is he insane? He's only at Saint 2-dan pinnacle; even a Leaving Aperture realm cultivator wouldn't be able to withstand our combined offense!"

Hearing his words, everyone nearly lost their mind for an instant.

Everyone who had gathered within the room was a 6-star master teacher at minimum, and there were more than ten thousand of them there. Even the weakest of them was at Half-Saint realm, and their combined might was sufficient to tear apart the heavens and earth. Putting aside a mere Spiritual Perception realm pinnacle cultivator, even a Leaving Aperture realm expert like Hall Master Xing would not have stood a chance against them!

"None of you are going to make a move? Fine, allow me to go first then!"

Too lazy to waste his breath any more, Zhang Xuan walked up to the crowd, and his voice began echoing resoundingly in the minds of everyone gathered in the room.

"The key to cultivation lies in devotion, and the crux of the devotion to one's path lies in earnestness. Only with an earnest heart can one accomplish…"

Zhang Xuan began lecturing.

"What is he up to?"

"He seems to be lecturing about the essence of cultivation!"

"Huh? Isn't he going to fight us? Why is he conducting a lecture all of a sudden?"

The crowd had thought that the other party was about to dash right into their midst and fight them with all his might. Yet, contrary to their expectations, not only did he not make a move, he even began imparting an interpretation of cultivation to them, leaving every single one of them dumbfounded.

Just as they were perplexed, Pavilion Master Gou's anxiously shouted, "Everyone, be careful! He's using the Impartation of Heaven's Will. He's planning on making all of you submit to him!"

To be honest, Pavilion Master Gou was truly feeling deeply frightened at this point.

Even a genius as talented as Zhang Jiuxiao, dubbed as the number one prodigy of the Qingyuan Empire, had ended up falling from a mere bellow from Zhang Xuan. From just this, it could be seen that Zhang Xuan's Soul Depth was comparable to his own, if not above it!

Such formidable Soul Depth paired with the Impartation of Heaven's Will… in a group battle, there was no weapon more devastating than this!

Even poison masters were not as fearsome as that!

Against a poison master, the most one could lose was one's life. However, against a master teacher's Impartation of Heaven's Will, one would lose control of oneself and become the other party's student!

"Impartation of Heaven's Will? That does seem to be the case… I want to struggle against him, but… what he is saying is really true!"

"If I cultivate according to his words, my cultivation will surely be greatly enhanced within a short period of time!"

"I really couldn't have imagined that there is such an exquisite zhenqi circulation method in the world. This is too scary, too scary!"

Hearing Pavilion Master Gou's bellow, the crowd immediately attempted to struggle free of Zhang Xuan's Impartation of Heaven's Will, but their minds and bodies just would not listen to them. Instinctively, they desired to learn, and the other party's teachings were simply too valuable for them to miss out on.

"The rest of you, feel free to make a move on him. I'll listen to his words a bit first… Wait a moment! Don't do it now. Let him finish this part before making a move!"

"If any of you dare to touch him, I'll pummel you into the ground. This portion happens to be regarding the flaw of my cultivation. If I can resolve this problem, I will surely be able to make a breakthrough to become a 7-star high-tier master teacher!"

Such words could be heard amid the crowd. In the blink of an eye, the tense atmosphere had abruptly calmed down, turning into a leisurely academic exchange.


Watching the inconceivable sight before him, Pavilion Master Gou felt crazed. He did not even notice it when he plucked out several strands of his beard.

My brothers, wake up! He's crashing our Master Teacher Pavilion; this isn't the time to be learning from him!

"Pavilion Master Gou, at this rate, all of the master teachers of our Qingyuan Empire master Teacher Pavilion are going to become his students!" Vice Pavilion Master Tian exclaimed with a pale face.

He had just barely recovered from the other party's previous blow when he saw such a sight before him, and he was nearly shocked speechless.

"I know, but there's no way to break his Impartation of Heaven's Will unless he makes a mistake in his teachings!" Pavilion Master Gou's face reddened in anxiety.

The Impartation of Heaven's Will was a resonance induced by the alignment of one's teachings with the essence of the world. If there was the slightest error in one's teachings, the resonance would immediately be dispelled, and the crowd would recover from the trance they were in and regain their rationality.

"Are we to wait helplessly for him to make an error? Will he even make an error? Since he dares use the Impartation of Heaven's Will, he must have done his homework in advance," Vice Pavilion Master Tian said anxiously.

"But what else can we do?"

"Simple! We should just have Zhang Jiuxiao assault him from behind. In any case, they were supposed to be dueling with one another, and besides, he was the one who asked everyone to go at him a moment ago. Thus, this cannot be considered an unfair move! As long as we pull it off, we'll be able to break his Impartation of Heaven's Will, and by then… it will be impossible for him to successfully crash the pavilion," Vice Pavilion Master Tian sneered coldly.

Pavilion Master Gou hesitated for a brief moment before nodding. "Very well!"

If he, as the head of the Master Teacher Pavilion, were to break the other party's Impartation of Heaven's Will forcefully, he would surely be despised and mocked for his actions. However, it was different for Zhang Jiuxiao.

In the first place, he was supposed to be in a duel with Zhang Xuan, and as fellow peers, he did not have to pay as much attention to his standing compared to Pavilion Master Gou. Thus, it would not be a big deal if he made a move.

Having made up his mind, Pavilion Master Gou quickly sent a telepathic message to Zhang Jiuxiao.

As Zhang Jiuxiao had shut off his hearing organs, he was not as affected by the effects of the Impartation of Heaven's Will as the others. As soon as he heard Pavilion Master Gou's orders, a cold glint flashed through his eyes, and he nodded. "I'll do it right now!"

The single flick that had sent him flying had left him utterly humiliated. No matter what, he had to get one back on Zhang Xuan!


Flicking his wrist, two long sword swords and four sabers appeared before his eyes, each of them commanding a powerful presence.

Two Saint intermediate-tier and four Saint low-tier artifacts!

Even Pavilion Master Gou only had a single Saint intermediate-tier artifact in his possession, and yet, Zhang Jiuxiao was able to whip out two of them in a single breath along with four other Saint low-tier artifacts. His fortune was truly astounding!

"Go!" Zhang Jiuxiao waved his hand furiously as he commanded his weapons.


The six weapons flew straight toward the lecturing Zhang Xuan!

Zhang Jiuxiao was not intending to kill Zhang Xuan but to interrupt his Impartation of Heaven's Will.

A typical Saint intermediate-tier weapon wielded strength comparable to a Primordial Spirit realm expert whereas a typical Saint low-tier weapon wielded strength comparable to a Spiritual Perception realm cultivator. Against the simultaneous assault of all six weapons, even Vice Pavilion Master Tian would be pressured to deal with them.

This was the true strength that Zhang Jiuxiao wielded!

The origin of his confidence also lay in these six weapons. With them, there was no way any of his peers would be able to match him!

Not expecting Zhang Jiuxiao to be so despicable as to assault Zhang Xuan at this moment, Wu shi shouted in a panic, "Zhang shi, be careful!"

Considering that Zhang Xuan was in the midst of crashing the pavilion, Wu shi was not allowed to make a move to help the other party, or else that would be flouting the rules.

Hu la!

The six weapons flew forth in an arc, heading right for Zhang Xuan's back. However, the latter continued lecturing the crowd, as if he was oblivious to the movements of the weapons.

"… channeling the inner breath into the internal organs, like the spirit of a weapon enforcing its body. Other than tempering its body, a weapon can grow stronger through tempering its spirit as well. Even among Saint intermediate-tier artifacts, there are some that wield strength comparable to a Primordial Spirit realm expert, and others are on par with Leaving Aperture realm cultivators. This difference is not a result of the usage of inferior materials in its crafting or lack of tempering, but the weakness of the weapon's spirit!

"A weak spirit can easily be eradicated by its master, thus placing it in a deeply vulnerable position…" Zhang Xuan's voice sounded as spiritual energy began gathering in the area, forming beautiful, miniature flowers that slowly drift to the ground.

The weapons that were previously heading toward Zhang Xuan suddenly halted upon hearing those words.

Seeing the weapons that had been charging full momentum a moment ago abruptly coming to a halt, Zhang Jiuxiao panicked. Driving his zhenqi furiously, he loudly bellowed, "Kill him!"

Those weapons had already acknowledged him as their master, so there was no reason for them to disobey him. Yet, to abruptly halt in the midst of their assault, floating in midair silently… were his weapons listening to Zhang Xuan's lecture as well?

Wasn't the Impartation of Heaven's Will supposed to only be effective on cultivators?

When did the Impartation of Heaven's Will become effective on weapons as well?

Zhang Jiuxiao was completely dazed in this moment.

"Heart of a Teacher, Enlightenment Devoid of Discrimination," Pavilion Master Gou muttered in disbelief. His body began trembling uncontrollably.

A normal master teacher could cause a cultivator's zhenqi to circulate in accordance to the content of their lecture through their Impartation of Heaven's Will, thus convincing the cultivator to become their student.

But to make even weapons listen obediently to his Impartation of Heaven's Will, it could only mean that Zhang Xuan had already comprehended the Heart of a Teacher!

Those who had comprehended that ability could affect not only cultivators with their Impartation of Heaven's Will, even ordinary humans, animals, or even weapons would be influenced as well.

Seeing that none of his weapons were moving, the desperate Zhang Jiuxiao furiously bellowed, "Attack him! I said, attack him…"


But before he could finish speaking, the Saint intermediate-tier sword that had flown forth previously suddenly retreated toward him.


A burst of sword qi suddenly struck Zhang Jiuxiao, plastering him back onto the wall.

"Shut up, can't you just let me listen to this lesson properly? To be prattling on over there so noisily, don't you realize that you are being an annoyance? You think I dare not pummel you?" One of Zhang Jiuxiao's swords harrumphed coldly before turning its attention back to Zhang Xuan.

It floated silently in the air, reminiscent of an obedient little student before its teacher. From time to time, it would even tilt itself forward slightly, as if indicating that it had understood the content of the lecture…



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