Chapter 1198: Xuanxuan Faction, Luo Qiqi
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"Shi Hao possesses an incredible zhenqi capacity, so relying on his strength, he prefers to overwhelm his opponent with his sheer might. While it allows him to defeat weaker opponents easily, it puts him at a critical advantage against opponents who are equal or stronger than him. His careless use of zhenqi would only cause him to run out of strength first, so it was not a particularly wise fighting style," Division Head Liao remarked hoarsely as he watched the duel unblinkingly.

"A feather duster is fragile, and an excessive use of strength could easily cause it to break. By instructing Shi Hao to clean toilet bowls with that, he was trying to temper Shi Hao's use of strength, granting him a finer control over his zhenqi. Over the past three days, he has scrubbed tens of thousands of toilet bowls diligently, and his effort has not gone to waste. It's clear that his use of zhenqi has become more refined, and his execution of strength is also more controlled. It's these two factors that allowed him to achieve victory easily!"

"As for Xiao Qin, he has an impatient personality. As such, the training regime he was put under, capturing birds, served to temper his patience. Furthermore, the agility of birds makes them difficult to deal with, so the training further refined his dexterity too…"

"Lu Jianling has a cowardly personality, so by having him confess to everyone he meets, teasing men even, he was able to embolden his guts and temper his state of mind. Don't think that confidence is of little importance just because of how vague it sounds; it can actually allow a person to make decisions more decisively, granting him a significant boost in his fighting prowess…"

"Even though Dong Rui is a genius from the Guardian Division, the defenses of his head were slightly lacking. Through a continuous cycle of falling from a tree, the defensive ability of his head could be tempered. At the same time, this also served to build his courage. If he could willingly embrace pain, he would be able to charge fearlessly into hordes of enemies and display his true prowess… The crux of the Guardian Division lies in their invincible physical prowess. If they cower in face of the enemy, there would be no way they could bring out their full strength…"

"As for Chen Xiaoxu…"

With each passing battle, the excited gleam in Division Head Liao's eyes grew brighter and brighter.

In just a few moments, ten matches had already passed. Everyone had thought that the Qingyuan Empire Combat Master Hall would perform below average this time around, but who knew that every single one of them would successfully clinch victory, not losing even a single round!

It was only in this moment that it dawned on them how fearsome Zhang Xuan's training regime was.

"He managed to see through the flaws of all twenty candidates with a look and tailor a training regime suited to their needs! Scrubbing toilet bowls, swatting flies, capturing birds… All of those may seem simple, but there was a deeper meaning to each of those actions, allowing the candidates to grasp a more profound interpretation of combat!"

Hall Master Xing's eyes grew brighter and brighter as he began to understand the rationale behind Zhang Xuan's training regime.

He had been utterly dumbfounded when he first saw the training regime, and he had thought that Zhang Xuan was just fooling around. However, after seeing the performance of Qingyuan's candidates, he realized that the other party's training regime was truly spot-on!

Combat masters were constantly tempering their skills every single day, and while their diligence allowed them to sharpen their combat prowess to levels far exceeding that of ordinary master teachers, it had also led to a rigidity in their combat senses and even reflexes. Clearly, it was infeasible to overthrow what they had learned within just three short days.

As such, Zhang Xuan had made them carry out activities that ordinary humans would do so as to loosen their state of mind, making it easier for them their mind and body to absorb new things. Through having them repeat the actions again and again, the training they carried out was eventually integrated into part of their instincts as well.

It was just like how Shi Hao used his hands to scrub the other party's face viciously. In truth, he was not doing it intentionally. Rather, it was a habit he had unintentionally cultivated from three days of relentlessly scrubbing toilet bowls.

"I really should have more confidence in Principal Zhang and them…" Hall Master Xing shook his head with a bitter smile.

He had been deeply worried that their candidates would stand no chance against the geniuses from the other Combat Master Halls after undergoing such a nonsensical training regime, but it seemed like Zhang Xuan had the situation tightly in his grasp all along!

It was no wonder he was even relaxed enough to head off to the Master Teacher Pavilion, staying out for the entire three days. From the looks of it now, it was apparent that he had absolute confidence in the training regimes he had assigned to the candidates!

The minds of the true experts were truly different from ordinary folk like them!

In an instant, Zhang Xuan's position in Hall Master Xing's heart had been elevated to a greater height.

While Hall Master Xing was reveling in the overwhelming prowess his candidates were showing, the other three hall masters, whose chins had been tilted up in disdain earlier, were panicking over the unexpected situation.

They never could have imagined that that bunch of unkempt, beggar-like combat masters would actually wield such tremendous strength!

The combat masters whom they had gone through much effort to find and groom had actually turned out to be no match for them at all! It was an utter annihilation!

What the heck was this?

Unable to take it any longer, Hall Master Zhao Yi turned to Hall Master Xing and asked, "Hall Master Xing, what is going on with your combat masters?"

Long years of competition between both Combat Master Halls had granted both sides a clear grasp over the strength of the other. Even if the Qingyuan Empire Combat Master Hall had made massive improvements over the past few years, it still did not make sense that all of their candidates would actually lose! Something was clearly off!

But regardless of what it was, there was one thing that was certain—the Qingyuan Empire Combat Master Hall was no longer the weakling it had once been.

"To be honest, three days ago, the fighting prowess of my candidates was still beneath that of the geniuses from your Combat Master Halls. It was due to special last-minute training that they managed to metamorphose into the experts that you see now!" Hall Master Xing revealed the truth.

"Special training? They managed to attain such strength just by undergoing special last-minute training?"

"How in the world can that possibly be true?"

"Three days wouldn't even be sufficient to master the simplest Saint-tier battle technique!"

The three hall masters found Hall Master Xing's words inconceivable.

Other cultivators often used decades as a unit of measurement of how long they have trained! Three days… What the hell could one possibly do in three days? It would probably pass in a flash before one could even fully digest the principles behind a Saint intermediate-tier battle technique!

"I understand your skepticism. I also thought that it was impossible as well, but the leader of the Xuanxuan Faction that I told you about earlier specially designed training regimes tailored to resolve their individual flaws. It was thanks to those that they were able to improve at such an astounding pace!" Hall Master Xing replied with a hint of pride in his voice.

"The leader of the Xuanxuan Faction?"

The three hall masters glanced at one another in bewilderment.

"Indeed!" Hall Master Xing nodded. "He might be from a Tier-1 Empire, but his comprehension of combat and battle techniques has already reached a realm that I can hardly fathom. It's due to that reason that I allowed our combat masters join to the Xuanxuan Faction. Through their expertise, I hope to bring the strength of our Combat Master Hall to greater heights!"

"A master teacher from a Tier-1 Empire was able to grant your candidates the strength to achieve a complete victory in our friendly spar through just three days of teaching?"

Despite Hall Master Xing's explanation, the other hall masters still found the matter a little doubtful.


At that moment, a commotion suddenly broke out on the dueling platform, and countless agitated shouts echoed from the spectator's stand.

Raising their heads, the hall masters saw that the victor of the final match had been decided. All sixty candidates from their three Combat Master Halls had been defeated.

In other words, the Qingyuan Empire Combat Master Hall had managed to win all twenty slots to the Qianchong Empire's Sword Lagoon for themselves!


The eyelids of the three hall masters twitched wildly. They really could not accept such an outcome.

They had thought that they would be able to claim roughly six slots each at the very least, but who could have imagined that the friendly spar would end with them obtaining none at all!

It was truly a complete defeat for them!

However, knowing that the results were already decided, the three hall masters could only sigh deeply and reluctantly accept it.

A moment later, Hall Master Wei Qianshu asked, "Where is the leader of the Xuanxuan Faction? Can you bring us to meet him? I would like to meet the man whom you are full of praise for!"

"He isn't in the Combat Master Hall at the moment," Hall Master Xing replied.

According to the news he had heard, Zhang Xuan had gone off to the Master Teacher Pavilion to take his 7-star master teacher examination, so it would not be appropriate for him to interrupt the young man at this moment.

"He isn't in the Combat Master Hall? Since that's the case, can you take us to the Xuanxuan Faction to take a look?" Hall Master Zhao Yi asked. "I am interested to see just what kind of capability that Tier-1 Empire organization holds that you would even go to the extent of seeking their assistance!"

"This…" Hall Master Xing hesitated for a moment, but recalling how the other three hall masters had treated him prior to the duel, he eventually relented. "Alright then."

It was no big deal to take them to the Xuanxuan Faction to take a look.

Besides, based on what he recalled, the members of the Xuanxuan Faction were also very welcoming toward combat masters. After all, they were the perfect cannon fodder for them to test their skills on.

Thus, Hall Master Xing stood up and led the other three hall masters toward the accommodation of the Xuanxuan Faction. Not too long later, he saw a young lady walking in his direction.

Hall Master Xing clasped his fist and said, "Lady Qiqi, greetings. Allow me to introduce to you. These three are the heads of the Chongyuan, Qianyun, and Haohai Empire Combat Master Halls respectively. They are interested in having an exchange with the Xuanxuan Faction, so may I know if now is a convenient time?"

He recognized the young lady before him. She was the strongest expert of the Xuanxuan Faction, Luo Qiqi.

In just a few days of absence, the young lady seemed to have made some advancement in her cultivation, rising from Saint 1-dan pinnacle to Saint 2-dan primary stage.

"An exchange?" Luo Qiqi glanced at the trio beside Hall Master Xing and smiled. "Sure! Suppress your cultivation to my level and come at me all at once!"


Hearing the other party asking them to come at her all at once, Hall Master Zhao Yi frowned in displeasure. "Young lady, we are the heads of our regional Combat Master Hall, Leaving Aperture realm experts. Do you think that you will be able to match us just because we have suppressed out cultivation?"

Hall Master Wei Qianshu shook his head in disapproval. "Without a doubt, you are a talented individual to be able to attain such strength at your age. However, that is no reason for you to act with such conceit!"

"When we were your age, we were able to match ten cultivators of the same cultivation realm easily. Even though we have already grown old, I believe that we still have more than enough in us to subdue a young lass like you!" Hall Master Liu Qinshan frowned.

"Give it a try then," Luo Qiqi replied with a leisure smile.

"Since Hall Master Xing was full of praise for the Xuanxuan Faction, allow me to experience your incredible strength for myself!" Seeing how lightly the young lady was taking them, Hall Master Zhao Yi shook his head. He took a step forward while suppressing his cultivation to Saint 2-dan primary stage.

The other two also suppressed their cultivation as well.


With a powerful step, Hall Master Zhao Yi appeared before Luo Qiqi in an instant. As if a massive dragon had risen from the ocean, his presence suddenly felt extremely heavy and powerful, compelling others to bow before him.

Even though he had already suppressed his cultivation, he was still a Leaving Aperture realm expert. The overwhelming strength of his Primordial Spirit was able to collapse the mental resilience of any Saint 2-dan cultivator easily, rendering the other party completely helpless.

"Heh!" As if unfazed by the pressure from Hall Master Zhao Yi, Luo Qiqi also made her move. She raised her palm and thrust it forward forcefully, and astonishingly, it dispelled the might of Hall Master Zhao Yi's assault in an instant.

Hall Master Zhao Yi could not help but narrow his eyes in shock.

In a clash between fellow experts, one move was all it took to gauge the other party's strength.

From that move, he realized that the young lady, when at the same cultivation realm, was actually even stronger than him!

That explained why she was able to act so haughtily despite learning of their identities.

"Humph!" Hall Master Zhao Yi's expression turned grim, and the previous disdain in his eyes disappeared without a trace.

He executed a movement technique and darted forward with astounding speed, wanting to catch the young lady off guard and nab her. However, before he could reach her, her figure suddenly appeared before Hall Masters Wei Qianshu and Liu Qinshan, and she thrust her palms at the both of them simultaneously.

Just as she had said earlier, she would deal with the three of them at once.

Boom boom!

Under the young lady's powerful assault, the other two hall masters had no choice but to join the fray as well. Thus, the battle became three against one.

Pipa! Pipa! Pipa!

Ten breaths later, Hall Master Zhao Yi's face had already reddened from exhaustion. There were two clear palm prints on his chest, but only his clothes were ripped. The attacks did not deal any considerable external or internal injuries to him. Clearly, the young lady had gone easy on him.

Twenty breaths later, Hall Masters Wei Qianshu and Liu Qinshan were forced to retreat several steps in a fluster. A stifling sensation choked up their chests, rendering them unable to speak.

The trio clasped their fists simultaneously and bowed. "We have lost…"

Despite collaborating with one another, they were still unable to defeat the young lady before them. They never would have believed such a thing to be possible in the past, but with it happening right before their eyes, there was no way they could deny it anymore.

Furthermore, it was apparent that the young lady had gone easy on them. Otherwise, every one of them would have been severely wounded.

As stifled as Hall Master Zhao Yi felt from his defeat, he had to concede that the strength wielded by the young lady was truly extraordinary. Out of curiosity, he could not help but ask, "May I know how I should address you?"

The least he could do was to find out the name of the person who had defeated him.

On the other hand, the young lady placed her hands behind her back and tilted her chin upward. A faint smile surfaced on her lips, and in an instant, it felt as if a field of flowers had blossomed.

"Xuanxuan Faction, Luo Qiqi!"



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