It was the Book of Heaven's Path, where he had sealed Vicious within!

Vicious had once told him that the other Vicious was his brain and his eyes, and the innate authority the brain possessed allowed it to exert dominance over the other body parts. As such, it would have been impossible for him to possess the other party under normal circumstances.

The only way he could successfully possess the other Vicious was when the other party's consciousness in a state of confusion, rendering the other party unable to counterattack to his possession!

Considering how the other Vicious was a soul oracle who possessed the intact memories of the original Vicious, it could be said that it would be nigh impossible to place his consciousness into a state of confusion. However, upon learning that the little island was an artifact that the other Vicious was intending to use to house its will, the rest was easy.

As long as he enchanted the little island in advance and put on a convincing act to have the other Vicious willingly fuse his consciousness into it… A single head with two consciousness clashing for supremacy, that was more than enough to disorientate the other Vicious' consciousness!

Admittedly, with the strength that the other Vicious wielded, it would not take too long for him to devour the spirit, but… how could Zhang Xuan give him the opportunity to do so?

With an upward wave of his hand, the book in his palm gradually opened. The heart and finger sealed within the book surged into the sky.


A powerful killing intent burst forth from the heart and the finger, shrouding the entire island in an instant.

"Y-you… You actually have my other body parts! How could I have failed to sense them?"

Panic and disbelief could be heard in the voice of the other Vicious. At this point, he could not maintain his composure any longer.

Under normal circumstances, as soon as the body parts came into his vicinity, he should have been able to notice them in an instant due to the connection among them… so how could those two body parts come so close to him without him noticing?

Sense them? Zhang Xuan shook his head.

Vicious' heart and finger were sealed using his Book of Heaven's Path. Concealed by the heavens themselves, if Vicious could still sense their presence, wouldn't that mean that he had already surpassed the heavens?

How could that possibly be?


Paying no heed to Vicious' shock, the consciousness within the heart and the finger flew out and dived into the massive head.


The head in the air was no longer able to maintain its steady flight, and it seemed as if it would plummet from the sky at any moment.

Zhang Xuan turned around and told the group behind him, "Let's vacate the area first. It's likely that their battle will cause devastating destruction."

The battle between the two Vicious for dominance was bound to be one that was extremely perilous. Even if they remained in the area, there was nothing they could do. In fact, they might even be placed in danger from the shockwaves of their clash. Since that was the case, they might as well leave the area for the time being and wait somewhere further away.

"Alright!" Wu shi and the others nodded.

Even though they still had not been able to make sense of the situation, considering that the pressure that had been weighing down on them previously had vanished, they were out of danger for the time being.

The group hurriedly dashed away from the area, and after ten minutes of travel, they finally stopped at an area roughly two hundred li away from the Ghost Cavern.

At this moment, the little island appeared to be nothing more than a small bean in everyone's eyes. Nevertheless, from the uncontrollable shaking of the little island, they could imagine the intense battle that was ongoing there.

Unable to hold himself back any longer, Wu shi turned around and asked, "Principal Zhang, what is happening?"

Why would the book that Zhang Xuan had taken out contain the will of an Otherworldly Demon?

What did that Otherworldly Demon have to do with the Qingtian Emperor's teacher?

Everything felt like a perfect enigma to them, leaving them completely befuddled.

"The teacher of Qingtian Emperor is the fragmented will of a powerful Otherworldly Demon who fought on equal grounds with Kong shi many years ago. He had already reached the level where he could revive even through just a single droplet of blood, and his death has resulted in many portions of his body being scattered around the world. I happened to find a few of his body parts and forced him to submit to me…" Zhang Xuan briefly explained the situation.

"An Otherworldly Demon who fought on equal grounds with Kong shi?"

"Doesn't that mean that he's an existence who has survived through the ages?"

"He's able to revive just from a single droplet of blood?"

The master teachers stared at one another as they felt their throats turning hoarse.

Despite having encountered plenty of mystical affairs themselves, they dared not believe what Zhang Xuan was saying. It was simply too inconceivable!

An old monster who had survived from the ancient times had actually ended up being tamed by Zhang Xuan?

The group felt as if their minds were going to blow up.

"I'll have to ask all of you not to speak of the matters that have happened here to anyone else," Zhang Xuan requested.

No matter what, Vicious was still of the Otherworldly Demonic Tribe. It would adversely affect his reputation and credibility as a master teacher if it was made known that he had an Otherworldly Demon under his command.

"Rest assured!" Wu shi and the others hurriedly nodded in agreement.

To be honest, even if they wanted to speak of the matters that had happened that day, it was doubtful if others would be willing to believe their story.

Battling with an expert who had rivaled Kong shi many years ago, as well as that three-kilometer large head…

No matter how one looked at it, it seemed to be something that had come straight out from a fantasy novel, a figment of one's imagination.

At this point, Zhang Jiuxiao suddenly asked hesitantly, "Zhang shi, are you really… a Celestial Master Teacher?"

The others quickly turned their attention back to Zhang Xuan.

They did not have any time to ask about the matter previously because their hands had been full dealing with the Otherworldly Demon. However, now that they were finally out of danger for the time being, they could not hold back their intrigue any longer.

On the other hand, Zhang Xuan knew that there was not any point hiding it from them any longer. Without saying a word, he stepped forward.

Hong long long!

A unique aura emanated from his body.

The faces of Zhang Jiuxiao and the others immediately paled.

The aura was not particularly powerful, but there was a compelling pressure to it that rendered them powerless before it. It was as if they were standing before an existence far superior to them, and an urge to bow down to the other party and acknowledge his as their teacher welled up in them.

"You really are…"

The crowd clenched their fists with widened eyes.

There was no doubt about it.

This was a sensation that should only have been felt from Kong shi. It was a pressure that weighed on their soul directly, compelling them into submission. There was no way such an aura could possibly be feigned!

"I never would have thought that I would live to see a Celestial Master Teacher with my own eyes."

"I actually went through so much together with a Celestial Master Teacher."

Other than Wu shi, the other combat masters and master teachers trembled uncontrollably from the sheer agitation they felt.

They had grown up listening to the legends of the only known Celestial Master Teacher in the world, Kong shi, and they had never thought that they would ever meet a real Celestial Master Teacher in their lifetime. Yet, unknowingly, they actually ended up venturing into a legendary expedition with one, braving through danger together.

"No wonder your Impartation of Heaven's Will could win the hearts of several ten thousand master teachers all at once, making them willingly address you as their teacher," one of the Master Teacher Pavilion elders remarked.

He had been wondering how Zhang Xuan wielded such astounding capability as to make so many master teachers submit to him simultaneously, willingly addressing him as their teacher.

However, if the other party was a Celestial Master Teacher like Kong shi, everything would make sense!

Putting aside making several ten thousand master teachers submit to him, he would not even be surprised if the other party made every single being in the world acknowledge him as their teacher!

After all, the previous Celestial Master Teacher eventually grew up to become an existence known as the World's Teacher!

On the other hand, Zhang Jiuxiao felt a stifling sensation in his chest as he lamented internally, How am I supposed to defeat a rival like that?

All along, he had viewed Zhang Xuan as a hurdle that he would have to overcome, and he had deeply believed that with his talents, he would be able to do it as long as he worked diligently. However, from the looks of it now, it seemed like it was only wishful thinking on his part!

It was no wonder he suffered such a tragic defeat!

Considering that his opponent was a Celestial Master Teacher, his defeat was inevitable. In that sense, his loss could not be considered an embarrassment.

If Zhang shi is really a Celestial Master Teacher, it's likely that his talent surpasses even that of the young prodigy of our Zhang Clan. But the young prodigy has the full support of the Zhang Clan behind him, having free access to top-notch cultivation resources from a very young age. I really wonder what will happen if the two of them clash with one another… Zhang Jiuxiao could not help but wonder.

He had never met the young prodigy who boasted the purest bloodline of the Zhang Clan in many years, but he had heard many rumors about the latter's superior talent and strength. He could not help but wonder how the latter would compare to the Celestial Master Teacher standing before him.

Would the young prodigy end up being traumatized to the point where he did not even want to live anymore?

It would be interesting to watch them clash with one another one day… Zhang Jiuxiao pondered.

Paying no heed to everyone's shock, Zhang Xuan looked at them grimly and said, "I also hope that you won't speak a word about the matter concerning me being a Celestial Master Teacher."

The encounters in the Qingyuan Empire had taught him not to take the safety of the Master Teacher Pavilion for granted. There was a good chance that there were more Otherworldly Demons hiding in their midst, and if the news regarding him being a Celestial Master Teacher reached their ears, he might find himself being plunged into grave danger.

Currently, he only possessed fighting prowess on par with a Leaving Aperture realm intermediate stage cultivator. Before the true top-notch experts on the Master Teacher Continent, his strength was not even worth a mention.

Before he acquired absolute strength that would allow him to stand indomitable in the world, it would be best for him to maintain a low profile.

"Principal Zhang, don't worry. We understand the graveness of the matter, so please rest assured that we'll keep our mouths sealed!" Hall Master Xing replied.

"I swear on my name as a master teacher that if I speak a word of this matter, may vicious retribution fall upon me!" one of the Master Teacher Pavilion elders swore.

With him taking the lead, the others also swiftly followed suit as well.

"I have troubled all of you." Zhang Xuan waved his hand before turning his gaze back to the fight in the distance.

With the world cloaked in darkness, it would be difficult for even Saint realm cultivators to spectate a sight from two hundred li away. However, with his Eye of Insight, Zhang Xuan was able to perceive everything with clarity.

The wills of both Vicious were tangled with one another, fighting desperately to devour the other.

While the Vicious he had tamed was far weaker than the other Vicious, the assistance of the enchanted spirit and the other Vicious being spread too thin across the massive head had impaired the other Vicious' fighting prowess. As a result, both sides turned out to be equally matched for the time being.

It seems like I need not worry… Zhang Xuan heaved a sigh of relief upon seeing the sight.

The Vicious he had tamed possessed the heart, the origin of power. As such, the longer the battle dragged on for, the more advantageous his position would be. On the other hand, while the head possessed the ability to control power, its ability to supply power was significantly weaker.

Even though they were equal for the time being, the other Vicious would gradually grow weaker and weaker before eventually being consumed once and for all.

As Zhang Xuan had expected, an hour later, the battle finally began to die down.

The movements of the face-shaped little island were gradually slowing to a halt, too.

"Wait here for a moment. I'll head over to take a look!" Zhang Xuan said before heading forward.

"Zhang shi, I'll go with you! This way, I'll at least be able to cover you if anything happens," Wu shi quickly offered.

"There's no need for that. You'll only be a burden if you tag along." Zhang Xuan waved his hand casually before flying away swiftly

"…" Wu shi.

"Master, as you have commanded, I have successfully eradicated him!"

Upon arriving before the face-shaped little island, a voice sounded in Zhang Xuan's mind. It was the Vicious whom he had tamed.

"Good, good!" Zhang Xuan nodded in approval.

Vicious continued speaking. "But while I have managed to eradicate his consciousness, I have suffered significant damage in the midst of doing so. I fear that I will need to hibernate for a period of time to recuperate…"

Previously, just by devouring the finger, he had needed to go into a lengthy sleep. Considering how the opponent this time around was far stronger than him, it was not too surprising that Vicious had to rest again.

"I understand… However, given your current size, how am I supposed to take you away?" Zhang Xuan asked as he gestured toward the massive little island before him.

Spanning a length of three kilometers from one end to the other, there was no way Zhang Xuan could fit it into his storage ring or the Myriad Anthive Nest!

"Master, don't worry. I can continue hiding inside the Book of Heaven's Path…" Right after saying those words, the island suddenly blurred from sight before materializing within the Book of Heaven's Path.

"This…" Zhang Xuan's eyebrows shot up.

The Book of Heaven's Path actually had such an ability? Why didn't he know about it?


The Book of Heaven's Path fell back into Zhang Xuan's hands, and he flipped it open casually. In it, he saw a head, a heart, and a finger floating quietly within, reminiscent of a 3D painting.100km



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