"Zhang shi is conducting a lecture?"

The old metalsmith was taken aback. Pricking up his ears and listening intently, there was indeed a faint voice to be heard a distance away.

As it was too far away, the voice sounded indistinct. Nevertheless, just by catching traces of it, he could already feel the zhenqi in his body leaping into action, moving along with the other party's words.

"Is this… Impartation of Heaven's Will?" the metalsmith asked hoarsely as his eyes lit up in agitation.

Even though he was only an ordinary metalsmith, he had still heard much about the master teachers. It was indeed troublesome that his pots and bowls had run away, but this was also a rare opportunity for him. There was a vast difference in the price of an ordinary pot and one that had been infused with a spirit.

With his exquisite craftsmanship, he could sell his pots for a thousand gold coins easily. However, if his pots were infused with spirit, he would have to think twice about selling them even if the buyer were to offer him a middle-tier spirit stone!

Of course… before considering any of that, he had to capture his escaped pots and metalware back first!


Not too long later, the old metalsmith finally managed to catch up to his pots and bowls, and his hammer was finally back in his hands as well. This time though, he could feel a bloodline connection with his hammer, and it felt as if the hammer had no weight at all.

With this, I won't need to rest in between my forging anymore. I can finish the eighteen pots required well before afternoon! As long as I have this hammer in hand, I'll be able to lead a far better life than before, the old metalsmith thought as he clenched his fists in agitation.

Gazing in the direction that the voice had come from, the old metalsmith kneeled onto the floor with reddened eyes.

"Thank you, Zhang shi."

The same sight was happening throughout every street and alley of Qingyuan City.

Zhang Xuan's Impartation of Heaven's Will was not only able to raise one's cultivation, it was also highly effective toward one's proficiency in an occupation. There were some apothecaries who found themselves successfully forging pills that they had failed countless times before after listening to Zhang Xuan's lecture. There were also saint beasts who were unable to reproduce due to their strong bloodlines suddenly finding themselves carrying twins in their wombs after listening to the lecture.


When the final character above the square dissipated, the cultivators in the square gradually roused from the trance they were in, and an ardent heat could be seen in their eyes.

Ordinary Heavenly Impartation of Mentor's Calligraphy was only sufficient for the cultivation of an individual, but Zhang Xuan's had been actually able to release a resounding voice, reminiscent of an Impartation of Heaven's Will. Within just a short period of time, they had found themselves benefiting greatly from his teachings.

Everything felt so mystical that they could not help but feel a little dreamy within.


One by one, they kneeled onto the ground and kowtowed in agitation.

Having benefited from the Zhang Xuan's guidance, he could be considered half a teacher to them.

From that day onward, nearly all of the master teachers and cultivators in Qingyuan City would be Zhang Xuan's students, granting him unparalleled authority and prestige in the city.

Seeing the gazes of admiration around him, Yao shi remarked in awe, "To make countless submit to him through just words… this is a true master teacher!"

Despite being an 8-star master teacher, she knew that she was incapable of doing the same.

The talent that the young man before her possessed far surpassed her imagination. Perhaps, he might even be on par with the offspring of the Sage Clans!

Furthermore, despite having so many people acknowledging him as their teacher simultaneously, he showed no signs of excitement or complacency at all. Just by his state of mind alone, there was no doubt that he would eventually achieve great things in the future!

I must accept him as my student! Yao shi clenched her fists tightly in determination.

As talented as Zhang Xuan was, he still was not an 8-star master teacher yet, so she stood a chance in becoming the young man's teacher.

As long as she groomed him well, it would not be long before she became one of the most respected figures in the Master Teacher Continent!

With such thoughts in mind, Yao shi could no longer hold herself back anymore. Turning to Zhang Xuan, she asked, "Zhang shi, are you are interested in cultivating in the Empire Alliance?"

"Empire Alliance?"

"That's right. The cultivation techniques and resources they have there are incomparable to those of the Qingyuan Empire. As long as you agree to become my student, I can take you there and vie for the best resources for you. With my guidance, I guarantee that you will become a real 8-star master teacher within the next fifty years!" Yao shi nodded.

"Fifty years?" Hearing those words, Zhang Xuan shook his head. "No thank you."

If he needed fifty years to advance to an 8-star master teacher, he would already be lying in the dirt with tall grass above his grave.

To others, to be able to become an 8-star master teacher before seventy was already a formidable achievement, but to him, that was a speed even slower than a snail's crawl. It could not generate the slightest enthusiasm in him.

Despite Zhang Xuan's rejection, Yao shi did not show the slightest hint of anger. Instead, she began patiently explaining, "Zhang shi, this is really a good opportunity. The Empire Alliance is filled with many different factions, and without someone to bring you around, you will face many obstacles there."


"The Empire Alliance is basically a power consisting of multiple organizations, namely the Eight Conferred Empires and several smaller Sage Clans. Due to the independent nature of these organizations, there are often conflicts of interest, resulting in the rise of several different factions in the Master Teacher Pavilion. Without any understanding of the various factions, it's very easy for one to get on the wrong side of the more powerful factions, which would make it hard for one to survive there," Yao shi replied with a nod.

"I am not taking advantage of you by accepting you as my disciple. By coming under my protection, you will be able to better maneuver your way around the politics there and receive the recognition from the various powers. Otherwise, no matter how talented you are, it will be difficult for you to rise through the ranks. After all, given how big the Empire Alliance is, one thing that they don't lack is talented individuals!"

Hearing those words, Zhang Xuan nodded.

He had read books concerning the Empire Alliance, so he had some understanding of how it operated.

Just as Yao shi said, the Eight Conferred Empires were only a portion of the Empire Alliance.

Some of the weaker Sage Clans and sects were under them as well.

As a power consisting of multiple individual organizations, it was inevitable that multiple factions would rise in the Empire Alliance so that these organizations would be able to protect their interests.

"There's no need to give me a response right now. You can give it some thought," Yao shi said.

"Regarding that, I'm curious, why do the headquarters allow the master teachers of the Empire Alliance Master Teacher Pavilion to engage in factional rivalry?" Zhang Xuan asked curiously.

In the previous places he had been to, the master teachers from the same Master Teacher Pavilion would typically get along harmoniously with one another. While there was some rivalry and conflict, it was mostly between individuals rather than factions. So, why would the headquarters turn a blind eye to such chaos in the Empire Alliance Master Teacher Pavilion?

"When Kong shi first established the Master Teacher Pavilion, he once said that in order for mankind to grow swiftly, their true nature mustn't be restrained. There should always be some degree of competition and conflict internally, or else peace will slowly result in stagnation and decline," Yao shi explained.

Hearing those words, Zhang Xuan fell into deep thought.

This was similar to the rules of the Hongyuan Master Teacher Academy.

Unless in the face of affairs that threatened the welfare of mankind, the management of the academy would usually stay out of the rivalry among students.

Only with competition would there be a sense of urgency for improvement.

If each independent power felt that their interest would be assured by a higher power, while it was true that this would allow the Empire Alliance Master Teacher Pavilion to become united in the short-term, in the long-run, these independent powers could grow complacent and lazy.

It was also for this reason that the regional Master Teacher Pavilion was entrusted with the full responsibility of dealing with whatever conflicts they faced on their land. Unless the problem surpassed their capability, the direct headquarters would not interfere in the matter.

As long as the factional rivalry did not get out of hand, maintaining such a state in the Empire Alliance Master Teacher Pavilion was not necessarily a bad decision.

It was through such a system that talents rose one after another in the Master Teacher Pavilion, and despite dozens of millenniums passing, its position as the number one occupation still remained unwavering.

This was survival of the fittest. Only through a cycle of continuous selection would the most capable master teachers be left within the organization.

"I really dislike dealing with such factional rivalries…" Zhang Xuan pinched his glabella in frustration.

It was simply too tiring to engage in politics against others.

"I understand your point of view, but there's no way to avoid it. Unless you become an elder of the Empire Alliance Master Teacher Pavilion, you will eventually be dragged into the factional rivalry as well!" Yao shi replied with a sigh.


"Un. The elders of the Empire Alliance Master Teacher Pavilion have a vote in deciding major affairs, and just for that, every single organization lobbies them. It could be said that they possess a transcendental position in the Empire Alliance, and no one dares offend them!" Yao shi explained.

"How can one become an elder then?" Zhang Xuan was a little moved by that idea.

By becoming an elder, he would be spared from the politics that he hated, and he would also be able to enjoy cultivation resources as a result of that position. Two birds with one stone!

"You want to become an elder?" Yao shi was rendered speechless.

That fellow sure knew how to dream.

Even she, an 8-star low-tier master teacher, was not qualified to become an elder. Yet, a 7-star master teacher like him was actually already thinking about it…

Aren't you being too ambitious?

Suppressing her displeasure at the young man's conceit, Yao shi explained patiently, "In order to become an elder of the Empire Alliance Master Teacher Pavilion, you first have to become an 8-star master teacher, and your cultivation has to reach Saint 7-dan. More importantly, you must receive Pavilion Master He's recognition and approval. Without any of that, it's impossible to become an elder!"

At this point, Yao shi sighed deeply before continuing. "My teacher is an 8-star high-tier master teacher, and he has been applying for the seat of an elder for thirty years now. Despite that, he still has not been approved!"

If only her teacher was an elder, she would have been in one of those blessed lands for cultivation at this moment instead of being dispatched here to the remote Qingyuan Empire to deal with this trouble.

Since even her teacher was not qualified to be an elder, how could the young man before her possibly stand a chance? Even if he possessed astounding talent, he was still only a 7-star master teacher!

One must know that the number of talented master teachers increased exponentially going up the ranks. Zhang Xuan might have been an incredible genius, but which of the current 8-star master teachers were not astounding talents back in their time?

Besides, one had to get past Pavilion Master He in order to become an elder of the Empire Alliance Master Teacher Pavilion. If it was that easy to earn Pavilion Master He's approval, there would not only have been twelve elders in the entire Empire Alliance Master Teacher Pavilion over the course of the past few centuries.

"I see… It's indeed not easy to become an elder." Hearing that even Yao shi's teacher, an 8-star high-tier master teacher and Saint 7-dan expert, had not succeeded in becoming an elder yet, Zhang Xuan scratched his head awkwardly, realizing that he might have been a little too impudent.

"Indeed…" Yao shi shook her head and sighed deeply once more. "As such, it's impossible to avoid the factional rivalry in the Empire Alliance Master Teacher Pavilion. Since that's the case, the only way to protect yourself is by choosing a side to stand with and coming under the faction's protection. Even though my teacher is not an elder, he's still possesses one of the managerial roles there. If you become my student, you will automatically become a member of our faction, and you can be assured that my teacher and I will do our best to protect you…"

While Yao shi was busy analyzing the situation for Zhang Xuan in order to convince him to become her student, a furious gale suddenly sounded in the air. Following which, a massive aerial saint beast came to a halt above the execution platform.

Several figures leaped down from the aerial saint beast.

"Wu shi, Hall Master Xing…" Zhang Xuan greeted the familiar faces with a smile.

Wu shi and the others had taken a short stop at the Northern Meadows City Master Teacher Pavilion in order to report the incident concerning the Qingtian Emperor to the headquarters before rushing back, thus causing them to return to Qingyuan City a few hours later than Zhang Xuan.

After trading some pleasantries, Wu shi said with a smile, "Zhang shi, I have already reported the matter in detail to the Empire Alliance Master Teacher Pavilion, and Pavilion Master He has also prepared a reward for you!"

Following that, he abruptly raised the token in his hand, and a pillar of light rose from the nearby Master Teacher Pavilion.


As if some kind of formation had been activated, a powerful aura began diffusing into the surroundings, shrouding the area.

Realizing that a decree from the headquarters had arrived, all the master teachers and combat masters hurriedly turned their gazes over grimly.

A powerful voice echoed in the surroundings.

"Qingyuan Empire Master Teacher Pavilion's Zhang Xuan has foiled the schemes of the Otherworldly Demonic Tribe and annihilated the Qingtian Emperor and his Ten Kings. For the immense contribution he has made to mankind, I hereby declare him an honorary elder of the Empire Alliance Master Teacher Pavilion…"



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