Zhang Jiuxiao wasn't the only one who thought that. Zhao Xingmo and the other two listening in students were also speechless by the sight before them as well.

They had experienced with their own bodies how pervertedly powerful that fellow was. There was probably not a person in the world who could win against him in a battle of equal cultivation realm. Liu Chongxin might be talented, but compared to that abnormal fellow, he was still lacking far too much

Yet, despite the overwhelming disparity between the both of them, Zhang Xuan was pummeled to the point where his body was trembling non-stop, unable to retaliate at all... Even if they were beaten to death at this very instant, they still wouldn't believe the sight they were witnessing at this moment was true.

"It's a pity that Liu Chongxin beat me to it... If only I knew he was that weak, I would have gone up myself!"

"How could I miss this precious opportunity to savor the Tianchen Brew just like that…"

In contrast to Zhang Jiuxiao and Zhao Xingmo's reactions, the other young geniuses revealed regretful looks on their faces upon seeing this sight.

Previously, Pavilion Master Yue had said that Zhang Xuan had successfully crashed two Master Teacher Pavilions, and in his view, he was the strongest of them all... These words had instilled some fear and hesitation into them. After all, five concentrated high-tier spirit stone was no small sum at all...

They were still thinking that Zhang Xuan might really be an expert amongst experts, but who could have thought that he would actually be so weak!


At the center of the hall, Liu Chongxin roared furiously and launched yet another charge toward Zhang Xuan.

In the blink of an eye, it felt as if eight hands had sprouted from his body, inducing a furious gale in the surroundings.

Saint intermediate-tier battle technique, Eight-armed Ape Form!

Powerful and swift, this battle technique swept across the hall like a raging storm, making it incredibly difficult to guard against.

From the looks of it, it seemed like Liu Chongxin had 'seen through' Zhang Xuan's true strength, and he intended to end it swiftly so as to not waste any time.

"You…" On the other hand, seeing Liu Chongxin abruptly exerting such a powerful might, Zhang Xuan's face paled in fright. He subconsciously huddled his body together.

Since he was unable to dodge the move, he would just have to forcefully attempt to endure it with his back.

This was one of the moves which a cultivator would not use unless they were really in a helpless and desperate position as it would only likely put them deeper into a spot.

"Such a person... is actually being called a genius?" Pavilion Master Yue sneered coldly.

Song shi had sent word over saying that he had suffered a major setback in the hands of someone named Zhang Xuan, such that his manhood was even crippled. Pavilion Master Yue had still been wondering what kind of amazing expert Zhang Xuan would be, and he was intending to put the young man down into his place here. Who would have thought that... the young man would actually be so weak!

It seemed like there was no need for him to make any moves. Just Liu Chongxin would be enough to give the young man a beating of his life.

Shaking his head, Pavilion Master Yue picked up a slice of fish, and he was just about to savor it when the huddled Zhang Xuan, seemingly in a state of complete panic, suddenly slipped and fell forward.


This forward fall had pushed him right toward Liu Chongxin—a completely suicidal move!

But... for some reason, despite how suicidal Zhang Xuan's move appeared to be, Liu Chongxin's face warped in horror upon seeing that sight. He immediately attempted to retreat, but it was already too late. With astounding momentum, Zhang Xuan's head crashed heavily onto his chest, and Liu Chongxin's body stiffened on the spot. A mouthful of fresh blood spewed all over the air.

In the next moment, Liu Chongxin fell heavily onto the ground, knocked out.


As if not daring to believe that he would actually be able to knock out Liu Chongxin just by a mere slip, Zhang Xuan stood up and stared at the knocked out young man in a daze, muttering dreamily beneath his breath, "I... won?"


While Zhang Xuan was in a state of confusion, the surrounding crowd had already widened their eyes in astonishment.

"Liu Chongxin's Eight-armed Ape Form wields incomparable might, making those who stand before it fearful to face it straight on. I would have never thought that it was all an act to conceal a mingmen at his chest! Zhang shi's panicked fall happened to avoid the Eight-armed Ape Form's assault and exploit the flaw... Just what kind of ridiculous luck is that?"

"His luck might be not bad, but that won't be enough to make him deserving of the Tianchen Brew! If he wishes to savor that wine, he would do well to show some strength!"


Soon, the crowd recovered from their state of shock, and disdain and contempt slipped back into their eyes.

They hadn't expected the young man to win through a lucky maneuver like that, but that was all there was to it. Mere luck.

"I have won! These concentrated high-tier spirit stones are mine then!" Finally recovering from his dazed state, Zhang Xuan exclaimed in excitement as he kept the spirit stones on the table into his storage ring. Then, he lifted the cup of wine once more and declared proudly, "Fellow master teachers, I believe that all of you should have witnessed my superior strength. So, I won't stand on ceremony before you all anymore and savor this cup of wine!"

"Bore witness to his superior strength?"

"How can there be such a shameless person in the world?"

"It's as if the person who had shrieked earlier wasn't him at all! It was clearly a lucky victory, so where did he find the courage to talk big before us?"

"I can't stand it anymore! I'll have to have a showdown with him!"

Not a surprise, Zhang Xuan's words swiftly piqued a furious uproar from the crowd. All of their faces flushed crimson from rage and indignant, reminiscent of volcanoes on the verge of eruption.

Pah! The earlier Yun shi smacked his table furiously and stood up once more.

"Liu Chongxin might have lost, but I haven't lost yet. Here is five concentrated high-tier spirit stones. They will be yours if I were to lose, but if I win, that Tianchen Brew will be mine to take!" With a powerful leap, Yun shi landed in the middle of the room before staring down on Zhang Xuan imposingly.

Had he known that the fellow was so weak, he would have surely dashed forward earlier. He wouldn't have waited till now.

"You still want to compete with me?" Zhang Xuan shook his head vehemently as a visible hint of fear surfaced in his eyes. "I don't think that would be appropriate. I just had a battle, and I have exerted myself greatly…"

"Exerted yourself greatly?" Hearing the nonsense the young man before him was speaking, Yun shi spat through gritted teeth.

If anyone has exerted himself in the earlier battle, it is clearly Liu Chongxin! You barely used any of your zhenqi in that earlier battle, knocking him with a headbutt by sheer chance. How can you say that you have exerted yourself greatly like that?

"That's right. I don't think I am in any state to face you in a duel, so... why don't we just forget about it!" Zhang Xuan waved his hand as he lifted the Tianchen Brew once more and brought it over to his lips.

"Wait a moment! Why don't we do this instead? I'll give you some time to rest, and... here is ten concentrated high-tier spirit stones! If I lose, they will for your taking. Otherwise, you will have to give the Tianchen Brew to me!"

Seeing that Zhang Xuan was intending to back out, Yun shi quickly flicked his wrist, and two jade containers appeared in his hands. With a flick, they landed on the table not too far away. While doing so, Yun shi didn't forget his taunting, "Why? Are you scared now? Surely the man that Pavilion Master Yue is full of compliments for wouldn't be a coward, right?"

"This…" Zhang Xuan lowered his head in hesitation.

It was hard to tell whether it was the spirit stones or the words that had left him conflicted, but after a moment of silence, he took in a deep breath, as if making a grave decision, and raised his head resolutely once more.

"Very well, I shall have a fight with you. However, I have a condition. You must suppress your cultivation to my level as well!"

"There's no problem with that. However, unlike Liu shi, I'll be using a weapon." Hearing Zhang Xuan's consent, a smile crept up on Yun shi's lips.

He flicked his wrist, and a meteor hammer appeared in his hands.

Saint intermediate-tier weapon, Gilded Violet Meteor Hammer!

"You want to use a weapon?" Zhang Xuan frowned in distress for a moment before asking once more. "Are you sure?"

"Of course!" Yun shi replied.

"Very well then." Zhang Xuan walked to the middle of the hall and assessed Yun shi once more. "Is that meteor hammer the weapon you are going to use?"

"That's right!" Yun shi replied proudly.

It was out of sheer coincidence that he obtained this weapon, but rarely were there anyone who was a match for him when he had this meteor hammer in his hands. While it was clear that the young man before him had only defeated Liu Chongxin out of sheer luck, considering that he had placed ten concentrated high-tier spirit stones on the line, he didn't dare to take any risk. Thus, he decided to go all out.

With this weapon in his hands, he would be able to subdue even Quasi Leaving Aperture realm experts easily, let alone a mere Primordial Spirit realm intermediate stage cultivator!

"I also have a weapon, but... just a warning beforehand, it's a little heavy. Please do pardon me if I fail to control its strength in the midst of battle." With a conflicted look on his face, Zhang Xuan told Liu Chongxin.

"Your weapon is a little heavy? You are pitting the weight of your weapon against mine? Hahahahaha! Rest assured, use whatever weapon you want! It won't be fun if your weapon isn't heavy enough!" Hearing those words, Yun shi burst into hearty laughter.

Is there something wrong with this fellow's head?

I am using a meteor hammer! You want to compete with me on the heaviness of our weapons?

Regardless of whether he was faced against a sword, a saber, or a spear, a hammer from me would never fail to force any opponent into defense!

Yet, to compete with me in terms of heaviness...

In the many fights I have been through, I have never seen a single weapon that is even heavier than mine!

"Since that's the case, let's begin then…" With an apprehensive look, Zhang Xuan reluctantly nodded.

"Show your weapon and allow me to have a look!" Yun shi laughed heartily as he raised his meteor hammer in a battle position.

Despite the lack of wind, the chain in between the two hammers rattled loudly, as if provoking the young man who dared stand before it.

"But I have already shown you my weapon…"

Contrary to his expectations, the young man before him simply shrugged his shoulder nonchalantly before the imposing presence of his meteor hammers, uttering some incomprehensible words.

Yun shi couldn't help but be taken aback.

The young man's hands were completely empty, and there was not a single thing on him that came close to resembling a weapon. Yet, he was saying that he had already shown him his weapon?

"Your head!"

In his moment of bewilderment, a master teacher by the side abruptly shouted in alarm.

"My head?" Perplexed, Yun shi raised his head, and his eyes immediately narrowed in astonishment.

Unbeknownst to him, a massive cauldron was already floating right above him at some point. Upon meeting gazes with Yun shi, 'hu!', the massive cauldron began descending on him with astounding momentum.

"The hell!" Exclaiming in horror, Yun shi tried to leap to the side to avoid the falling cauldron, only to realize that the sheer might of the cauldron had already caused the surrounding space to collapse inward.


With a deafening explosion, a huge hole was punctured into the ground. All Yun shi saw was a dark shadow covering the entire world before being crushed into the ground. His two legs were exposed at the end of the cauldron, and its uncontrollable convulsing suggested that Yun shi had already been incapacitated.

"I told you that my weapon is really heavy!" Shaking his head helplessly, Zhang Xuan headed to the table and carefully kept the ten concentrated high-tier spirit stones there. Then, with a wave of his hand, he kept the Golden Origin Cauldron back to his storage ring, revealing a '大'-shaped Yun shi in the middle.

With a perfectly nonchalant voice, Zhang Xuan informed the other party, "You have lost."


This further blow caused Yun shi to spurt a mouthful of blood.

"T-this... This is cheating!"

"He's from Qingyuan Empire, so how could he have such a formidable cauldron?"

"That cauldron must at least be at Leaving Aperture realm…"

"To win on sheer luck the first round and rely solely on his cauldron for the second, can that fellow get any more shameless than that?"


There was a brief moment of silence before a heated commotion broke out amidst the crowd.

Given the current circumstances, it was implied that a duel between the both of them should be a clash in their fighting prowess. Even if weapons were used, they should only play a supporting role... Yet, that fellow actually sent a Leaving Aperture realm artifact over to thrash his opponent!

That was way too unconventional!

However... Yun shi was the one who proposed fighting using weapons, and prior to the duel, Zhang Xuan had also told him that his weapon would be a little heavy...

Considering that Yun shi had been warned beforehand but still heartily agreed to it, Zhang Xuan couldn't exactly be said to be at a fault over here either!

Just that, while it was not clearly stated, it was obvious to everyone here that it was a duel to pit their fighting prowess against one another, not their artifacts...

"Two consecutive rounds of victory should be enough to prove my strength to all of you. If none of you have any objections, I'll assume that all of you agree that I am deserving of the title of the strongest amongst all of you. Naturally, I won't hold back on this cup of wine too!" After keeping Yun shi's spirit stones safely into his storage ring, Zhang Xuan announced smugly as he picked up the wine cup and swirled it. In an instant, the wine's fragrance diffused into the surroundings.

"Prove your strength to all of us?" Seeing how gleeful Zhang Xuan was, the faces of the remaining candidates reddened in indignation.

It is mere luck the first time round, and a complete reliance on your artifact the second time...

How can you call yourself the strongest amongst us all like that...

The title of the strongest should be forged with one's strength, not through relying on external tools!

"Zhang shi, I still have doubts about your strength. Do you dare to have a duel with me?"

Another master teacher stood up and walked to the center of the hall. Just the aura that he emanated left the surrounding air feeling as if it had turned viscous.

A Half-Leaving Aperture realm expert!

It seemed like the stronger experts amongst the group couldn't watch on anymore, and they had decided to make a move themselves.Meteor hammer is a Chinese weapon consisting of two weights hooked together with a chain.



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