The Anarchic Consort

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The Anarchic Consort  She, a 21st century mercenary queen, had crossed over into a tragically betrayed body of a waste. Waste? She will show them what it means to be a waste! Betrayed? With the Ancient Manual in her hands, she will astonish all the despicable men and cheap women! Wait! Didn’t everyone say that she was an evil woman which everyone feared? Why is his Third Highness, full of mystery and charisma, so interested in her?

《The Anarchic Consort》latest chapter
233 Two People Together
232 His Highness’ Methods
231 His Highness’ Wrath
230 Wei Wei’s Counterattack
229 A Marriage Proposal to Wei Wei
228 His Highness Bestowed Betrothal Gifts
227 Two people in love
226 Belong Only to Him
225 His Highness Enlightened
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《The Anarchic Consort》All chapters
1 Annulment Before Marriage
2 Rebirth
3 Mysterious Man
4 Illustrious Ghost Palace
5 Beam Under The Kno
6 Taking Advantage of His Highness
7 Handsome man with silver hair
8 Armament Master Assembly
9 Unprecedented Talen
10 Movement of the Red Phoenix Star
11 Having Her as a Disciple
12 Ghost Highness’s Interes
13 Who is the Red Phoenix Star
14 Ghost Palace Bears Grudges
15 Good-For-Nothing Genius
16 Crashing into Something
17 Kissing Someone
18 Buying the Ghost Palace
19 Assumed Identity
20 Almost Found
21 Living Together And Sleeping Together
22 Forced Disciple
23 Number One Handsome Man
24 Found the Wrong Person
25 It Was Unexpectedly Her
26 Targeted His Highness
27 His Highness Attacked
28 Escape From Calamity
29 Caught Her
30 The Games Begin
31 The Mood Thickens
32 Signing up for Martial Qi
33 Meeting At The Hotspring
34 Testing Starts
35 Master and Disciple
36 Counterattack Starts
37 Fame After One Figh
38 Venomous Scheme To Frame
39 Expel From the Academy
40 His Highness’ Musings
41 I Want To Break Off The Engagemen
42 Acknowledged Master And Disciple
43 Apologize With Palms And Mouths
44 Poisonous Thoughts Born Again
45 Approach His Highness
46 Two Loving People
47 Two-Faced Highness
48 Agreeing To The Consort Selection
49 Surprising Qi
50 Participate in the Consort Selection
51 His Highness’ Thoughts
52 Dressed As A Pig, Eating A Tiger
53 His Highness Pretends
54 Black-Hearted Highness
55 Prior To The Consort Selection
56 Consort Selection Starts
57 His Highness Appears
58 Something Unintended Happened
59 Doesn’t Want to Become a Consor
60 His Highness’ Consort Selection
61 Struck By Lightning
62 Wei Wei In Danger
63 Handsome Feline of a Man
64 Ancient Spirit Beas
65 His Highness Appears
66 His Highness Was Pretending
67 Want A Kiss?
68 Touching Intimately
69 Spirit Beast’s Contrac
70 Sacred Objects Revealed
71 Two People Getting Intimate
72 Stunned Everyone
73 Pow Pow Face Slap
74 Counterattack
75 Losing One’s Standing
76 Kneel To Apologize
77 His Highness In Disguise Again
78 Questions on positions
79 Older Sister Doesn’t Appreciate I
80 Number one Gold Bucke
81 Armaments Merchan
82 His Highness A Bit Angry
83 Want to Marry Wei Wei
84 His Highness Was Jealous
85 Lips Were Injured
86 Vague Feeling
87 Humiliate Wei Wei
88 His Highness is Jealous
89 The Result of the Consort Selection
90 Chose The Wrong Person
91 His Highness Angered
92 Sparks Between Two People
93 His Highness Entreaties
94 He Chases, She Hides
95 I Will Play With You
96 His Highness Is Even Better
97 Resist Unyieldingly
98 Was Seen Through
99 She Couldn’t Jump Down
100 Towards Her...
101 The Heart Trembled
102 His Highness Wanted to Win
103 Won’t Let You Off
104 His Highness Wants a Live Capture
105 An Appearance That Astonished People
106 Reject His Highness
107 Just Want to Catch
108 His Highness Arrives
109 Who’s Victorious, Who’s Defeated
110 His Highness Felt The Loss
111 Domineering Third Prince
112 His Highness’ Jealousy
113 Cross-Dressed Wei Wei
114 Armament Convention
115 The Joke, Wei Wei
116 Wei Wei’s Going to Lose
117 Domineering Wei Wei
118 The Result of the Competition
119 His Highness Attacks
120 Haul the Net to Make the Capture
121 His Jealous Highness
122 Provoking His Highness
123 Marriage Agreemen
124 Exasperate His Highness
125 His Highness Drinks Vinegar
126 Want You To Look Good
127 Wei Wei Strikes Back
128 Crushing People’s Hear
129 Directly Pressure People
130 His Highness In Danger
131 His Highness in Crisis
132 Wei Wei Was Exposed
133 Two People Getting Along
134 Domineering Third Prince
135 Two People Getting Along
136 Absolutely With Love
137 His Highness Was Unyielding
138 Setting the Engagemen
139 Black Bellied Highness
140 More and More Intimate
141 Maintaining Distance
142 His Highness Loves to Pretend
143 She’ll Definitely Lose
144 Putting Third Prince in His Place
145 Two-Faced Highness
146 His Highness, the King of Hell
147 His Highness Drank Vinegar
148 Look Down on Third Prince
149 Unruly Competition
150 Dallying With Third Prince
151 Coaching Third Prince
154 Elder Huan Versus Third Prince
155 The Competition Starts
156 The Inferior Compound’s Really Inferior?
157 His Highness Not in a Good Mood
158 On the Verge of Slapping the Face Even More
159 Facing the Fine Compound
160 Third Prince Clearly Jealous
161 His Highness’ Anger
162 Provoke His Highness
163 His Highness Competes
164 Incomparably Dashing
165 Helian Wei Wei Came Onstage
166 She’d Lose For Sure?
168 Everybody’s Dumbstruck
169 Towards Wei Wei, His Highness
170 Wei Wei Counterattacks
171 Wei Wei Shocked People!
172 It’s Surprisingly You!
173 His Highness Planned to Get Drunk……
174 Wei Wei’s Drunk, You Guys Already Understand
175 His Domineering Highness
176 His Highness Drinks Vinegar
177 Males and Females Traveling Together
178 Have Wei Wei Die
179 Getting Close to Wei Wei
180 Hei Ze And His Highness Faces Off
181 His Highness and Wei Wei
182 There’s Two-Faced Love
183 Storm Clouds Approach
185 Wei Wei In Danger
186 Put Someone’s Life On The Line and She’ll Fight to Live
187 Slaps To The Face
188 Wei Wei Strikes Back
189 Left Speechless
190 Denouncing Lady Su
191 Sincerely Want to Take a Wife
192 Breathtaking Wei Wei
193 Slap Madam Su’s Face
194 Who’s The Real Female Phoenix
195 Why Did His Highness Choose Wei Wei
196 His Highness’ Inclinations
197 His Highness ticking off Wei Wei
198 His Highness Wei Wei
199 Don’t Fall Into The Trap
200 His Highness Wounded
201 Provoked His Highness
202 Divining a Marriage Predestined by Fate
203 If His Highness Can’t Get It Then Voila!
204 Stay By This Highness’ Side
205 That Man
206 Wei Wei Gave His Highness
207 Proud Highness
208 Two-Faced Highness
209 Feeding His Highness
210 Martial Qi Competition
211 Profound Brilliance Under Heaven
212 Limited Edition
214 Auction
215 Wei Wei’s Stunning Appearance
216 The Servant Girl Was Slapped
217 Disdain towards Wei Wei
218 The Unforeseeable
219 Inside Profound Heaven
220 His Highness arrives
221 Status Disclosed
222 The Big Figh
223 Madam Su“s Face Got Slapped
224 Too Late For Regrets
225 His Highness Enlightened
226 Belong Only to Him
227 Two people in love
228 His Highness Bestowed Betrothal Gifts
229 A Marriage Proposal to Wei Wei
230 Wei Wei’s Counterattack
231 His Highness’ Wrath
232 His Highness’ Methods
233 Two People Together
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