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Lord of All Realms  In ancient times, there existed giant spirits capable of supporting the heavens. With bodies as enormous as stars, they soared across the universe. Great clan leaders with mysterious blood running through their veins shattered the void and created new worlds. Ancient Qi Warriors crossed a river of stars to enlighten numerous mortal beings. For unknown reasons, an era silently came to an end, all realms were separated, ancient giant spirits disappeared one after another. Thousands of years later, young Nie Tian managed to travel back into ancient times with the help of a drop of blood

《Lord of All Realms》latest chapter
Chapter 736: Forced to Help
Chapter 735: Soul Refining
Chapter 734: The Aura of A Grand Patriarch
Chapter 733: Splitting Up
Chapter 732: Chase
Chapter 731: Los
Chapter 730: The Profundity of Star Souls
Chapter 729: Truce
Chapter 728: Scaring Powerful Enemies Away
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《Lord of All Realms》All chapters
Chapter 1: An Unstable Situation
Chapter 201 - One step ahead
Chapter 3: The Vilest Event in the History of Nie Clan!
Chapter 2: Lot-drawing Convention
Chapter 4: Liu Yan’s Confusion
Chapter 6: An Unknown Force
Chapter 5: Undefeated Record
Chapter 7: The Price of Victory
Chapter 8: Outbreak of a Strange Disease
Chapter 9: A Foreign Doctor
Chapter 10: The Fever Subsides
Chapter 11: The Miraculous Dreamland
Chapter 13: Another Conflict
Chapter 12: The Inconstant Nature of People
Chapter 14: Reappearance of the Strange Power!
Chapter 15: Interloper
Chapter 16: The Fire-consuming Animal Bone
Chapter 17: A Drop of Blood
Chapter 18: A Bottomless Pit
Chapter 19: Mine #73
Chapter 20: Collapse
Chapter 21: Advancing by Leaps and Bounds
Chapter 22: An Impasse
Chapter 23: Not Leaving a Single Trace
Chapter 24: Burned to Ashes
Chapter 25: A Different Place
Chapter 26: The Epiphany
Chapter 27: A Major Stir
Chapter 28: The Sectmaster Visits!
Chapter 29: Strike With Another’s Power
Chapter 30: Li Fan’s Incitement!
Chapter 31: Unswayed
Chapter 32: A Style of Punching!
Chapter 33: A Command Medallion From Out of Nowhere
Chapter 34: The Trial
Chapter 35: The Surging Undercurrent
Chapter 36: Green Illusion Dimension
Chapter 37: The Ghost Sect and Blood Sect
Chapter 38: Fierce Fight!
Chapter 39: The Inner Conflict!
Chapter 40: First Display of Talent
Chapter 41: Iceclaw Monkey
Chapter 42: Were I Wrong, Take My Life!
Chapter 43: Settling The Victory
Chapter 44: Yuan Feng From the Grayvale Sect
Chapter 45: A Feud Begins
Chapter 46: Is There More?
Chapter 47: Days of Incomparable Satisfaction
Chapter 48: Traces of the Ghost Sect
Chapter 50: Another Layer of Shadow
Chapter 49: One More Casualty
Chapter 51: Signal for Help
Chapter 53: The Energy Is Seven Times Richer!
Chapter 54: Help From The Heavens
Chapter 56: Leaving The Team
Chapter 55: Reversal of the Wheel of Fate
Chapter 57: Risky Cultivation
Chapter 58: Battle of Psychic Power!
Chapter 60: A Tremendous Crisis
Chapter 59: Slash!
Chapter 61: Ancient Underground Palace
Chapter 62: Drastic Turn of Events
Chapter 63: The Eighth Level of Qi Refining!
Chapter 64: Kill!
Chapter 65: The Real and Unreal Yuan Fengs
Chapter 66: Like an Unwavering Mountain
Chapter 67: Giant Shadow in the Void!
Chapter 68: Blood Cocoon Incantation
Chapter 69: Back to the Starting Point
Chapter 70: The Chance to Talk
Chapter 71: Seizing the Opportunity to Cultivate
Chapter 72: Patching A Lie
Chapter 73: You’re the Worst!
Chapter 74: The Blood Sect’s Earth Web
Chapter 76: The Blood Constraint!
Chapter 77: The Insane Yu Tong!
Chapter 78: Begrudging!
Chapter 79: You’re Still Alive?!
Chapter 80: The Trial Ends
Chapter 81: Temporary Departure
Chapter 82: Arriving Home
Chapter 83: The Strife Inside the Clan
Chapter 84: A Talent Scout Comes Knocking
Chapter 85: Fighting over a Disciple!
Chapter 52: The Might of One Punch!
Chapter 87: The Center of Attention
Chapter 86: The Result Is Now Certain
Chapter 88: Walking on the Clouds
Chapter 89: Tempering the Self
Chapter 90: The Ninth Realm of the Domain of the Falling Stars
Chapter 91: Half a Year Passes
Chapter 92: It Felt Like Centuries Have Passed
Chapter 93: Treasure Convention
Chapter 94: The Spiritfount Pill
Chapter 95: You’re My Sister Now
Chapter 96: Enemies Are Always Hard to Avoid
Chapter 97: Flame Dragon Armor
Chapter 98: Resentment at Heart
Chapter 99: Nourishment from Flesh and Blood
Chapter 100: Blood Moon in the Sky
Chapter 101: The Sky Changes
Chapter 102: The Ultimate Doom
Chapter 103: Chaos
Chapter 104: Dead End
Chapter 105: Guests from Another Realm
Chapter 106: Returning to the Rightful Owner
Chapter 107: A Small Chance to Survive
Chapter 108: Hunter
Chapter 109: Nie Tian’s Unruliness
Chapter 110: Crystal Net at Earth’s Core
Chapter 111: Earth Flame Beast!
Chapter 112: Advancing to the Lesser Heaven Stage!
Chapter 113: One Bad Thing After Another!
Chapter 114: A Fight That Has to Be Fought
Chapter 115: Captured Alive!
Chapter 116: Soul Attack
Chapter 117: A Catastrophe Looms!
Chapter 118: Purgatory of Burning Lava
Chapter 119: Great Calamities Are Always Followed by Great Fortunes
Chapter 120: Spirit Channeling Precious Treasure
Chapter 121: The Reappearance of the Thunder Beast
Chapter 122: The Knack of Creating Wealth
Chapter 123: Karma
Chapter 124: Reappearance of the Strange Man
Chapter 125: Heaven Gate, Realm Gate, and Domain Gate
Chapter 126: Reign of Terror
Chapter 127: The Endless Road of Cultivation
Chapter 128: Meteors that Descended from the Heavens!
Chapter 129: Snatching the Eligibility!
Chapter 130: Contempt of the Hell Sect
Chapter 131: Deep-seated Strength of the Hell Sect
Chapter 132: The Strongest Man in the Realm of Flame Heaven
Chapter 133: Fighting off the Enemy
Chapter 134: A Temporary Calm
Chapter 135: Wu Ji’s Worries
Chapter 136: Reentering the Mysterious Land!
Chapter 137: Twisted Magnetic Field
Chapter 138: Deep Love!
Chapter 139: The Hell Sect
Chapter 140: The Heaven Gate Opens!
Chapter 141: Demons Appear!
Chapter 142: A Mysterious Dimension in the Starry Sky
Chapter 143: Corpse of an Outsider
Chapter 144: Cultivating Spiritual Incantations
Chapter 145: Crisis Approaches
Chapter 146: Ice Blast Pearl
Chapter 147: Chaotic Force!
Chapter 148: Killing After A Struggle
Chapter 149: Gains
Chapter 150: Meeting Yu Tong Again
Chapter 151: Obtaining Recognition
Chapter 152: Teaming Up
Chapter 153: Losing Total Control!
Chapter 154: Fleeing
Chapter 155: Exposed
Chapter 156: Heavy Casualties
Chapter 157: Corpses in the Starry Sky
Chapter 158: Waiting for You to Enter!
Chapter 159: The Floating City
Chapter 160: Mysterious Symbols
Chapter 161: A Change in Heart!
Chapter 162: Bloodline!
Chapter 163: I’ll Remember You, Kid!
Chapter 164: Enlightenment!
Chapter 165: Heaven Spark
Chapter 166: Another Breakthrough!
Chapter 167: Chosen Ones from the Other Realms
Chapter 168: Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace
Chapter 169: Su Lin from the Heaven Palace Sect
Chapter 170: Super Quick Recovery!
Chapter 171: Wu Ling from the Realm of Unbounded Desolation
Chapter 172: Evil Psychic Power
Chapter 173: Severing His Own Hand
Chapter 174: Bloody Fights
Chapter 175: I Want to Try!
Chapter 176: Superb Observation Skills
Chapter 177: Nie Tian from the Realm of Flame Heaven!
Chapter 178: Soul Refining Magic!
Chapter 179: Three Fragmentary Stars
Chapter 180: Dong Baijie
Chapter 181: You Win!
Chapter 182
Chapter 183: Seven Fragmentary Stars!
Chapter 184: Survivor
Chapter 185
Chapter 186: Another Step Forward!
Chapter 187: The Special One
Chapter 188: Raging Demon Qi
Chapter 189: The Road Ahead Is Full of Danger
Chapter 190: Bone Blood Demon
Chapter 191: Life Transfer
Chapter 192: Awakening!
Chapter 193: Killing Machine!
Chapter 194: We Are Lucky to Have You
Chapter 195: High-Tier Outsider
Chapter 196: Impression Overthrown
Chapter 197: The Seven “Eyes”
Chapter 198: Seize the Opportunity
Chapter 199: Communication
Chapter 200: Strength of Another Level!
Chapter 201: I’ll Go First!
Chapter 202: Arriving in Time!
Chapter 203: Might of the Blood Demon
Chapter 204: Rescued from A Desperate Situation
Chapter 205: Utterly Discomfited
Chapter 206: Demonizing
Chapter 207: Eternal Night!
Chapter 208: Turning the Situation Around
Chapter 210: Key Factor
Chapter 209: Stealing a Disciple
Chapter 211: Good Faith
Chapter 212: Demon Driving Incantation
Chapter 213: Awakening of the Bloodline!
Chapter 214: Green Aura
Chapter 215: Tragedy
Chapter 216: The Ghost Sect
Chapter 217: Joining Forces
Chapter 218: Zelia
Chapter 219: Bloodline Awakening
Chapter 220: Peak Battle Prowess
Chapter 221: Disturbance Calms
Chapter 222: Three Great Rifts
Chapter 223: The Escort
Chapter 224: Getting Away
Chapter 225: The Tenth Realm in the Domain!
Chapter 226: Shatter City
Chapter 227: Pei Qiqi
Chapter 228: The Realm of Split Void
Chapter 229: Torture
Chapter 230: The Void Illusion Mountain Range
Chapter 231: I Can’t Believe That You Trusted A Woman
Chapter 232: Ethereal Swords
Chapter 233: A Strange Stone Falls from the Heavens
Chapter 234: Unparalleled Strength!
Chapter 235: He Is Mine!
Chapter 236: People Can’t Get Rich without Luck
Chapter 237: Space Spirit Crystal!
Chapter 238: Golden Stone Rhino
Chapter 239: A Monster in the Void Illusion Mountain Range
Chapter 240: Great Fortune!
Chapter 241: Refining Beast Blood
Chapter 242: The Most Subtle Changes
Chapter 243: Unfair Treatment
Chapter 244: The Blood Skull’s Headquarters
Chapter 245: Cheater
Chapter 246: Practicing in the Next Level
Chapter 247: Three Attributes
Chapter 248: Leaving the City
Chapter 249: Some Rejoice While Others Gloom
Chapter 250: The World Is An Evil Place
Chapter 251: Bloody Battles
Chapter 252: A New Variation!
Chapter 253: Turn
Chapter 254: Shattering Shackles
Chapter 255: Entering the Heaven Stage!
Chapter 256: Astounding Battle Prowess
Chapter 257: Assassination
Chapter 258: Call of the Soul
Chapter 259: Escaping A Difficult Situation
Chapter 260: Surviving
Chapter 261: A Secret Stronghold
Chapter 262: A Helping Hand
Chapter 263: Identity Medallion for A Guest Elder
Chapter 264: The Greedy Aura
Chapter 265: A Drop in the Bucket
Chapter 266: Midnight Raid
Chapter 267: A One-sided Battle
Chapter 268: Another Turn of Events
Chapter 269: Sicko
Chapter 270: Mad Bombardment
Chapter 271: The Opposite Result
Chapter 272: Leaving
Chapter 273: Exerting Every Move
Chapter 274: Burning Killing Intent
Chapter 275: Supernatural Healing Ability!
Chapter 276: Dashing with A Beauty on His Back
Chapter 278: Misunderstanding
Chapter 277: Secret Stronghold Under the Creek
Chapter 279: Strange Fluctuations
Chapter 280: Two People Who Share the Same Misfortune
Chapter 281: Receiving Enlightenment from the Fragmentary Star Incantation
Chapter 282: Starspark Formation
Chapter 283: Welcome to Join Us
Chapter 284: Traveling in A Group
Chapter 285: Internal Strife
Chapter 286: The Prey
Chapter 287: Ill Intentions
Chapter 288: Vicious Woman
Chapter 289: Playing a Game
Chapter 290: Utter Humiliation
Chapter 291: New Findings
Chapter 292: Spoiling Their Plans!
Chapter 293: The Fang
Chapter 294: Sudden Strike
Chapter 295: Fame Spread Far and Wide!
Chapter 296: Strike Like a Shadow
Chapter 297: A Trap
Chapter 298: Starshift!
Chapter 299: Sensation
Chapter 300: Short-range Shift
Chapter 301: New Siege!
Chapter 302: Trapped in Multiple Blockades
Chapter 303: Rip and Tear
Chapter 304: A Turn of Events
Chapter 305: A Sudden Change in the Situation
Chapter 306: Meeting
Chapter 307: Stunning Battle Gains
Chapter 308: Turn Back
Chapter 309: Fake Identity
Chapter 310: Changes in the Outside World
Chapter 311: Stern Criticism
Chapter 312: Arrival of An Old Acquaintance
Chapter 313: Conflict
Chapter 314: The Tree May Desire Tranquility, But the Wind Will Not Stop
Chapter 315: The Blood Fighting Pit
Chapter 316: Clean Victory
Chapter 317: The Spirit Condor
Chapter 318: Crisis Lurking in Dark Corners
Chapter 319: Star Stones
Chapter 320: Traveling Together Again
Chapter 321: Despoil
Chapter 322: Forbidden Region
Chapter 323: Easy Fortune!
Chapter 324: Contemplating the Profundity of Two Types of Essence
Chapter 325: Refining the Mark
Chapter 326: Underground Relic
Chapter 327: Overcrowded Region
Chapter 328: Two Helpers
Chapter 329: Cultivation Assistant
Chapter 330: Demons, Phantasms, Bonebrutes, Fiends
Chapter 331: Shi Hui’s Demand
Chapter 332: Escape
Chapter 333: You’re A Dead Man Already!
Chapter 334: Repeated Success!
Chapter 335: Back Thrust
Chapter 336: You Actually Believe That?!
Chapter 337: Count Me In!
Chapter 338: Unforeseen Circumstance
Chapter 339: Life Within the Meteor
Chapter 340: Phantasm
Chapter 341: Im Back!
Chapter 342: Flame Dragon Form
Chapter 343: Three Parties Join Hands
Chapter 344: Leave No Trouble for the Future!
Chapter 345: Appreciation
Chapter 346: News Spreads
Chapter 347: A Man Waiting
Chapter 348: Return **Festival Feature Included**
Chapter 349: Human Nature
Chapter 350: Sinner?
Chapter 351: Unfortunate Men Must Have Detestable Qualities
Chapter 352: Let Me Send You On Your Way!
Chapter 353: Deep Disappointment
Chapter 354: A Shred of Warmth
Chapter 355: A Series of Shocks
Chapter 356: Forced to Join the Sect
Chapter 358: Mutant Spirit Beasts
Chapter 357: Seal!
Chapter 359: Spirit Beasts
Chapter 360: Attack!
Chapter 361: Demonsounds Bewitchment
Chapter 362: Discovery
Chapter 363: Fall
Chapter 364: Rotspirit Ox
Chapter 365: The Sixth Demon Realm
Chapter 366: Grand Star Formation
Chapter 367: A Large Demon Army
Chapter 368: The Realm of Mystic Heaven
Chapter 369 The Heaven Palace Sect
Chapter 370: Itching Desires
Chapter 371: Mass Invasion **festival feature included**
Chapter 372: Secret
Chapter 373: A Deal with The Demons
Chapter 374: Turbulences in the Realm of a Thousand Devastations
Chapter 375: The Yin Sect and the Yang Sect
Chapter 376: The Bloodline of An Ancient Magical Beast
Chapter 377: Enlightenment Derived from a Tool
Chapter 378: Bloody Battles Between Humans and Demons!
Chapter 379: Key Figure
Chapter 380: Sectmaster of the Yang Sect
Chapter 381: Relics within the Bellies of the Mountain Peaks
Chapter 382: Son of the Starry Sky
Chapter 383: Refusing the Heaven Palace Sects Handsome Offer
Chapter 384: Breaking Up!
Chapter 385: Promise
Chapter 386: At Wits End
Chapter 387: Breakthrough
Chapter 388: The Realm of a Hundred Battles
Chapter 389: Water Moon Chamber of Commerce
Chapter 390: Gift
Chapter 391: Spirit Plant Mountain
Chapter 392: Spirit Beasts Feeding Area
Chapter 393: Good Will Be Rewarded with Good
Chapter 394: Rule Breakers
Chapter 395: Black Water Lake
Chapter 396: A Vicious Beauty
Chapter 397: Dong Lis Threat
Chapter 398: Killing with One Strike!
Chapter 399: Sustaining Injuries
Chapter 400: Standoff
Chapter 401: What Do You Want?
Chapter 402: Beast Spirit Incantation!
Chapter 403: Soaring Black Phoenix
Chapter 404: A Frustrating Failure
Chapter 405: A New Plan
Chapter 406: Deal
Chapter 407: Separating Again
Chapter 408: Drinking
Chapter 409: A Shocking Presumption
Chapter 410: The Realm of Dark Underworld
Chapter 411: Like A Shadow
Chapter 413: The Sign of A Phantasm
Chapter 412: Breaking up in Discord
Chapter 414: A Warning
Chapter 415: Psychic Attack
Chapter 416: The Might of Thunder!
Chapter 417: No Turning Back
Chapter 418: Relic at the Lake Bottom
Chapter 419: Testing
Chapter 420: Perilous Situation
Chapter 421: Wu Tian?
Chapter 422: Mountains of Corpses and Seas of Blood
Chapter 423: A Cluster of Memories
Chapter 424: The Good Old Days
Chapter 425: It Worked!
Chapter 426: The Spirit Pearl
Chapter 427: Earth-shaking, Mountain-shattering Changes
Chapter 428: Saving the Master
Chapter 429: Smelting
Chapter 430: Entering the Greater Heaven Stage
Chapter 431: Ive Been Waiting for You!
Chapter 432: Slight Changes in the Spiritual Sea
Chapter 433: Desolate City
Chapter 434: The Tool Sect
Chapter 435: An Old Opponent
Chapter 436: A Close Miss
Chapter 437: Not Even A Blade of Grass
Chapter 438: Patience
Chapter 439: Ill-fated Seeker
Chapter 440: Gathering Discarnate Souls
Chapter 441: Earthflame Essence
Chapter 442: Upheaval
Chapter 443: Snatching Prey from A Tiger
Chapter 444: The Death Reign
Chapter 445: A Star of Calamity
Chapter 446: The Roving Target
Chapter 447: A Pattern Emerges
Chapter 448: The Promised Land
Chapter 449: Setback
Chapter 450: Fruits of Life
Chapter 451: The Eye of a Titan
Chapter 452: Collection
Chapter 453: Renewed Life
Chapter 454: Old Friends from the Blood Sect
Chapter 455: Remaining Evil from the Bone Sect
Chapter 456: A Difficult Situation
Chapter 457: Placing the Blame
Chapter 458: It Worked!
Chapter 459: Rescue
Chapter 460: Giving Nie Tian Face
Chapter 461: Wu Langxie
Chapter 462: A Major Tribulation for the Tool Sect
Chapter 463: Life Drain
Chapter 464: Returning A Favor
Chapter 465: Another Lie
Chapter 466: A Crisis Appearing Out of the Blue
Chapter 467: Zhao Shanling
Chapter 469: Embarrassment
Chapter 468: Post-war Battlefield
Chapter 470: Giving No Face
Chapter 471: Master-disciple Reunion
Chapter 472: A Secret Talk
Chapter 473: A Learned Scholar
Chapter 474: Hidden Crisis
Chapter 475: Enlightenment
Chapter 477: Experts Swarming In
Chapter 476: The Common Destination
Chapter 478: Broken Order
Chapter 479: The Thunder Mountain Sect
Chapter 480: Six Spatial Rifts
Chapter 481: Rescue
Chapter 482: Expelling Order
Chapter 483: Two Choices
Chapter 484: A Gift
Chapter 485: Joining Hands
Chapter 486: Screams in the Night
Chapter 487: Bone Remains
Chapter 488: Discoveries
Chapter 489: Betrayal
Chapter 490: Grand Soul Grinder
Chapter 491: Soul Banner
Chapter 493: Swarming Bugs
Chapter 492: Going Further into the Dimension
Chapter 494: Life Drain
Chapter 495: Infiltration of Toxins
Chapter 496: Efforts in Vain
Chapter 497: Accumulating Power
Chapter 498: Let Me Have a Try
Chapter 499: Heaven Wood
Chapter 500: Thorns Protrude
Chapter 501: Taking the Enemies Out One by One
Chapter 502: Skilled and Effortless Kills
Chapter 503: Splendid Battle Results
Chapter 504: Intimacy
Chapter 506: Searching for Secrets
Chapter 505: Its Him?!
Chapter 507: Cracks in the Earth
Chapter 509: Brawl
Chapter 508: Converge
Chapter 510: Sorting Out the Truth
Chapter 511: Remains of Bonebrutes
Chapter 512: Destination
Chapter 513: Jumping In
Chapter 514: Flying in One after Another
Chapter 515: Right Back at You
Chapter 516: Well-matched Adversary
Chapter 517: Soul Blades
Chapter 518: The End of the Segment
Chapter 519: Punching to the Ground with One Strike
Chapter 520: Spiritual Hexaflame Formation
Chapter 521: Qin Yans Apology
Chapter 522: Uncertainties
Chapter 523: The Soul of A Phantasm
Chapter 524: The Bottom Continent
Chapter 525: A Land of Treasures
Chapter 526: Wishful Thinking!
Chapter 527: Breaking the Cultivation Barrier
Chapter 528: The Ill-intended
Chapter 529: Killing After a Breakthrough
Chapter 530: Too Weak to Withstand a Single Strike!
Chapter 531: An Old Acquaintance
Chapter 532: An Eighth Grade Black Phoenix!
Chapter 533: Sitting Atop the Mountain Peak and Watching the Tigers Fight
Chapter 534: Ill Guard You This Time
Chapter 535: Formation
Chapter 536: Awe Inspired by Blood-spilling
Chapter 537: Invincibility
Chapter 538: How Is That Possible?!
Chapter 539: Youve Misunderstood...
Chapter 540: Island
Chapter 541: Stonemen
Chapter 542: Formidable Outsider Enemies
Chapter 543: Potential Danger
Chapter 544: A Vague Awareness
Chapter 545: Corpses In the Depths of the Sea
Chapter 546: An Exorbitant Price
Chapter 547: Ample Compensation
Chapter 548: Exploring Alone
Chapter 549: What People Want
Chapter 550: The Unique Nie Tian
Chapter 551: Eliminating Suspicion
Chapter 552: Hunting
Chapter 553: An Outsider Descends
Chapter 554: A Chatterbox
Chapter 555
Chapter 556: Waiting
Chapter 557: Divine Body Refinement Method
Chapter 558: Crystal Bones
Chapter 559: Soul Burning Seals
Chapter 560: The Son of the Stars
Chapter 561: Since You Want Me to Stay, I Will!
Chapter 562: Do We Go Save Him?
Chapter 563: Killing Spree
Chapter 564: Finding a Way to Survive
Chapter 565: Wood Thriving Formation
Chapter 566: The Impregnable Ward
Chapter 567: One vs Many
Chapter 568: Excellent Battle Results
Chapter 569: Meeting Pei Qiqi Again
Chapter 570: Opening Up
Chapter 571: Hidden Intentions Being Revealed
Chapter 572: Unexpected Fortune
Chapter 573: Turbulences Rise Again
Chapter 574: Flesh And Blood Flying in Every Direction
Chapter 575: Crushing the Enemy
Chapter 576: Temporary Peace
Chapter 577: A Freak?
Chapter 578: The Start of a Catastrophe
Chapter 579: A Dilapidated Starship
Chapter 580: The Might of A Single Strike
Chapter 581: Stand Unwavering
Chapter 582: A Shocking Glimpse
Chapter 583: Return
Chapter 584: Recovering Strength
Chapter 585: The Li Clans Blood Feud
Chapter 586: A Storm Brews
Chapter 587: Obstruction
Chapter 588: Fearless
Chapter 589: Strong Support
Chapter 590: Important News
Chapter 591: New Discoveries
Chapter 592: The Trading Fair
Chapter 593: Come to the Stage
Chapter 594: Unforeseen Fortune
Chapter 595: Weve Met Before
Chapter 596: A Ring of Holding with Exceptional Storage Room
Chapter 597: Streaming Flame Pill
Chapter 598: Leaving the City
Chapter 599: Slaughtering Profound Realm Experts!
Chapter 600: The Greatest Honor of the Realm of Flame Heaven
Chapter 601: Grand Return
Chapter 602: Exploring New Heaven and Earth
Chapter 603: Heart Refinement
Chapter 604: Outsiders Descend
Chapter 605: The Calamity Descends
Chapter 606: Desperate Ones
Chapter 607: Extracting Blood Essence
Chapter 608: Plight
Chapter 609: Ill Even Die If I Have To
Chapter 610: Wu Ji
Chapter 611: Two Deals
Chapter 612: Time Freeze!
Chapter 613: Not Daring Enough
Chapter 614: Master and Disciple Open Hearts to Each Other
Chapter 615: Talents and Magics
Chapter 616: Leaving Again
Chapter 617: Hell on Earth
Chapter 618: Zhao Shanlings Stubbornness
Chapter 619: Zhao Shanling Getting His Way
Chapter 620: Demon Ancestral Awakening
Chapter 621: Tangled Battles
Chapter 622: Turning the Situation Around
Chapter 623: Start Butchering
Chapter 624: Turbulences Coming to An End
Chapter 625: Constant Change of Events
Chapter 626: I Wont Even Lend It to Him!
Chapter 627: Selling Tickets
Chapter 628: Hanging by A Thread
Chapter 629: Parting on Bad Terms
Chapter 630: A New Idea
Chapter 631: Blood Essences Wonderful Use
Chapter 632: Joining the Battle
Chapter 633: The Interracial War
Chapter 634: The Bonebrutes Indestructible Form
Chapter 635: Sudden Changes
Chapter 636: Hua Mu Turns
Chapter 637: Doomsday
Chapter 638: Standing Up To the Heaven Palace Sect
Chapter 639: Heaven-shattering Crystal Cannon
Chapter 640: Fixing the Tone with One Beat of the Gong
Chapter 641: Hua Mu Sobers Up
Chapter 642: Finding Clues
Chapter 643: Fame Spreads Far and Wide
Chapter 644: People Come From All Directions to Pay Their Respects
Chapter 645: Bamboo Forest
Chapter 646: A Hundred Flowers Blossom at the Same Time
Chapter 647: Returning with Glory
Chapter 648: Deriving Enlightenment
Chapter 649: The Victory Convention in the Thunder Mountain Sect
Chapter 650: Hidden Crisis
Chapter 651: Countless Treasures
Chapter 652: Argument
Chapter 653: Sweeping Everything Away
Chapter 654: Splitting the Spoils
Chapter 655: Nine Stars Flower
Chapter 656: Space Disruption Zone
Chapter 657: Corpses Keep Appearing
Chapter 658: Master Voidspirits Legacies
Chapter 659: Sects from Another Domain
Chapter 660: The Nine-story Pagoda
Chapter 661: Newcomers
Chapter 662: Half Man, Half Beast
Chapter 663: A Successful Product of Hybridization
Chapter 664: Mind Games
Chapter 665: Misleading
Chapter 666: Slaughter
Chapter 667: Each Getting Their Fortune
Chapter 668: Three Years Later
Chapter 669: Holy Daughter of the Bliss Mountain Sect
Chapter 670: Comes and Goes As He Pleases
Chapter 671: Journey Home
Chapter 672: Changes in the Tool Sect
Chapter 673: The Lei Clan
Chapter 674: The Ice Pavilion Sect Gives In
Chapter 675: The Condor
Chapter 676: A Sudden Change in the Situation
Chapter 677: Chain Reaction
Chapter 678: Outrageous Behavior
Chapter 679: Forced to Show Up
Chapter 680: I Had To!
Chapter 681: Visitors from the Divine Flame Sect
Chapter 682: An Unforeseen Turn of Events
Chapter 683: The Flame Dragon Armors Origin
Chapter 684 Time for Payback
Chapter 685: Secrets
Chapter 686: The Guardian of the Domain of the Falling Stars
Chapter 687: Reentering the Realm of Dark Underworld
Chapter 688: Prying into the Flame God Sects Headquarters
Chapter 689: The Phantasms Equipment Forging Room
Chapter 690: Soul Awakening
Chapter 692: Exploring the Unknown
Chapter 691: Four Eras
Chapter 693: Illusory Ancient Symbol
Chapter 694: New Discoveries
Chapter 695: The Beauty Never Seen
Chapter 696: Spiritual Core Forms, True Soul Appears!
Chapter 698: The Palace That Rises to the Ground
Chapter 697: All is Quie
Chapter 699: A Star Boa
Chapter 701: Speculations
Chapter 700: The Abandoned Land Becomes the Blessed Land
Chapter 702: The Invitation from the Divine Flame Sec
Chapter 703: The Decline and Death of Realms
Chapter 704: The Girl Who Comes in Flames
Chapter 705: Enmity
Chapter 706: The Flame Bird
Chapter 707: Guidance
Chapter 708: Golden Stone Sec
Chapter 709: A Piece from A Shattered Realm
Chapter 710: Chosen Ones From Another Domain
Chapter 711: The Seventh Grade Frost Blood Python
Chapter 712: Extracting Wood Power
Chapter 713: Meridian Toughening
Chapter 714: Souls Losing Control
Chapter 715: Soul Crystals at the Lake Bottom
Chapter 716: Each Showing Their Special Prowess
Chapter 717: Changes In the Lake
Chapter 718: Riding Out Difficulty Together
Chapter 719: Collecting Soul Crystals
Chapter 720: Bad Habi
Chapter 721: Soul Core
Chapter 722: Soul Possessing
Chapter 723: “Kill As Many As You Can!”
Chapter 724: “What Can You Do About It?”
Chapter 725: Titan’s Wrath!
Chapter 726: Blending Migh
Chapter 727: Primal Chaos
Chapter 728: Scaring Powerful Enemies Away
Chapter 730: The Profundity of Star Souls
Chapter 729: Truce
Chapter 731: Los
Chapter 732: Chase
Chapter 733: Splitting Up
Chapter 734: The Aura of A Grand Patriarch
Chapter 735: Soul Refining
Chapter 736: Forced to Help
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