Spirit Hunters of Maoshan Sect

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Spirit Hunters of Maoshan Sect  The world is full of mysteries. Strange, seemingly unexplainable events occur more often than we may realize. A young boy may catch an illness no doctor can explain. An office may catch fire for no apparent reason. And perhaps, someone may die a sudden and unexpected death – their bodies blighted beyond recognition. Some might believe that these events are merely freak accidents. However, Ye Shaoyang knows otherwise. The youngest inner disciple ever in the prestigious Daoist Maoshan Sect. Talented, handsome, and a hillbilly from the mountains who still uses a brick phone in the modern age. Follow the tale of our quirky, snippy, but honorable hero, after he finally descends the mountains after fifteen years of being out of touch with normal society. Read on as he combats horrifying apparitions, charms ladies, and finds himself in all sorts of trouble along the way! A story that delves into Daoism, Chinese sorcery, and the supernatural from Asian mythology.

《Spirit Hunters of Maoshan Sect》latest chapter
Chapter 311 The Creepy Chinese Medicine Shop 1
Chapter 310 The Xue Wu and The Big-Eyed Spirit 3
Chapter 309 The Xue Wu and The Big-Eyed Spirit 2
Chapter 308 A Xue Wu and A Big-Eyed Spirit 1
Chapter 307 The Return of The Kuman Thong 3
Chapter 306 The Return of The Kuman Thong 2
Chapter 305 The Return of The Kuman Thong 1
Chapter 304 The Fight Between the Child Spirits
Chapter 303 The Child Spirit at The Amusement Park 2
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《Spirit Hunters of Maoshan Sect》All chapters
Chapter 1 Undead Mother and Child
Chapter 2 A Dangerous Coffin
Chapter 3 Burning a Violent Undead
Chapter 4 Miao Jiang Parasite Witch
Chapter 5 A Disciple
Chapter 6 Going out to the World
Chapter 7 An Elite
Chapter 8 Walking in Circles
Chapter 9 The Real Culprit
Chapter 10 Dead Water
Chapter 11 Drowned Undead
Chapter 12 First Kiss
Chapter 13 Lamborghini
Chapter 14 Helping You Wear Your Pants
Chapter 15 Inviting You to a Dream
Chapter 16 Specters
Chapter 17 Undead Lord
Chapter 18 Angry Spirits
Chapter 19 An Old Tomb
Chapter 20 Four Blood Pill
Chapter 21 The Fight Against an Undead Lord
Chapter 22 Soulbound Undead Guards
Chapter 23 Transcending an Angry Spirit
Chapter 24 To the Dream Land Again
Chapter 25 Spirit Reporter
Chapter 26 Dormitory Four
Chapter 27 Bone Scraping
Chapter 28 Blood Stamped Talisman Paper
Chapter 29 Interrogation
Chapter 30 A Date
Chapter 31 Female Dancer 1
Chapter 32 Female Dancer 2
Chapter 33 Midnight Scouting
Chapter 34 The Tragic Police Officer
Chapter 35 A Pseudo Undead
Chapter 36 Big Meat Buns
Chapter 37 Spooky Doll
Chapter 38 Female Student
Chapter 39 Qixing Dragon Sword
Chapter 40 A New Alliance
Chapter 41. Soul Summoning Part 1
Chapter 42 Soul Summoning Part 2
Chapter 43 Con Man
Chapter 44 Bad Apples
Chapter 45 The Point of Most Yin
Chapter 46 No Devil Dares to Bar His Path
Chapter 47 The Japanese Ghost
Chapter 48 O’Hail the Power of the Pixiu
Chapter 49 Hang out
Chapter 50 The Female Spirit - Feng Xinyu
Chapter 51 The Living Dead
Chapter 52 Three-tailed Centipede
Chapter 53 The Green-Haired Undead
Chapter 54 The Yin Yang Path of Five Elements
Chapter 55 Plant vs. Zombies
Chapter 56 The Doll Specter
Chapter 57 The Beautiful Whisperer
Chapter 58 The Love between Human and Ghost (1)
Chapter 59 The Love between Human and Ghost (2)
Chapter 60 Inception
Chapter 61 An Evil Intent
Chapter 62 An Evil Intent 2
Chapter 63 An Evil Intent 3
Chapter 64 A Thousand Year Love
Chapter 65 Always Loved You
Chapter 66 A Trip to the Water Tower
Chapter 67 Blood Cultivation
Chapter 68 Danger in The Pond
Chapter 69 A Yellow-furred Demon
Chapter 70 The Kappa
Chapter 71 The Secret Passage
Chapter 72 The Dharma Staff
Chapter 73 Meeting the Enemy
Chapter 74 The Phoenix Eye Fist
Chapter 75 The Pretty Kung Fu Girl
Chapter 76 Life-Buying
Chapter 77 Life-Buying 2
Chapter 78 Life-Buying 3
Chapter 79 Family of Sorcerers
Chapter 80 Three Coins to Stabilize the Lot
Chapter 81 Formation of Eight Paths
Chapter 82 Undead King
Chapter 83 Blood Undead
Chapter 84 Spirit hunting plan B
Chapter 85 An Unexpected Possession
Chapter 86 I Will Save You
Chapter 87 Exterminate All Spirits
Chapter 88 The Last Dream
Chapter 89 I Would Rather Indulge in Love Than Become a God
Chapter 90 The Virtue for One’s Second Life and the Rankings
Chapter 91 Paper Effigy
Chapter 92 Ordinary Friends
Chapter 93 First Time
Chapter 94 Night in a Mortuary
Chapter 95 The Drunk Fight
Chapter 96 Six-Eyed Child
Chapter 97 Finally Some Meat Buns!
Chapter 98 Investigating the Villa
Chapter 99 The Formation of Five Elements
Chapter 100 Broken Statue
Chapter 101 The Maker of the Burial Clothes Will Be Flayed
Chapter 102 Evil Aura in The Senior Village Chief“s House
Chapter 103 The Spirit in a Twin Pregnancy
Chapter 104 The Festering Organs 1
Chapter 105 The Festering Organs 2
Chapter 106 Night in a Cemetery
Chapter 107 Telling Ghost Stories to Ghosts
Chapter 108 The Spirit“s Tongue
Chapter 109 The Female Spirit Under the Tree Demon
Chapter 110 The Ground Undead
Chapter 111 Something in the Tree
Chapter 112 Drinking Spirit’s Blood
Chapter 113 The Arctic Silkworm
Chapter 114 Big Brother Shaoyang Fell into a Trap
Chapter 115 The Human Blood Gu
Chapter 116 Human Blood Gu 2
Chapter 117 Whip Till You Smoke
Chapter 118 Whip Till You Smoke 2
Chapter 119 Spirit Qi
Chapter 120 Checking for Demons
Chapter 121 Possessed
Chapter 122 A Girl with a Pigtail Braid
Chapter 123 Spirit’s Illusion
Chapter 124 Lock of Ultimate Death
Chapter 125 The Spirit Servant’s Miscalculation
Chapter 126 Corpse in a Pot
Chapter 127 A Terrifying Scene
Chapter 128 Yunji Heavenly Manual
Chapter 129 A Second Encounter
Chapter 130 Disgusted
Chapter 131 The Commitment of the Three-tailed Centipede
Chapter 132 The Map of the Five Spirits
Chapter 133 The Eaten Corpses
Chapter 134 The Corpse-eater
Chapter 135 The Soul Guiding Lamp
Chapter 136 The Disgusting Spirits
Chapter 137 Bait
Chapter 138 Five Spirits Moving Mountain Formation
Chapter 139 Someone’s Crying in the Toilet
Chapter 140 Waiting for You 1
Chapter 141 Waiting for you 2
Chapter 142 Waiting for you 3
Chapter 143 A hospital covered by Spirit Qi
Chapter 144 Junior Brother
Chapter 145 Underworld Midwife
Chapter 146 The Man Beside The Morgue
Chapter 147 Corpse Cosmetics
Chapter 148 Who Gave Me Tissue 1
Chapter 149 Who Gave Me Tissue 2
Chapter 150 Corpse makeup
Chapter 151 The Appearance of Underworld Midwife 1
Chapter 152 The Appearance of The Underworld Midwife 2
Chapter 153 Who Had Been Possessed
Chapter 154 Who Had Been Possessed 2
Chapter 155 Set Up a Formation
Chapter 156 Capturing the Underworld Midwife 1
Chapter 157 Capturing the Underworld Midwife 2
Chapter 158 Chopped
Chapter 159 The Protection Talisman that You Gave
Chapter 160 The New Battle
Chapter 161 A Possessed Man
Chapter 162 An Exotic Night
Chapter 163 A Chance to Start Over
Chapter 164 The Female Ghost
Chapter 165 The Riddle Of Fate
Chapter 166 Undead Fish
Chapter 167 The First Encounter of The River Spirit
Chapter 168. Spirit Onboard!
Chapter 169. Solo Mission
Chapter 170 Heavenly Master Tablet
Chapter 171 Cultivating an Undead 1
Chapter 172 Cultivating an Undead 2
Chapter 173 Cultivating an Undead 3
Chapter 174 Cultivating an Undead 4
Chapter 175 Blood Transfer
Chapter 176 Killing the Hairy Gu 1
Chapter 177 Killing the Hairy Gu 2
Chapter 178 Tai Sui
Chapter 179 Spirit Binding Chain
Chapter 180 Something happened to Xie Yuqing
Chapter 181 Will Not Let You Die 1
Chapter 182 Will Not Let You Die 2
Chapter 183 Will Not Let You Die 3
Chapter 184 Will Not Let You Die 4
Chapter 185 The Appearance of Madam Chee
Chapter 186 Return From the Dead
Chapter 187 Saved By a Worm
Chapter 188 The truth behind the spirit Commissioner
Chapter 189 Blood Gu Undead King
Chapter 190 Truth-Telling Gu
Chapter 191 Prepare to Depart
Chapter 192 Trying His Daoist Craft
Chapter 193 The Spirit in the Dung
Chapter 194 Fell Into A Trap
Chapter 195 Swap Skills
Chapter 196 Taking a Protege
Chapter 197 Mrs. Guo
Chapter 198 The Story of Madam Chee 1
Chapter 199 The Story of Madam Chee 2
Chapter 200 Another Battle with the River Spirit
Chapter 201 Another Battle with the River Spirit 2
Chapter 202 Golden Arrow Locks The Spirit
Chapter 203 Failed Attempt
Chapter 204 Spirit Servant
Chapter 205 An Arrogant Person
Chapter 206 The World in the Heavenly Master Tablet
Chapter 207 When Did I Become a God?
Chapter 208 The Heavenly Manual
Chapter 209 The Spirit on the Shoulder
Chapter 210 The Dream-Eating Spirit
Chapter 211 Justice
Chapter 212 To Dead Man Valley
Chapter 213 Spirit Car
Chapter 214 Undead Aboard 1
Chapter 215 Undead Aboard 2
Chapter 216 Undead God
Chapter 217 Conferment of Demon
Chapter 218 Conferment of Demon 2
Chapter 219 Red Comb Snake
Chapter 220 Into Dead Man Valley
Chapter 221 Animal Sacrifice
Chapter 222 The Giant Coffin
Chapter 223 The Blood of Black Dogs
Chapter 224 The Flay Bees
Chapter 225 The Shexie Gu
Chapter 226 The Enemy’s Heart
Chapter 227 The Cast Beads Transformed into Soldiers
Chapter 228 The Blood Pixiu
Chapter 229 The Rise of The Blood Gu Undead King
Chapter 230 The Undead King is Dead
Chapter 231 Deadly Illusion
Chapter 232 The Vermillion Bird
Chapter 233 Burned
Chapter 234 The Four Heavenly Beasts
Chapter 235 General Ox-Head
Chapter 236 Pass the Test
Chapter 237 The Garnet Baihua Pills
Chapter 238 Extract the Awakened Gu
Chapter 239 The Sakura Cemetery 1
Chapter 240 The Sakura Cemetery 2
Chapter 241 Sakura Cemetery 3
Chapter 242 Sakura Cemetery 4
Chapter 243 Six Feet Under
Chapter 244 Plum Blossom Fire Technique
Chapter 245 Fleshy Undead
Chapter 246 Young Boss Ma
Chapter 247 Maoshan Soul-Seizing Craft
Chapter 248 Killing The Flesh-Corpse
Chapter 249 Jin Shuai’s Conspiracy
Chapter 250 Skulls on The Blood Pagoda
Chapter 251 Seeing Doubles
Chapter 252 Who is Who
Chapter 253 Who is Who 2
Chapter 254 Who is Who 3
Chapter 255 A Cicada?
Chapter 256 Dangerous Encounter in The Underworld
Chapter 257 The Feral Heart Spirit
Chapter 258 The Missing Spirit
Chapter 259 The Blood of Four Black Beasts
Chapter 260 The Floating Temple
Chapter 261 The Beautiful Mortal World
Chapter 262 The Decisive Battle with Madam Chee 1
Chapter 263 The Decisive Battle with Madam Chee 2
Chapter 264 The Decisive Battle with Madam Chee 3
Chapter 265 The Whirling Sakura
Chapter 266 The Withering Sakura
Chapter 267 Legless Corpse
Chapter 268 The Demon Undead 1
Chapter 269 The Demon Undead 2
Chapter 270 The Demon Undead 3
Chapter 271 The Rat Demon
Chapter 272 The Rat Demon 2
Chapter 273 The Battle of Rats and an Undead 1
Chapter 274 The Battle of Rats and an Undead 2
Chapter 275 The Laughter in The Ancient Tomb
Chapter 276 Sibao Monk
Chapter 277 Yin Blood Ganoderma
Chapter 278 Disturbed by Evil Spirit
Chapter 279 Disturbed by Evil Spirit 2
Chapter 280 A Visit from Spirit Informant
Chapter 281 The Title of Heavenly Master
Chapter 282 The Dao Heart
Chapter 283 The Villa’s Secret
Chapter 284 Ghost on A Rainy Night 1
Chapter 285 Ghost on A Rainy Day 2
Chapter 286 Ghost on A Rainy Day 3
Chapter 287 Ghost on A Rainy Day 4
Chapter 288 Tragedy over The Revolving Door
Chapter 289 Tragedy over The Revolving Door 2
Chapter 290 The Story of The Child Spirit
Chapter 291 The Kuman Thong 1
Chapter 292 The Kuman Thong 2
Chapter 293 Offering Blood
Chapter 294 The Technique of Spirit Qi Transforming into a Butterfly
Chapter 295 The Attack from the Kuman Thong
Chapter 296 The Ghost on The Neck
Chapter 297 The Spirit Ribs Stew
Chapter 298 Zhu Zhongying Came Around
Chapter 299 The Spirit Fish 1
Chapter 300 The Spirit Fish 2
Chapter 301 The Guaizai Folklore
Chapter 302 The Child Spirit at The Amusement Park 1
Chapter 303 The Child Spirit at The Amusement Park 2
Chapter 304 The Fight Between the Child Spirits
Chapter 305 The Return of The Kuman Thong 1
Chapter 306 The Return of The Kuman Thong 2
Chapter 307 The Return of The Kuman Thong 3
Chapter 308 A Xue Wu and A Big-Eyed Spirit 1
Chapter 309 The Xue Wu and The Big-Eyed Spirit 2
Chapter 310 The Xue Wu and The Big-Eyed Spirit 3
Chapter 311 The Creepy Chinese Medicine Shop 1
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