The Record of Unusual Creatures

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The Record of Unusual Creatures  Hao Ren (literally means “good man”), as his Chinese name suggested, is a good man, and his ideal was to live a restful, comfortable life as a landlord. At least that was his plan before a couple of abnormal creatures rented his house. A remote, outdated big apartment, a bunch of rather abnormal non-human creatures, and a labor contract from the “god”, the three factors combined lead him to be the busiest landlord and most supernatural “babysitter”. The story of the most complicated, erratic and abnormal landlord and tenants started from here. “Ever since I put my fingerprint on the labor contract,, I knew I was roped into something terrible……” As a person who is down-to-earth as well as a good Samaritan, Hao Ren desires to live the rest of his life as a benevolent landlord. Stumbling into a curious yet mysterious lady, he began his journey of “collecting” abnormal and supernatural tenants. His life only became more chaotic when he receives a labor contract from “God”. Discover the many races, myths and worlds that lie beyond what humans define as normal! This bizzare fantasy full of fun is sure to bring you on a crazy rollercoaster of emotions!

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800 Holy Blade
799 The Remnan
797 Traces of Humans
798 Stone City
796 Another World
794 The Gate to the Deep
795 Gnarled Biota
793 The Ecological Mystery of Inferno
791 Gangrene
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《The Record of Unusual Creatures》All chapters
Chapter 1: Just Another Ordinary Day
Chapter 3: Wolf
Chapter 4: Werewolf Mystical Arts
Chapter 5: There“s Still a Cat
Chapter 6: For Crying Out Loud, You’re A Werewolf!
Chapter 7: It’s Useless to Only Have Six Senses
Chapter 8: Wolves and Bats
Chapter 9: Unusual Creatures
Chapter 10: A Broke Vampire
Chapter 11: Mysterious Call
Chapter 12: The Village Far Away
Chapter 13: The ‘Interview’ Address
Chapter 14: A Top of the Pile Job
Chapter 15: God Has a Job for You
Chapter 16: Working for God
Chapter 17: The Contract
Chapter 18: What Does the Future Hold?
Chapter 19: A False Alarm?
Chapter 20: Immense Pressure
Chapter 21: Nobody“s Normal!
Chapter 22: The Midsummer’s Dream
Chapter 23: Absorbed
Chapter 24: Blood Magic Failure
Chapter 25: About The Other Kind
Chapter 26: Let’s Keep in Touch
Chapter 27: Monthly Pay
Chapter 28: Super High Tech!
Chapter 29: The Plane of Dreams?
Chapter 30: The Automated Device
Chapter 31: First Mission
Chapter 32: Vampire Magic: The Proper Usage
Chapter 33: Employee Handbook
Chapter 34: The Little Secret of Lil“Miss Outsider.
Chapter 35: On Foreign Soil
Chapter 36: Struggling in a Foreign Land
Chapter 37: Raven 12345’s “Job”
Chapter 38: The Language Barrier, Solved!
Chapter 39: Stranger
Chapter 40: The Demon Hunter
Chapter 41: A High-Profile Demon Hunter?
Chapter 42: He is on TV!
Chapter 43: Circadian Cycles in Disharmony
Chapter 44: Brewshire
Chapter 45: The Lodge
Chapter 46: The Tale of the Castle
Chapter 47: Take Off!
Chapter 48: The Castle
Chapter 49: Holy Moly, Ghosts Are Real!
Chapter 50: Haunted?
Chapter 51: A Burrow
Chapter 52: The Haunting
Chapter 53: The Truth?
Chapter 54: The Stone Wall
Chapter 55: There’s No Way Out
Chapter 56: Now This Is the Real Deal
Chapter 57: The Wraith Army
Chapter 58: Demon Stone
Chapter 59: Neither a Success...
Chapter 60: Defeat is Not Enough
Chapter 61: Escape!
Chapter 62: The Demon Befallen
Chapter 63: #@¥%
Chapter 64: So… This Is It?
Chapter 65: Y’zaks
Chapter 66: Meteorite
Chapter 67: It’s Over
Chapter 68: A New Life
Chapter 69: Swapping Rooms
Chapter 70: Do You Still Want a Skill Compendium?
Chapter 71: Lecturing
Chapter 72: The Crazy Woman
Chapter 73: What’s Wrong with Lily?
Chapter 74: Losing Control
Chapter 75: The Soy Sauce Portal
Chapter 76: Lily’s Super Evolution
Chapter 77: Reconfiguration... Again
Chapter 78: A Colorful Universe
Chapter 79: Y“zaks Has a Tale
Chapter 80: Into the Dream Again
Chapter 81: Here We Go Again
Chapter 82: It Can Speak!
Chapter 83: The Black Alpha Wolf
Chapter 84: The Abandoned Houses
Chapter 85: The Waking Moment
Chapter 86: You“ve Been There Before?
Chapter 87: A Songstress
Chapter 88: This Is Revenge, Isn“t It?
Chapter 89: The Moon in Mid-Autumn
Chapter 90: Transformed and... Woof!
Chapter 91: She Belongs to the Dumbass World
Chapter 92: Human Again
Chapter 93: Am I Really A Husky?
Chapter 94: Not Just Any Husky
Chapter 95: A Pair of Claws
Chapter 96: An Unusual Stranger
Chapter 97: Yet to Return
Chapter 98: Kidnapped?
Chapter 99: Finding Lily
Chapter 100: A Fight It Is Then
Chapter 101: The Name
Chapter 102: It Didn’t Work.
Chapter 103: A Dumb Tenant with a Dumb Landlord
Chapter 104: It Was Really Stressful
Chapter 105: Gossip
Chapter 106: The True Elites
Chapter 107: A Chaotic Battle
Chapter 108: We Better Run
Chapter 109: Escape by Fog
Chapter 110: The Ace Fighter Is Here
Chapter 111: You Have to Be a Good Man
Chapter 112: Big Bluey
Chapter 113: Visitor
Chapter 114: A Newcomer?
Chapter 115: The Siren
Chapter 116: Landing Far Off The Right Site Again
Chapter 117: A Good New Perk
Chapter 118: About Those Demon Hunters
Chapter 119: This Chapter Actually Reveals a Truth
Chapter 120: The Destination Is a Sea of Stars
Chapter 121: A Long Way from Home
Chapter 122: Kuiper Station
Chapter 123: Spacecraft Number 883
Chapter 124: An Interstellar Journey
Chapter 125: A Primitive Planet
Chapter 126: Into the Dream, Right Here.
Chapter 127: A Companion in The Plane of Dreams
Chapter 128: The Funny Wolf Pack
Chapter 129: Another Fight
Chapter 130: The Legend
Chapter 131: A Thrilling New Discovery
Chapter 132: Return to Reality
Chapter 133: The First Crash Site
Chapter 134: The Accidental Discovery and the Mermaid Princess
Chapter 135: The Deep Sea
Chapter 136: That’s the Egg
Chapter 137: A Really Big Surprise
Chapter 138: And This Is Your Ship
Chapter 139: I Got Your Ship a Good Name!
Chapter 140: They Returned with an Egg.
Chapter 141: Dead Four Times
Chapter 142: In the Eyes of God
Chapter 143: …It Hatched!
Chapter 144: A Little New Member
Chapter 145: It’s Hard Being a Babysitter.
Chapter 146: Naming the Baby
Chapter 147: The Baby“s Mother
Chapter 148: Crash Course
Chapter 149: Those Demon Hunters Again?
Chapter 150: Lily“s Great Legion
Chapter 151: The Real Paparazzi
Chapter 152: Is This Even Edible?
Chapter 153: In the Dark of Night
Chapter 154: On the Move
Chapter 155: It“s You Again!
Chapter 156: Let Me Introduce You
Chapter 157: The Nangongs“ Past
Chapter 158: Nangong Wuyue“s Thoughts
Chapter 159: The Elders
Chapter 160: Blu-what?
Chapter 161: The Day of Return
Chapter 162: Dawn of the Revival of Unusual Creatures
Chapter 163: Some Clues
Chapter 164: Stories from the Past
Chapter 165: Things Almost Got Out of Hand
Chapter 166: Things Get Messy
Chapter 167: Group Tour?
Chapter 168: Looking for God
Chapter 169: The Stand-In Goddess of Another Stand-In Goddess
Chapter 170: She“s Definitely Screwed Up in the Head.
Chapter 171: Forming a Party
Chapter 172: It’s Not Easy Raising a Kid
Chapter 173: A Trip to the Bizarre World
Chapter 174: The Unexpected News
Chapter 175: Becoming a Mercenary?
Chapter 176: Dogs Have Gotten All the Good Names
Chapter 177: It’s Called Wisdom, You Idiot!
Chapter 178: The Blood Lake and the Orb
Chapter 179: Split Up
Chapter 180: Y“zaks“ Business Model
Chapter 181: Gallops Away!
Chapter 182: Time to See the Doc“
Chapter 183: The Unexpected Message
Chapter 184: Significant Intelligence
Chapter 185: Village of the Mountain People
Chapter 186: The Light Above the River
Chapter 187: The Chapel
Chapter 188: The Echo in the Valley
Chapter 189: The Accidental Battle
Chapter 190: Can We Solve Problems the Normal Way?
Chapter 191: A Surprising Discovery
Chapter 192: Continuing Westward!
Chapter 193: Premonition
Chapter 194: Leyton Town Under Martial Law
Chapter 195: The Bishop
Chapter 196: The Female Marshal of the Kingdom
Chapter 197: The Marshal“s Retarded Fan
Chapter 198: The Secrets of the Kingdom
Chapter 199: The Gnarled Grove
Chapter 200: First the Rock Monsters, Now a Tree Giant?
Chapter 201: The Otherworldly Visitor
Chapter 202: Hilda
Chapter 203: The Blood-Coloured Lakeside
Chapter 204: The Outpost
Chapter 205: Hilda’s Background
Chapter 206: The Chapel in the Heart of the Lake
Chapter 207: What Lil Pea is Best At
Chapter 208: Journey to the Deep
Chapter 209: Now That’s Interesting
Chapter 210: Spacecraft Wreckage
Chapter 211: What A Day
Chapter 212: Uncertain Crisis
Chapter 213: The Journey Home
Chapter 214: What the Hell is Happening?
Chapter 215: Well.. Things are About to Get Real Busy
Chapter 216: Is It Deteriorating?
Chapter 217: The Day the Heaven Collapsed
Chapter 218: The Wall is Falling
Chapter 219: You’re In-Charge
Chapter 220: Hilda’s Marvel
Chapter 221: Autodidactic Becky
Chapter 222: Super Baby Fish
Chapter 223: First Ever Broadcast
Chapter 224: Working Earnestly for the First Time
Chapter 225: Contacting Old Friends
Chapter 226: Express Bat Delivery
Chapter 227: People of the Otherworld on Earth
Chapter 228: A Day on Earth
Chapter 229: An Unexpected Encounter
Chapter 230: “Old Friends“
Chapter 231: A New Alliance?
Chapter 232: Lil Pea’s Combat Strength
Chapter 233: Revisiting Space
Chapter 234: Violent Handling
Chapter 235: The World Gate
Chapter 236: A New World
Chapter 237: The Tale of Aerym
Chapter 238: Not Suitable for Survival
Chapter 239: Aerym
Chapter 240: That’s Her Son!
Chapter 241: Status Quo
Chapter 242: Living Conditions
Chapter 243: Incident
Chapter 244: Earth People in the Otherworld
Chapter 245: It Does Not Look Good
Chapter 246: That Does Not Look Good
Chapter 247: The Risk of Disintegration
Chapter 248: Teraflare
Chapter 249: That’s Not Funny at All
Chapter 250: The World of Prayers
Chapter 251: Uploading Elves
Chapter 252: Mind Your Own Business
Chapter 253: We Need More Spacecrafts
Chapter 254: Navigating Loopholes
Chapter 255: Get Ready to Move
Chapter 256: Relaxed
Chapter 257: Deceased
Chapter 258: There Is Still Hope
Chapter 259: The Remnants of Her Spirit
Chapter 260: The Living Holy Spirit
Chapter 261: The Dawn Is Coming
Chapter 262: The Queen’s Proclamation
Chapter 263: Let’s Go
Chapter 264: Plantal Captain
Chapter 265: Simple and Crude Yet, Effective
Chapter 266: The Progress Bar Is Stuck
Chapter 267: Under the Tall, Blue Sky
Chapter 268: So, This Is Your New Home
Chapter 269: After Sales Service
Chapter 270: The Journey Home
Chapter 271: Is Everything Okay at Home?
Chapter 272: Seems Like a Lot Happened in the Past Two Weeks
Chapter 273: You Two Had a Good Time
Chapter 274: The Problem with Becky
Chapter 275: Becky’s Rustic, Mercenary-Style Cuisine
Chapter 276: An Old Friend from Far Away
Chapter 277: New Lead in the Day of Return Case
Chapter 278: Greece
Chapter 279: Vivian, Oh, Vivian
Chapter 280: The Shadowy Divide
Chapter 281: Vivian“s Fangirl
Chapter 282: Hessiana
Chapter 283: The Gatekeeper of the Fortress
Chapter 284: Going Deeper
Chapter 285: City in the Shadows
Chapter 286: The Sanctuary of Otherworldlings
Chapter 287: Otherworldlings That Keep Up with the Times
Chapter 288: Vampire Party (Fogless)
Chapter 289: Visit from the Lucas Family
Chapter 290: Hessiana“s Genealogy
Chapter 291: Seems Like It“s a No Go
Chapter 292: The Mystery Behind the Antagonism of the Unusual Creatures
Chapter 293: The Parthenon
Chapter 294: The Vibes that Vivian Hate
Chapter 295: The Temple High in the Clouds
Chapter 296: Inside the Temple
Chapter 297: A Big Discovery
Chapter 298: Great Danger
Chapter 299: Huge Turn of Events
Chapter 300: Unusual Behaviour
Chapter 301: A Question of Style
Chapter 302: The Situation is Getting Out of Control!
Chapter 303: When Life Gives You Hell, Give It Hell
Chapter 304: A New Weapon
Chapter 305: The Burning City
Chapter 306: Ran Away?
Chapter 307: Foe from the Past
Chapter 308: A Familiar Place
Chapter 309: Don’t Mess With Those of a Different Style
Chapter 310: Why You Should Read the User Manual
Chapter 311: Has the Dust Settled?
Chapter 312: The City Post-Battle
Chapter 313: In the End, It“s All His Fault
Chapter 314: The Path Towards the Future
Chapter 315: Are You Sure You’re a Wizard?
Chapter 316: Upgrading Hardware
Chapter 317: Is That How You Perform the Operation?
Chapter 318: Some Wounds Can Be Mended, Some Can’t.
Chapter 319: Your New Car
Chapter 320: Deficiency in Aesthetic Perception
Chapter 321: What Is This?
Chapter 322: Genetic Disorder
Chapter 323: Forget About Everything Else, the Tail Is All That Matters
Chapter 324: Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Expert In Treating Canine Hair Loss
Chapter 325: Honestly
Chapter 326: I Knew There Was Going to be a Problem
Chapter 327: May Your Death Be Far from Whence You Came From
Chapter 328: The Orb?
Chapter 329: Hitting the Jackpot
Chapter 330: The Kerbal Nebula
Chapter 331: Planet of the Little Green Aliens.
Chapter 332: The Ascetics
Chapter 333: They Are Not Rigid People
Chapter 334: Is That How It’s Used?
Chapter 335: Adding Some Raw Materials
Chapter 336: Her True Identity
Chapter 337: The Mystery Is Clearing Up
Chapter 338: A Foot-Long, Demon-Hunting Fish
Chapter 339: Want to Go Home? Keep Dreaming!
Chapter 340: Different Opinions
Chapter 341: Back to Where You Came From
Chapter 342: Abandoned Outpost
Chapter 343: Strange
Chapter 344: Under Seige
Chapter 345: Things That Have Been Happening All This While
Chapter 346: The Town“s Situation
Chapter 347: The Return of the Holy Orb
Chapter 348: The Second Encounter with Madam Marshal
Chapter 349: Heresy
Chapter 350: The Undercurrent
Chapter 351: Nightfall
Chapter 352: The Sky Road
Chapter 353: Searching in the Mountain
Chapter 354: The Discovery
Chapter 355: Underground Encounter
Chapter 356: Something Is Imminent
Chapter 357: Evil Ritual
Chapter 358: Spoiling the Ritual
Chapter 359: Monster
Chapter 360: I Told You So
Chapter 361: Depth
Chapter 362: Muddy the Water
Chapter 363: Thunderstorm
Chapter 364: Maelstrom
Chapter 365: Time to Bear Responsibility
Chapter 366: The Originator of Life
Chapter 367: Can the Prophecy Be Trusted?
Chapter 368: The Sacred Cavern
Chapter 369: Karst Cave
Chapter 370: A Relative in Another World
Chapter 371: The Roots
Chapter 372: The Core of the Cavern
Chapter 373: Heart
Chapter 374: The Truth of the Apocalypse
Chapter 375: Seismic Change
Chapter 376: A Storm Is Brewing
Chapter 377: Seismic Movement
Chapter 378: Yet Another Relative
Chapter 379: Wolves
Chapter 380: The Rising First Born
Chapter 381: Seismic Destruction
Chapter 382: Smash the Hell Out of It
Chapter 383: Orbital Bombardment
Chapter 384: Dealing with the Aftermath
Chapter 385: The Four Vajras
Chapter 386: Doubt and Hesitation
Chapter 387: Taking the Pagans to See God
Chapter 388: This is Heaven, Please Make Yourself at Home
Chapter 389: God and Mortals
Chapter 390: The Gods Are Crazy
Chapter 391: New Year
Chapter 392: Family
Chapter 393: Something Bothers Wang Daquan
Chapter 394: Y’zaks’ Past
Chapter 395: A Demon, A Human
Chapter 396: The Mad, Demonic King
Chapter 397: Yet Another Visitor
Chapter 398: Stowaway
Chapter 399: I’ll Go With You
Chapter 400: Orientation Problem
Chapter 401: A Gift
Chapter 402: Off We Go
Chapter 403: The First Step of the Plan
Chapter 404: The Demonic Plane
Chapter 405: An Abominable Environment
Chapter 406: A Tight Defense Line
Chapter 407: Putting Up a Mask
Chapter 408: The Bizarre World
Chapter 409: The Husky’s Creativity
Chapter 410: Fishing In Troubled Waters
Chapter 411: Encounter
Chapter 412: The Allied Army“s In Trouble?
Chapter 413: The Ten-Year War
Chapter 414: Where Did the Last Words Come From?
Chapter 415: Under the Red Night Sky
Chapter 416: Steal
Chapter 417: An Impersonator?
Chapter 418: The Strange Impersonator
Chapter 419: Returning to the Human Realm
Chapter 420: Cadessar
Chapter 421: Hero
Chapter 422: Demon King
Chapter 423: Investigation In the City
Chapter 424: Big News
Chapter 425: A New Target
Chapter 426: The Second Plane
Chapter 427: It’s Real!
Chapter 428: A City
Chapter 429: The Impersonator Appears?
Chapter 430: The Questions About Helcrown
Chapter 431: Y’zaks’ Double
Chapter 432: Papa 3
Chapter 433: Reunion
Chapter 434: Y’lisabet“s Mother
Chapter 435: The Royal Banquet
Chapter 436: The King“s Decision
Chapter 437: High Tech
Chapter 438: The Core
Chapter 439: Encirclement and Escape
Chapter 440: The Other Dimension
Chapter 441: The Gigantic Spaceship
Chapter 442: Wreckage
Chapter 443: A Huge Amount of Information
Chapter 444: The Mystery is Slowly Unravelling
Chapter 445: Pack Up
Chapter 446: Finding an Escort
Chapter 447: Landlord Is Coming!
Chapter 448: All Men Who Go Down the Annals of History Are Like That
Chapter 449: Borrowing Troops
Chapter 450: Millions of Troops at One“s Fingertips
Chapter 451: It’s Free After All
Chapter 452: Departure
Chapter 453: Major Makeover
Chapter 454: The Battle Is Imminent
Chapter 455: A Roaring Start of the Battle
Chapter 456: Battlefield: Otherworld
Chapter 457: A Battle to Be Relished
Chapter 458: Welp! That Was a Rather Eventful Ride!
Chapter 459: The Outside World
Chapter 460: Settle Down
Chapter 461: Hand Over
Chapter 462: Ready to Go Back
Chapter 463: The Traveling Ascetics
Chapter 464: Blooming Season, a Good Time to Dawdle
Chapter 465: Sanba Is in Trouble
Chapter 466: Siberia
Chapter 467: Vengeful Spirit-Ridden
Chapter 468: The Strange Castle
Chapter 469: The Portraits and the Mad Girl
Chapter 470: The Mysterious, Vengeful Spirit
Chapter 471: Igor
Chapter 472: Underground
Chapter 473: How Do You Even Begin to Describe This?
Chapter 474: The Mystery of the Vengeful Spirit
Chapter 475: Someone Unexpected
Chapter 476: White Flame
Chapter 477: The Succubus
Chapter 478: The Truth
Chapter 479: The Door?
Chapter 480: The Enraged, Vengeful Spirit
Chapter 481: Door to the Other Side
Chapter 482: Farewell, White Flame
Chapter 483: I Know Your Ancestors
Chapter 484: One of the Stones
Chapter 485: It’s a Small World
Chapter 486: The Other
Chapter 487: Look at the Mess You Left Behind
Chapter 488: Two Curses
Chapter 489: Revisiting the Crypt
Chapter 490: A Fissure
Chapter 491: Another World
Chapter 492: Alamanda, the Desolate City of Gold
Chapter 493: Transcendence
Chapter 494: That‘s How It Happened
Chapter 495: The Calamity of the First Born
Chapter 496: The Observatory
Chapter 497: The Truth About the Vengeful Spirit’s Insanity
Chapter 498: Seventeen Kilograms of Civilization
Chapter 499: Hao Ren’s Long Term Omen
Chapter 500: Back to Dragonspine Ridge
Chapter 501: Things That Happened After Leaving
Chapter 502: The Royal City
Chapter 503: A Little About the Marshal
Chapter 504: Secret Meeting
Chapter 505: Negotiation
Chapter 506: The Discourse about the Foreigners
Chapter 507: The Branding Ritual
Chapter 508: The Legendary Mercenary
Chapter 509: Build in the North Facing South
Chapter 510: Substation: Holletta
Chapter 511: The Royal Magic Association
Chapter 512: The Volcano of Dusk
Chapter 513: Another First Born
Chapter 514: The Progenitor of Life
Chapter 515: Farewell
Chapter 516: The Lunar Ruins
Chapter 517: Super Bomb
Chapter 518: Back to the Castle
Chapter 519: Classes
Chapter 520: Team of Wonders
Chapter 521: Life on Earth for the Demon Princess
Chapter 522: The Cat
Chapter 523: The Weird Cat and the Weird Fish
Chapter 524: That“s Why This is Just Plain Weird!
Chapter 525: So That“s That
Chapter 526: Same Old, Same Old
Chapter 527: You Effing Fed That to a Cat?
Chapter 528: The Void Node
Chapter 529: Walking a Cat is More Troublesome than Walking a Dog
Chapter 530: Rollie’s Worldview Is Indestructible
Chapter 531: Home Life and Vivian’s Wooden Box
Chapter 532: The Ancient Memories
Chapter 533: The Messed-Up Memory
Chapter 534: Out-of-Control Hibernation
Chapter 535: Amulet
Chapter 536: A Cat’s Worldview
Chapter 537: Cats Are Actually Very Simple Creatures
Chapter 538: Research Progress
Chapter 539: Decoding the Vengeful Spirit
Chapter 540: A Cat“s Gratitude
Chapter 541: An Accidental Clue
Chapter 542: The Mysterious Star
Chapter 543: The Crimson Nova
Chapter 544: Digging a Pit
Chapter 545: It’s Unusual
Chapter 546: It’s Not Safe to Use That Thing
Chapter 547: Are You Afraid of the Balls?
Chapter 548: I’m Sorry But Your Package Just Exploded
Chapter 549: The Beginning of a Major Project
Chapter 550: Non-Intervention
Chapter 551: A Historic Meeting of Two Civilizations
Chapter 552: Who“s Got Better Digging Skills?
Chapter 553: The Giant Tree of Life
Chapter 554: Digging
Chapter 555: Leaving Two Holes Behind
Chapter 556: The Banquet
Chapter 557: Heretic
Chapter 558: In Custody
Chapter 559: Doing Something Befitting a Demon King
Chapter 560: The Cult of Origination
Chapter 561: The Voice of the Master
Chapter 562: Don“t Join the Cult If You Aren“t Born Lucky
Chapter 563: Crapple Research Station, CARS
Chapter 564: Studying the Eggs
Chapter 565: They“re Sleeping
Chapter 566: Brain Nuclei
Chapter 567: The Early Formation of Tannagost Base
Chapter 568: A “Calm” Morning
Chapter 569: Water Problem
Chapter 570: The Pumping Station
Chapter 571: There“s a Siren In There
Chapter 572: Changes In the Deep Sea
Chapter 573: News of the Sirens
Chapter 574: The Shadow of the Deep Sea
Chapter 575: Towards the Sea!
Chapter 576: Uninvited Guests
Chapter 577: Another Group of People
Chapter 578: The Ceasefire
Chapter 579: Killing Instinctual Confusion
Chapter 580: The Fog
Chapter 581: Phantom Ship
Chapter 582: The Strange Siren General
Chapter 583: Twenty Thousand Miles Under the Sea
Chapter 584: Nasaton
Chapter 585: The City of Chaos
Chapter 586: The Truth of Nasaton
Chapter 587: The Hidden Passageway
Chapter 588: The Veterans
Chapter 589: Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust
Chapter 590: The Palace and the Dungeon
Chapter 591: Breaching the Last Door
Chapter 592: Swapped
Chapter 593: A Total Mess
Chapter 594: Arrested
Chapter 595: Unstoppable
Chapter 596: The Torrent Core
Chapter 597: An Unstable Passageway
Chapter 598: Blow It Up
Chapter 599: Io
Chapter 600: Bombs Are the Best Way to Solve Problems
Chapter 601: An Unexpected Conversation
Chapter 602: Disoriented?
Chapter 603: Calibrating the Star Map
Chapter 604: The Spiritual World
Chapter 605: Divining Intentions
Chapter 606: Destination: Io
Chapter 607: The Zalazarn
Chapter 608: The Aquatic Planet
Chapter 609: Under the Deep Sea
Chapter 610: A Mysterious Spaceship
Chapter 611: Boom!!
Chapter 612: Frozen
Chapter 613: Eva
Chapter 614: Siren, Siren!
Chapter 615: Historical Memory
Chapter 616: Goodnight, Eva
Chapter 617: Dawn in Io
Chapter 618: The Giants
Chapter 619: Mutation
Chapter 620: Leaving Io
Chapter 621: Lil Pea“s Learning Progress
Chapter 622: The Possibility of the Giants
Chapter 623: A Real God
Chapter 624: News from Afar
Chapter 625: Saint Sur IV
Chapter 626: A Colleague
Chapter 627: Galazur
Chapter 628: Thunder Peak
Chapter 629: Another Vengeful Spirit
Chapter 630: Sorting
Chapter 631: Feast of the Dragons
Chapter 632: Clues
Chapter 633: Empty
Chapter 634: Rogue Planet
Chapter 635: Badlands
Chapter 636: After the End
Chapter 637: The Dead City
Chapter 638: Underground Sanctuary
Chapter 639: Mom and Pops
Chapter 640: Reunion
Chapter 641: The Home in the Ghost Town
Chapter 642: The Glass House That’s Being Observed
Chapter 643: Obstacles
Chapter 644: The Exit
Chapter 645: Subway Station
Chapter 646: Once Upon A Time
Chapter 647: After Dusk
Chapter 648: A New Beginning
Chapter 649: Times Change, and the World with Time
Chapter 650: A House Full of Weirdoes
Chapter 651: The Denizens of the Stars
Chapter 652: The Goddess Has Died
Chapter 653: The Grimoire
Chapter 654: A Bizarre Ritual
Chapter 655: The Summoning
Chapter 656: The Ritual
Chapter 657: The Battle with “Vivian“
Chapter 658: The Pan Is the Most Powerful Weapon!
Chapter 659: Is She Dead Yet?
Chapter 660: So What Exactly Is This?
Chapter 661: Lil Pea’s Hard Questions
Chapter 662: The Speculation About Red-Haired Vivian
Chapter 663: Breaking News
Chapter 664: The Reunion with Becky
Chapter 665: The Lair of the Cult of Origination
Chapter 666: Hodeceus
Chapter 667: Sacred Mountain
Chapter 668: Werewolf Cavalry
Chapter 669: In the Mountains
Chapter 670: Disruption
Chapter 671: The World Within the Mountain
Chapter 672: Tunnel
673 The Underground Stronghold
674 What the Heck!
675 The Black Battleship
676 Hollettan Counter-Attack
677 Cannons
678 The Pope in the Passageway
679 The Giant on the Throne
680 Truths
681 The 10,000-Year-Old Conspiracy
682 The Truth of the Mass Extinction
683 Origins of the Cult of Origination
684 Goodbye, Gian
685 A Bloody Mess
686 Mother Treated You Well, Yet You Lot Stabbed Her in the Back
687 The Clues Left Behind by the Pope
688 There“s Still More to Investigate
689 The Proposal of the Church
690 Trying Out the Branding
691 Abnormal Phenomenon
692 Of Course There Is a Problem
693 A Few Questions
694 God“s Attitude towards People
695 The Nature of the Blood Sample
696 Vivian“s Secre
697 Them
698 Peaceful Day
699 The Nangongs“ Little Restauran
700 Guests
701 The Vanishing Instinc
702 A Dog’s Breakfas
703 Not Just the Demon Hunters
704 Across the World
705 Dream
706 Something“s Awry
707 Mercenary Group: Grey Fox
708 Life“s First Gossip
709 Ambush
710 A War-Ravaged Land
711 The Base
712 My PDA Turned Into a Dead Girl and I’m Panicking
713 The Situation on This Plane
714 After the Collapse of Civilisation
714 After the Collapse of Civilization
715 “Doctor“
716 Medical Technology
717 Ulyanov
718 Waking Up
719 No Take Away
720 Place Not Found
721 Authorized Personnel Only
722 The Slums
723 Nolan
724 Everyone Has Their Own Secrets
725 Change
726 Recovery
727 A Great Deal?
728 The MDT’s Changes
729 Cerebral Thrombosis
730 The Gray River
731 The Nanomachine Swarm
732 The World on Thin Ice
733 The Northern Ring Tower
734 It’s Changing
735 The Death of Ulyanov
736 Rese
737 The Immune
738 A World of Madness
739 Reality and Illusion
740 The World Is an Absurd Stage Play
741 The First Night of the New World
742 Simulation
743 And That“s Why She“s a Corpse
744 Border
745 A New Script for Peace
746 The Last Dream
747 This World Will Burn
748 Deadly Sunshine
749 A Planet of Purgatory
750 The Disintegrating Plane
751 The Clock Is Ticking
752 The Server
753 It Is the Protector
754 The End of Nightmare
755 The Truth of Nolan
756 First Conversation with the First Born
757 Sending Away Their Souls
758 Zorm’s Final Day
759 Hold On Until the Last Momen
760 Survived
761 The Beginning and the End of the Dream Ark
762 A Reunion After Ten Thousand Years
763 A New Era
764 Life“s New Voyage
765 Nolan“s Current Situation
766 Is your life always so wonderful?
767 You’re One of Us From Now On
768 The First Step of Reshaping
769 The Connection Tes
770 Sowing Under the Sun
771 Be a Good Spacecraf
772 The Visitors
773 Rare Visitors
774 Hessiana Brings News
775 The Way This Duo Gets Along Is Simply Hopeless
776 Salted Fish
777 About Inferno
778 The Worldly Influence of the Hessianite Family
779 The Problem of a Jinx
780 Town by the River
781 The Cursed Town
782 Ashes
783 Nightfall
784 A Memory of History
785 Human?
786 Seigneur
787 Hiding Place in the Fog
788 Trap
789 The Infernal Gate
790 Fire
791 Gangrene
792 Inferno
793 The Ecological Mystery of Inferno
794 The Gate to the Deep
795 Gnarled Biota
796 Another World
797 Traces of Humans
798 Stone City
799 The Remnan
800 Holy Blade
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《The Record of Unusual Creatures》,from Yuan Tong. Latest chapter:《The Record of Unusual Creatures》

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