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Monster Factory   I am Ye Qing. Lucky I found a [Monster Factory] application. This bunch of super strong monsters are individually comparable to over 100 human beings, and they bring all kinds of skills! Efficiency? With the skill processing speed +300, you still want to compete? Precision? *cough, cough* Bring me that legendary dial caliper, let’s show them what absolute precision really mean. Ye Qing: When, us, men want to be successful, we pull out our wallets. Monsters: Don’t play those malice games with us. The creation of ultimate machinery is our love and life. These impenetrable bodies are our tools of the trade. A 20 meter tall, overly buffed, savage looking monsters hold on to a ultimate cutting machine and yelled at the sky: “I am not targeting anyone specifically! Rather I am telling you all that, everything, in front of me and my tools are, nothing, but TRASH!” TLDR Summary: Watch as Ye Qing, his monsters, and the [Monster Factory] smash the world manufacturing sector with his world shocking, innovative, and groundbreaking products one step at a time

《Monster Factory》latest chapter
Chapter 183: The last step
Chapter 182: All for that pristineness
Chapter 181: The wait
Chapter 180: We want it too!
Chapter 179: No one wants change
Chapter 178: The beauty of the industry
Chapter 177: The industrial priate
Chapter 176: Rebranding
Chapter 175: The soul of a movie
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《Monster Factory》All chapters
Chapter 1: Unlucky
Chapter 2: The strange pool
Chapter 3: Why are you blocking the road?
Chapter 4: Monster factory
Chapter 5: The thing 2
Chapter 6: The rest of the order
Chapter 7: The scenery on Caiyi bridge
Chapter 8: Going broke
Chapter 9: They are actually curb stones?
Chapter 10: This is why it’s called high tech
Chapter 11: 15,000,000 yuan order
Chapter 12: Happy collaboration!
Chapter 13: How to get a woman’s number
Chapter 14: Recruit-a-friend
Chapter 15: Worth it?
Chapter 16: No fear
Chapter 17: One who does not understand
Chapter 18: Outside of Tianranju
Chapter 19: Multi Purpose Combat Vehicle
Chapter 20: This vehicle is seriously overpowered
Chapter 21: Spectacle in the industrial park
Chapter 22: Reactors
Chapter 23: Underwater welding
Chapter 24: Race against time
Chapter 25: Self introduction
Chapter 26: Science means productivity
Chapter 27: Back to Tianranju
Chapter 28: New factory
Chapter 29: The power of the curbstones
Chapter 30: Idiots
Chapter 31: A fuss free order
Chapter 32: The natural cavern
Chapter 33: Karma
Chapter 34: Gifts
Chapter 35: Bro don’t be like this
Chapter 36: Operation at 9
Chapter 37: Operation is a go
Chapter 38: How are you going to explain this?
Chapter 39: Make Way! Professionals coming through
Chapter 40: Please, I’m the actual expert here alright
Chapter 41: Famous?
Chapter 42: New product for the old factory
Chapter 43: The Monster Factory’s first product
Chapter 44: Camouflage
Chapter 45: The want for a research laboratory
Chapter 46: Pictures
Chapter 47: We know each other
Chapter 48: Sorry but what?
Chapter 49: Mine’s better than yours
Chapter 50: The best in Zhongyun
Chapter 51: The new scooter
Chapter 52: These aren’t normal
Chapter 53: Examination room
Chapter 54: Knockoffs
Chapter 55: Before leveling up
Chapter 56 : Upgrade complete
Chapter 57: Time to make some trouble
Chapter 58: Bite me
Chapter 59: The ‘delighted’ Mr. Liu
Chapter 60: All the losses
Chapter 61: Raging miners
Chapter 62: The giant mechanical hand
Chapter 63: Applications of the mechanical hand
Chapter 64: So desu ne
Chapter 65: The irritating customer service
Chapter 066: Ooo! Cool rockets!
Chapter 067: The spam continues
Chapter 68: It’s really over now
Chapter 69: The secret base
Chapter 70: The authors’ examination
Chapter 71: Buy buy buy buy!
Chapter 72: Visitors
Chapter 73: Definitely master level
Chapter 74: Master artisan, I choose you!
Chapter 75: Failure everywhere
Chapter 76: Yes yes, it’s all trash
Chapter 77: You’ll definitely love it
Chapter 78: Aston Martin Lagonda
Chapter 79: I’m going to be a broadcaster
Chapter 80: Oh man, that timing……
Chapter 81: Endorsements
Chapter 82: The explosive popularity
Chapter 83: The screams
Chapter 84: You are going to be ok
Chapter 85: The helpless firefighters
Chapter 86: Applause
Chapter 87: A natural price hike
Chapter 88: Give me all of it
Chapter 89: Getting lucky!
Chapter 90: Cooperation discussion
Chapter 91: You deserve a promotion
Chapter 92: Black gold credit card
Chapter 93: Dismantling live
Chapter 94: Deliberate
Chapter 95: The search begins
Chapter 96: Delivery!
Chapter 97: Display of real power
Chapter 98: Official stream
Chapter 99: Return of the king
Chapter 100: The horrific rainstorm
Chapter 101: Are you free?
Chapter 102: During the storm
Chapter 103: Ship repairs
Chapter 104: Repair killings
Chapter 105: So which one?
Chapter 106: Man that ranking
Chapter 107: Memory metal
Chapter 108: Sea chase
Chapter 109: Money making opportunity
Chapter 110: HOLY …. !!
Chapter 111: Upgrade!
Chapter 112: A bottomless pit
Chapter 113: Before the exhibition
Chapter 114: An unexpected accident
Chapter 115: By Gree Electric
Chapter 116: The blame game
Chapter 117: A plan
Chapter 118: Rush Job (1 of 2)
Chapter 118: 2 Fast 2 Furious (2 of 2)
Chapter 119: Gathering of crows
Chapter 120: Oh. My. God.
Chapter 121: Fake news!
Chapter 122: Right
Chapter 123: Stress Ball
Chapter 124: How to high tech
Chapter 125: Look ma, reporters!
Chapter 126: RIP
Chapter 127: The plan
Chapter 128: Professor, guess who!
Chapter 129: So many juniors
Chapter 130: The premiere
Chapter 131: The innovation award
Chapter 132: And the winner is……
Chapter 133: It’s starting, it’s starting
Chapter 134: The massacre
Chapter 135: The feels
Chapter 136: The note…
Chapter 137: Giant robotic arms
Chapter 138: All the fat sheep
Chapter 139: Wait what, dragons?
Chapter 140: Contracts
Chapter 141: He is just incredible
Chapter 142: Let’s pay him a visit
Chapter 143: Ye, Ye Qing
Chapter 144: What a meeting
Chapter 145: True manufacturing
Chapter 146: The first prototype
Chapter 147: The bickering over a Mountain Creeper
Chapter 148: This is real technologies
Chapter 149: Time to switch
Chapter 150: Sudden fortunes
Chapter 151: Two different calls
Chapter 152: We won’t leave so easily
Chapter 153: This is a test
Chapter 154: The steel fist
Chapter 155: History
Chapter 156: A master of pen and sword
Chapter 157: It’s from Monster Heavy Industry
Chapter 158: Final assembly
Chapter 159: Wrong company
Chapter 160: Choose Monster Heavy Industry
Chapter 161: A different kind of arm
Chapter 162: Dancing with the wind
Chapter 163: True effects
Chapter 164: Roadside watermelons
Chapter 165: Lightweight alloy armor
Chapter 166: Rank up
Chapter 167: The Metal Specialist
Chapter 168: Industrial Waste Purifying System
Chapter 169: The precious Dragon Creek Beach
Chapter 170: The Geologic Survey
Chapter 171: How to raise interest
Chapter 172: Money burning effects
Chapter 173: Expectations
Chapter 174: Big and Small
Chapter 175: The soul of a movie
Chapter 176: Rebranding
Chapter 177: The industrial priate
Chapter 178: The beauty of the industry
Chapter 179: No one wants change
Chapter 180: We want it too!
Chapter 181: The wait
Chapter 182: All for that pristineness
Chapter 183: The last step
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