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Global Evolution  The Cambrian Explosion, now the largest life science puzzle… 500 million years ago,among single-celled life on Earth , there suddenly began mutations similar to evolution, a variety of gorgeous creatures were born “out of thin air”, all ancestors of today’s species appeared in that short period of time, each species were evolving at lightning speed; billion times faster than today, it was a brilliant era. Unfortunately, the life of brilliant things are always short, after the brief “Cambrian”, life on Earth entered another 56 million years of evolutionary era at turtle speed. And humans, were also one step faster during the turtle race, and become the leader of life on Earth. But now — a greater “second age” has come again. During the lightning speed of evolution, humanity was kicked off of the throne on the food chain in the shortest time possible, and life on Earth, welcomed the second brilliant big bang. The real end of the world, is no longer brainless zombies or desolate earth, but — the end of mankind, the whole earth’s paradise.

《Global Evolution》latest chapter
Chapter 43 Bullfrog
Chapter 42 First cycle
Chapter 41 Encephalon
Chapter 40 Deadly evolution
Chapter 146: A World of Monochrome Pink
Chapter 38 Aroma
Chapter 39 Betrayal
Chapter 145: Hide and Seek
Chapter 144: What About Now?
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Chapter 1: Examination Results
Chapter 2: Oxblood Fog
Chapter 3: The Crowbar and The Rat
Chapter 4: Preparation
Chapter 5: Back to School
Chapter 6: The Food Chain
Chapter 7: Wild Grass
Chapter 8: Bacteria
Chapter 9: First Night
Chapter 10: Medication
Chapter 11: Microbes
Chapter 12: Strange Tree
Chapter 13: Life and Morality
Chapter 14: To Kill
Chapter 15: Danger Level
Chapter 19: To Stay or Go
Chapter 16 Strategy
Chapter 17 Giant Maggot
Chapter 18 Surrounded by Danger
Chapter 36: Roots
Chapter 37: Meat and Weapons
Chapter 44: Burn
Chapter 20 Confrontation
Chapter 20 Water Bottles
Chapter 45: Fret
Chapter 46: Super Life
Chapter 47: Imagination
Chapter 48: Carrier
Chapter 49: Share
Chapter 50: Ruthless
Chapter 51: Soft and gentle
Chapter 52: Hesitation
Chapter 53: Confession
Chapter 54: Decision
Chapter 22 Disturbed
Chapter 55: Leaving
Chapter 56: The Grand World
Chapter 57: Skinnier
Chapter 58: Dodder
Chapter 59: Disguise
Chapter 60: Mantis
Chapter 61: Flower Shrub
Chapter 62: Bloody Flowers
Chapter 63: Loss
Chapter 64: He left
Chapter 24 Hunting
Chapter 23 Narrow-minded
Chapter 65: Food web
Chapter 66: The most important person
Chapter 67: Warnings from the Voles
Chapter 68: Millipede
Chapter 69: Under the umbrella of the odor
Chapter 70: Things like this
Chapter 71: Micro
Chapter 72: Opportunities
Chapter 73: Redemption
Chapter 74: The ecology of Zhengzhou
Chapter 25 Waiting
Chapter 75: Goodbye
Chapter 76: Department of Biology and Genetic Engineering
Chapter 77: The Creator’s Waters
Chapter 78: Unlimited Possibilities
Chapter 79: Radar and Food
Chapter 80: Crystal Pea
Chapter 81: Wisdom of ordinary people
Chapter 82: Carefree Days in the Apocalypse
Chapter 83: Bizarreness
Chapter 84: The Most Desired Genes
Chapter 26 Slaughter and Fleeing
Chapter 27 Wound
Chapter 85: Observation
Chapter 86: The Handgun
Chapter 87: Someone From The Past
Chapter 88: Gangs
Chapter 89: We all have intentions
Chapter 90: Quadruple Kill
Chapter 91: Decisive
Chapter 92: There is No Right or Wrong
Chapter 93: The Gene Altered Soldiers
Chapter 94: Return to the Jungle
Chapter 28 Stench
Chapter 95: Trap
Chapter 96: Battlefield
Chapter 97: Spiders and Their Silk
Chapter 98: Seeing in the Dark
Chapter 99: The Face of The Devil
Chapter 100: Barren for a Hundred Years
Chapter 101: Zhizhi He
Chapter 102: A Storm is Coming
Chapter 103: Rebellion
Chapter 104: All in all
Chapter 30 Preparation
Chapter 29 Human desires
Chapter 105: Humans and Power
Chapter 106: Captured
Chapter 107: Qing Shui and Zhuo
Chapter 108: Upset
Chapter 109: Almighty Human
Chapter 110: She is Alive
Chapter 111: Four Years
Chapter 112: Monkat
Chapter 113: Intimidation
Chapter 114: Socioecology
Chapter 31 Art of Hunting
Chapter 115: Jing After Four Years
Chapter 116: Pangzi
Chapter 117: Qing Shui after Four Years
Chapter 118: Evil Moss
Chapter 119: Three Things to Say
Chapter 120: Chasing the Super Life
Chapter 121: Perfection
Chapter 122: Admiration
Chapter 123: Amphibia“s Conspiracy
Chapter 124: Ozean
Chapter 32 Real Hunting
Chapter 33 Pursuit
Chapter 125: The Earth
Chapter 126: Chapter 126 - Utopia
Chapter 127: Chapter 127 - The Crowd
Chapter 128: All the Way to the North
Chapter 129: The Parcel
Chapter 130: Qing Shui XVII
Chapter 131: Family
Chapter 132: Luxurious Peace
Chapter 133: Autistic
Chapter 134: Single Day
Chapter 34 Pus
Chapter 35 Fear
Chapter 135: Last Bout of Mania
Chapter 136: Exile
Chapter 137: He is Dead
Chapter 138: Those who are Deceased, and Those still Alive
Chapter 139: The Strengths and Weaknesses of Gigantism
Chapter 140: Brains and Combat Power
Chapter 141: Mother
Chapter 142: Delay
Chapter 143: Reverse Evolution
Chapter 144: What About Now?
Chapter 38 Aroma
Chapter 39 Betrayal
Chapter 145: Hide and Seek
Chapter 146: A World of Monochrome Pink
Chapter 40 Deadly evolution
Chapter 42 First cycle
Chapter 41 Encephalon
Chapter 43 Bullfrog
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