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Era of Disaster  New Zealand underwent sudden changes and all humans and animals began to feel unimaginable hunger. At the same time, they begin their transformation into monsters as they feed voraciously. The chef Bai Yi with his daughter struggles for survival every step of the way, only to find that the entire New Zealand has transformed into a devil island. This, was only the start of the change to the entire world. Starting from powerful physical strength to mystical skills and then to magnificent battle techniques, will they be able to find a long peaceful future? From the evolution that humanity themselves triggered, the fate of the entire world is completely changed.

《Era of Disaster》latest chapter
Chapter 272: Ending And Beginning
Chapter 271: Destruction And Rebirth
Chapter 270: Law Treasure: Dark Kingdom
Chapter 269: The Other Provenance Fruit
Chapter 268: The World...Is Free!
Chapter 267: Start Of An Era
Chapter 266: Soul Law Treasure
Chapter 265: To Kill Each Other
Chapter 264: Instinct Of Slaughter
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《Era of Disaster》All chapters
Chapter 1: Picking up a daughter
Chapter 2: Angel
Chapter 3: Nascent Stage
Chapter 4: Binging Stage
Chapter 5: Fighting for Food
Chapter 6: Student Team
Chapter 7: Experimental Monster
Chapter 8: Great Devil Snake
Chapter 9: You Actually Managed to Survive?
Chapter 10: Rendezvous
Chapter 11: Stage of Change
Prologue: Origin
Chapter 12: Cat Ears
Chapter 13: Visible Change
Chapter 14: Seven-tailed Snake Vulture
Chapter 15: Heart-stopping Confrontation
Chapter 16: Preparing Food
Chapter 17: Willow Leaf Knife
Chapter 18: Changes
Chapter 19: Ruthless
Chapter 20: Different Upbringing
Chapter 21: Getting Robbed On The Road
Chapter 22: Killing on the Streets
Chapter 23: Blame and Hate
Chapter 24: Internal Divide
Chapter 25: The World That Turned Dangerous
Chapter 26: The Second Place
Chapter 27: A Crazy Idea
Chapter 28: Rational Analysis
Chapter 29: Giant Crab Alligator
Chapter 30: Not Just Ambitious
Chapter 31: Miserable Victory on the Edge of Death
Chapter 32: Brain-sucking Leech
Chapter 33: One on Each Side
Chapter 34: Damn Cool!
Chapter 35: Ignite
Chapter 36: Wrath
Chapter 37: Do You Know Why!
Chapter 38: Name List
Chapter 39: Important Rules
Chapter 40: Chased Away
Chapter 41: Apocalypse Equipment
Chapter 42: Picking Weapons
Chapter 43: A Real Team
Chapter 44: Discussion
Chapter 45: Useful Genes
Chapter 46: Fate
Chapter 47: Bai Yi’s ‘Hidden Danger’
Chapter 48: Hummingbird
Chapter 49: Awakened Intelligence
Chapter 50: Wicked Beanstalk
Chapter 51: Tidying Up Records
Chapter 52: Blade Force
Chapter 53: Hunting
Chapter 54: Fishing
Chapter 55: Taumarunui
Chapter 56: Exchange
Chapter 57: Thoracic Vertebra
Chapter 58: Hope Within Despair
Chapter 59: Devil Father
Chapter 60: Unfortunate Beginnings
Chapter 61: Yeye
Chapter 62: Stop
Chapter 63: Imprisonment Facility
Chapter 64: Crazy Hatred
Chapter 65: LV2 Metamorphose Stage
Chapter 66: Main Character?
Chapter 67: Everyone
Chapter 68: A True Battle
Chapter 69: Regret and Change
Chapter 70: Desperate!
Chapter 71: Transformation
Chapter 72: Cry of Awakening
Chapter 73: Fight!
Chapter 74: LV1-2 Brutal Stage
Chapter 75: Have You Despaired!
Chapter 76: Tears
Chapter 77: The Way Out
Chapter 78: LV1-2 Brutal Phase
Chapter 79: 2.31%
Chapter 80: Complex Lifeform Change
Chapter 81: One Month Later
Chapter 82: The Advancing Momo
Chapter 83: Cruel Warmth
Chapter 84: Gush
Chapter 85: Start Of Escape
Chapter 86: The Magical Pupu
Chapter 87: Absolutely Full Of Life
Chapter 88: The Death Of The Progenitor
Chapter 89: The Temptation of Blood
Chapter 90: Prayer
Chapter 91: Forest
Chapter 92: To Brook No Delay
Chapter 93: Why?
Chapter 94: Changes To The Eyes
Chapter 95: Dreamless Sleep
Chapter 96: Tai Ji Fist
Chapter 97: Hidden Worry Of Intelligence
Chapter 98: Three Stages
Chapter 99: Exchanging Information
Chapter 100: Getting Along In Peace
Chapter 101: Fang Sword
Chapter 102: Reverse Flower Eye
Chapter 103: The Hope Within
Chapter 104: A New Year
Chapter 105: Fear Comes From The Unknown
Chapter 106: Dead Soul Flower
Chapter 107: Giant Devil Mosquito
Chapter 108: Ghost City Wellington
Chapter 109: Interacting With Ghosts
Chapter 110: Unfortunate Encounter
Chapter 111: Spirit Devouring Butterfly
Chapter 112: Underworld
Chapter 113: Mad Ghost Anna
Chapter 114: Confession And…
Chapter 115: To Meet Again
Chapter 116: Voice Hypnosis
Chapter 117: Right And Wrong?
Chapter 118: Death Battle
Chapter 119: Who’s Right and Who’s Wrong
Chapter 120: Cursed Eyes
Chapter 121: Beheading Spirits
Chapter 122: Healing Wounds
Chapter 123: Failed Invitation
Chapter 124: The End
Chapter 125: Not Liking To Study
Chapter 126: Hunting For Food
Chapter 127: Motherly Love
Chapter 128: Chinchilla
Chapter 129: Arriving At The Snow Valley
Chapter 130: A Well Known Worry
Chapter 131: Weapon Armor Maker
Chapter 132: Giant Bear Gary
Chapter 133: Recruitment Plaza
Chapter 134: Berserker
Chapter 135: Gradually Perfecting Sword Technique
Chapter 136: Confirmation Of Members
Chapter 137: Understanding Each Other
Chapter 138: Repairing The Fang Sword
Chapter 139: Bai Yi’s Plan
Chapter 140: Answering Questions
Chapter 141: Red Kiss
Chapter 142: Sharpei’s Transformation
Chapter 143: 10,000 Ton Cargo Ship
Chapter 144: Set Sail
Chapter 145: Sea Serpent Emperor
Chapter 146: Not To Be Eaten
Chapter 147: Cocooning
Chapter 148: Just Like Before
Chapter 149: Change
Chapter 150: Foreign Team
Chapter 151: Encounter
Chapter 152: The Real Objective
Chapter 153: Alodia
Chapter 154: Yeye Appears
Chapter 155: Welcome
Chapter 156: Thin Power
Chapter 157: Chairman
Chapter 158: I’m Very Busy
Chapter 159: Test
Chapter 160: Trust
Chapter 161: Limit
Chapter 162: Flourishing Fame
Chapter 163: Other Developments
Chapter 164: Special Preparation Ingredient
Chapter 165: Chinchilla Awakens!
Chapter 166: Chinchilla
Chapter 167: What Was The Use Of This?
Chapter 168: Born Of Fate
Chapter 169: Black Underworld
Chapter 170: By Means Fair Or Foul
Chapter 171: Crossing Swords
Chapter 172: Weep
Chapter 173: Death
Chapter 174: Late
Chapter 175: City Of Graves
Chapter 176: Hypersomnia Stage
Chapter 177: LV2 Metamorphose Stage
Chapter 178: System
Chapter 179: Consolidation Of Findings
Chapter 180: Comparing Tables
Chapter 181: Inclination Of The Energy’s Attribute
Chapter 182: Super Super...
Chapter 183: Great Stink Bomb Fruit
Chapter 184: Dangerous City Of Graves
Chapter 185: Creating The Recipe
Chapter 186: Hundred Flavor Extreme Poison Sushi
Chapter 187: Heading Towards The Peaceful World
Chapter 188: Tranquil Grass
Chapter 189: Plan
Chapter 190: Is This Incitement?
Chapter 191: Unwritten Rules
Chapter 192: Wilfully Carefree
Chapter 193: Bai Yi’s Energy Characteristic
Chapter 194: Mishap
Chapter 195: One Versus Four
Chapter 196: Judgment of Danger
Chapter 197: The Cruel Bai Yi
Chapter 198: Mixed Poison
Chapter 199: Conversation
Chapter 200: It’s Been Five Years
Chapter 201: On The Sea
Chapter 202: Accidentally Made History
Chapter 203: To Communicate With Death
Chapter 204: The First Clash
Chapter 205: Helpless Despair
Chapter 206: Sharing
Chapter 207: Slaughter
Chapter 208: Visual Illusion
Chapter 209: Slowly Losing It
Chapter 210: Cry
Chapter 211: Holding Your Hand
Chapter 212: Tasmania
Chapter 213: Seven Or Eight Dead
Chapter 214: Chess and Prison
Chapter 215: True Freedom
Chapter 216: Returning to the Devil Isles Again
Chapter 217: The Ghost City’s Changes
Chapter 218: Eaten!
Chapter 219: Assemble
Chapter 220: Fading Away Underworld
Chapter 221: Provenance Fruit
Chapter 222: Fine Changes
Chapter 223: Purifying Energy
Chapter 224: Everybody’s Attributes
Chapter 225: Ice Lake Monster
Chapter 226: Difficult
Chapter 227: Battle and Clues
Chapter 228: Choose Clearly
Chapter 229: Because We Can’t Do Everything
Chapter 230: Trade
Chapter 231: Incomprehensible Diagram
Chapter 232: The Most Fundamental Principle
Chapter 233: Three Years And News
Chapter 234: Southern Island
Chapter 235: Queenstown
Chapter 236: Prototy Back
Chapter 237: People’s Changes
Chapter 238: Shortcoming Of Awareness
Chapter 239: Understanding The Nature Of The World
Chapter 240: The First LV3?
Chapter 241: The Third Obstacle: Blossom
Chapter 242: Unrestrained Visualization Technique
Chapter 243: Three Years
Chapter 244: Flaw And Wrong Road
Chapter 245: The Wind Starts
Chapter 246: It Starts
Chapter 247: Plot With A Hundred Holes
Chapter 248: Meeting Again Like This
Chapter 249: Difference
Chapter 250: Merry Bride
Chapter 251: Personally
Chapter 252: Chaos Erupts
Chapter 253: Family
Chapter 254: Death Blood Bond
Chapter 255: White Underworld Princess
Chapter 256: Pulling Each Other’s Feet
Chapter 257: Rescued
Chapter 258: Extremely Pure Personality
Chapter 259: Bai Yi’s Team
Chapter 260: Changes
Chapter 261: Figured Out
Chapter 262: Calm And Resolute
Chapter 263: Madness
Chapter 264: Instinct Of Slaughter
Chapter 265: To Kill Each Other
Chapter 266: Soul Law Treasure
Chapter 267: Start Of An Era
Chapter 268: The World...Is Free!
Chapter 269: The Other Provenance Fruit
Chapter 270: Law Treasure: Dark Kingdom
Chapter 271: Destruction And Rebirth
Chapter 272: Ending And Beginning
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