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Super Electric Eel Avatar  Because of an accident, Chen Fan obtained the power to possess an electric eel! Of course, being an ambitious guy, Chen Fan just HAD to explore his Electric Eel Avatar thoroughly! Captains, are the Somali pirates still giving you a headache? Come and hire me online, and I will guarantee that your ship will be even safer than protected by an American aircra...

《Super Electric Eel Avatar》latest chapter
212 Joy Surfeited Begets Sorrow
211 Libya Sea Zone Inciden
210 Successfully Signed the Contrac
209 Oil Auction
208 The Little Squid
207 Bodyguard 2
206 Bodyguard
205 The Graff Sea
204 Seventy Thousand Volts
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《Super Electric Eel Avatar》All chapters
1 The Terrifying Electric Eel
2 An Outlandish Inciden
3 Electromagnetic Radiation
4 Biological Gene-reforming Machine
5 Ghost!
6 The Police
7 To the Treasure
8 Treasure Keeper
9 Man-Eating Shark
10 The Fattening Plan
11 Poor Shark
12 Got the Treasure
13 Get Rich Overnigh
14 Wansheng Breakfast Nook
15 Flipping Ou
16 I’ll Be the One Flipping Ou
17 Played Out by Heaven
18 I Want to Become an Electric Dragon
19 Lamb Legs in Exchange for Pig Trotters
20 Grafting Completed
21 Kill You with a Bomb
22 Ocean Storm Marine Company
23 Long Live the Boss
24 Business comes knocking
25 First Deal
26 Sea Star Entertainment Club
27 Two Situations
28 I’ll Do As You Said
29 Hiring a Human Shield
30 I’m From the Cookhouse
31 Scared to Death
32 The Giant Squid
33 Whale Shark
34 Let’s See, How Can You Escape?
35 Seafood Stall
36 I’ll Deduct Your Salary If You Fight Again
37 Do You Have an Appointment?
38 Freeze!
39 Things Took a New Turn
40 It’s Very Simple
41 Dongming County
42 Electrical Current Stimulation Method
43 Three Months Later
44 The Star Neptune
45 Test Water
46 Three Big Holes
47 Finally Ou
48 Big Business
49 5 Axis CNC Machines
50 Big White Shark
51 Back to Zhongyun
52 The Arrival of Goods
53 Princess Cruise
54 The Be
55 Game
56 So Delicious
57 Take Me There
58 The Way To Reveal A Manly Character
59 Why, Is It You Again?
60 Wait A Minute
61 To Vietnam
62 High-Pressure Water Gun
63 Unforgivable
64 Heavy Duty Meteor Hammer
65 What to Do?
66 A Giant Wrist Protector
67 You’re My Brother
68 Ten days later
69 Also Stays Here
70 Attacked by a Nuclear-Powered Submarine
71 Heavyweight Torpedo
72 Where Is The Torpedo?
73 Treasure Again
74 Kun Wu
75 Made a Huge Sum
76 Kun Wu cutting Jade Dagger
77 Certification
78 Kathleen’s Love
79 Someone Beside the Car
80 Hurry! Let’s leave!
81 Southeast Asia
82 A Fake Nuclear Submarine
83 Silver Necklace
84 Huge Background
85 Let’s Make a Be
86 After Five Days
87 Tiny Black Dot a Distance Away
88 Bazooka
89 Seaside Pier
90 A New Force Suddenly Rises
91 The Brazen Electric Eel
92 The Electric Eel Was Strengthened
93 Liangchen Town
94 Treasure From The Sea
95 Deep Sea Treasure
96 Say! Or die!
97 Coincidental Meeting At The Airpor
98 On An Emerald Green Field
99 To The Deep Sea For Training
100 20 Meters Long Monster
101 Company’s Issue
102 Diving Up To 1,700 Meters
103 The Raging Storm
104 Meeting The Richest Man in Zhongyun
105 Chen Fan’s Outburs
106 Do You Guys Have The Thing With You?
107 Ready To Salvage The Treasure
108 The Secret In The Treasure Box
109 Become A Millionaire
110 Ordering A Ten Thousand Ton Large Ship
111 Hunt the Ghost Hair Jellyfish
112 Encountering A Whaling Ship
113 Butyric Acid Bomb
114 What Is Our Mission?
115 Arrived At The Place Of Origin Of One Ghost Hair Jellyfish
116 The Deep Sea Hun
117 The Huge Ghost Hair Jellyfish
118 Son, Do You Have A Girlfriend?
119 The Hideout in the Deep Sea
120 The Success Of The War
121 Identical Crew Cu
122 Why Are You Drunk?
123 Where Am I
124 The Somali Pirates
125 To The Bitter End with The Pirates
126 I’ll Give You Two Choices
127 A Black Clipper Ship
128 The Pirate King
129 Please Give Me a Reasonable Explanation
130 Give You Two More Days Deadline
131 I Accede to Your Reques
132 Brother Chen Fan
133 Money Laundering
134 At 12 Midnigh
135 Eerie Cries
136 Taking The Goods Today
137 The Hulk’s Transformation Solution
138 The Evolution Of Electric Eel
139 Bomb In The Deep Sea
140 The Virgin Islands Of The Caribbean Sea
141 To Miami In The United States
142 The Deathly Hell
143 The Plane’s Damaged
144 Two Statues
145 The Annoying Korean Submarines
146 Ma Rongtao’s Reques
147 Titanium Alloy Submarine
148 The Mysterious Stone Slate
149 Lido Holiday Hotel
150 A Familiar Feeling
151 Two Black Bears
152 Oh My God! What A Big Officer!
153 Military Official
154 Strategic Partnership
155 The Explosion Method
156 Step On I
157 I’ll Leave This for You to Settle
158 The Coast Guard
159 Big Misunderstanding
160 Super Huge Cave
161 Crude Oil Quotas
162 The Ancient Crocodile Dragon
163 White Shadows in the Deep
164 Baoxin Por
165 The Situation Is Very Complicated
166 A Lesson For The Crocodile Dragons
167 The Third Floor of the Stone Tower
168 The Taisui And The Tibetan Mastiff
169 The Gulf of Aden
170 Extreme Fear
171 Serious Injury
172 Unknown Weapon
173 Break through the Blockade
174 Chen Fan’s Craft And Guile
175 The God of Luck Came
176 What The Hell
177 National Cybersecurity
178 Reconnaissance Satellites
179 Reduce Your Time to Consider
180 Sells Submarines
181 Decision to Purchase
182 Fall From A High Position
183 Taking Out the Tai Sui
184 The Multi-purpose Alchemy Furnace
185 Revisiting the Old Haun
186 It Is Very Puzzling
187 The Howls from the Bottom of the Cliff
188 White Monster Python
189 Cultivating the Ghost Moon Incense
190 The White Python Is Equal to a Yellow Dog
191 You Belonged to the Lobster
192 The Parents’ Meeting
193 Nakagawa Mitasu
194 The Python Was Injured
195 Two-sided Attack
196 Two-sided Attacks 2
197 Sudden Even
198 Run to the Road Wildly
199 Portal?
200 It“s Called the Green Water Beast.
201 Golden Eagle
202 Catch All in One Draf
203 The Sunken Warship
204 Seventy Thousand Volts
205 The Graff Sea
206 Bodyguard
207 Bodyguard 2
208 The Little Squid
209 Oil Auction
210 Successfully Signed the Contrac
211 Libya Sea Zone Inciden
212 Joy Surfeited Begets Sorrow
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