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Psychic Tattoo  Psychic Tattoo is about a Yin and Yang Tattoo that can bring you fame, fortune and safety. The psychic tattoo is no ordinary tattoo, as it has special properties! The successor of those who can make the psychic tattoo can help people avoid evil things and acquire fortune and safety by simply giving the individual this tattoo. It would be a good way to earn money if he did this in the city, but his master told him to never earn money with this skill before his deathbed, otherwise he would find himself in great trouble sooner or later. He tends to follow his master’s advice, but finds himself in need of money. When the girl in the massage parlor asks him to give her a psychic tattoo, he decides to go against his master’s advice. From then on, he begins to face challenges one after another.

《Psychic Tattoo》latest chapter
Chapter 100 The Wig
Chapter 99 The Hair of Ghost Embryo
Chapter 98 The Baby Cried in the Barbershop
Chapter 97 Yin Shave
Chapter 96 Nail the Soul
Chapter 95 Changing the Weasel Spirit Into The God of Wealth
Chapter 94 The Weasel, Silver Beads
Chapter 93 The Fox King Appears
Chapter 92 The Strange Killing
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《Psychic Tattoo》All chapters
Chapter 1 Yin and Yang Tattoo
Chapter 2 The Message Girl
Chapter 3 Odd Dream
Chapter 4 The Red Lotus Yaksha
Chapter 5 The Temptation of Mimi
Chapter 6 The Ghost Found Its Master
Chapter 7 Corpse Complaint
Chapter 8 Protecting Master
Chapter 9 Fascinated Mimi
Chapter 10 The New Ghost
Chapter 11 The Mistress Miao Weiwei
Chapter 12 A leopard Cat Eating Humans
Chapter 13 Despise From Mistresses
Chapter 14 The White Cat
Chapter 15 Strange Bedfellows
Chapter 16 The Acura Mistress
Chapter 17 Invisible connection
Chapter 18 The Dissolute Mistress
Chapter 19 Soul of Evil Love
Chapter 20 New Function of Yin and Yang Tattoo
Chapter 21 A Man Dressed in A Woman“s Skin
Chapter 22 The Yin Tattoo
Chapter 23 The Woe of The Gambler
Chapter 24 Yang and Yang Fish
Chapter 25 Offend Zhang?
Chapter 26 The Ghost Hands Catch the Money
Chapter 27 The Soul of The Casino
Chapter 28 Gambled to death on the Pirate Ship
Chapter 29 Cannibalism
Chapter 30 The Baby Ghost
Chapter 31 A Lewd Woman“s Invitation
Chapter 32 Possessed by the Baby Ghost
Chapter 33 Back Stab
Chapter 34 The Disabled Performer
Chapter 35 Indra
Chapter 36 The Ananda Buddhist Ring
Chapter 37 Human Scalp
Chapter 38 Sacrifice of Miao
Chapter 39 The Story of the Retard
Chapter 40 Weasel Kneel Down
Chapter 41 The Half Emperor Snake
Chapter 42 Nine Dragons Pull Coffin
Chapter 43 The Origin of Chen Yuhao
Chapter 44 The Greedy Devil
Chapter 45 The Tattoo Eats Humans
Chapter 46 Quirky Death
Chapter 47 Quirky Death
Chapter 48 Mr. Bo from the Society
Chapter 49 A pillar to Prop Up The Sky
Chapter 50 The Ghost Embryo
Chapter 51 Extra Duration
Chapter 52 The Ghost Haunted House
Chapter 53 The Ancient Robe Woman
Chapter 54 Check the Ghost in the Coffin in the Evening
Chapter 55 Dissolute Female Ghost
Chapter 56 The Ghost Tattoo Buddhist Monk“s Knife
Chapter 57 Wu Song Beheaded Ghost
Chapter 58 The Strange Photo
Chapter 59 Mysterious Car
Chapter 60 The Baby Ghost’s Voice
Chapter 61 Smash The Signboard
Chapter 62 The Human Skin
Chapter 63 Back Soul Day
Chapter 64 The Nursery Rhyme Provoke d the Ghost
Chapter 65 Paper Man
Chapter 66 The Ghost Blocked the Door
Chapter 67 Yin Marriage
Chapter 68 Hard Work Changed the Fate
Chapter 69 The character for ‘Shamanism’
Chapter 70 One Night Stand Queen
Chapter 71 Death Tree
Chapter 72 The Emotion Weights
Chapter 73 The Fate of The Palm Print
Chapter 74 The Cat Ghost
Chapter 75 Horrific Tenant
Chapter 76 Searching for Death
Chapter 77 Sexual Punishment
Chapter 78 Nothing is More Evil Than People’s Mind
Chapter 79 The Tiger Lacks Wings
Chapter 80 The Livor Mortis
Chapter 81 The Curse of the Fox Empress
Chapter 82 The Fox King in the Northeast
Chapter 83 The Words of The Fox King
Chapter 84 Life With All Nine Concentrated Yin Elements
Chapter 85 Yin and Yang Tower
Chapter 86 Sealed the Coffin after Ten Days
Chapter 87 Paper Painting
Chapter 88 The Music Prodigy
Chapter 89 Invite God To Enter The Body
Chapter 90 The Mysterious Hamster
Chapter 91 The Drum and Dulcimer
Chapter 92 The Strange Killing
Chapter 93 The Fox King Appears
Chapter 94 The Weasel, Silver Beads
Chapter 95 Changing the Weasel Spirit Into The God of Wealth
Chapter 96 Nail the Soul
Chapter 97 Yin Shave
Chapter 98 The Baby Cried in the Barbershop
Chapter 99 The Hair of Ghost Embryo
Chapter 100 The Wig
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