Seized by the System

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Seized by the System  Procrastinator extraordinaire, Fang Ning, had lost his consciousness after banging his head on a night of celebration. He woke up to a realization that he no longer had control of his body, as a System had taken it over. Will he eventually regain control of his body or will he be trapped in his body forever? How does he maneuver this situation?

《Seized by the System》latest chapter
412 Origin
411 Annihilate the Enemy With the Heavenly Axiom
410 The Ever-Victorious
409 You Shall Suffer Heavenly Retribution
408 Where Did You Come From, Fiend
407 Birth Of A Big Fiend
406 This Chicken Soup Tastes Good
405 A Cat’s Hard Life
404 Lonely Life
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《Seized by the System》All chapters
1 I“ve Been Seized by the System
2 The System is Fighting for Justice
3 The System is Looting
4 Continue to Fight for Justice!
5 Relief Time!
6 The Need to Increase Efficiency
7 System, Start an Internet Café for Me
8 There’s No Problem That Imagination Cannot Fix
9 If It’s Possible, Then Open Another One
10 Silently Became A Role Model
11 You need Aggro for your Ulti
12 A New Age Quietly Arrives
13 No More Farming
14 Here at Las
15 Never Forsake, Never Give Up
16 The System Isn’t Afraid of Ghosts
17 Gaining the Ability to Kill Ghosts Too
18 Fulfill Your Destinies, I’ll Just Stay Pu
19 You’re Eating Meat While I’m Eating Bread, You’re Prospering While I’m Suffering
20 Be Prepared for Anything and Everything
21 The System’s Got Everything Covered?
22 Still need to Listen to the Hos
23 A Technique Fell From the Sky
24 Who else do you need to pay your gratitudes to? Let’s go and farm them!
25 Overthinking: A Series
26 No Farming Neutral Monsters?
27 The System’s Decision
28 Just A Single Move
29 When You’re Awesome, Everyone Looks To You
30 Host, The 2-in-1 Meal You’re Afraid Of Is Here
31 Your Pride to Marry the Dragon Princess, My Pride to be Entrusted!
32 The Orphan is Seized
33 It Seems Like It’s Los
34 Only One Meal Per Week
35 I Can Only Be A Dragon
36 A Truly Difficult Mission
37 Eat Before Working
38 Put That Damned Eunuch Down
39 “Vigilante A“ Is A Dragon!
40 Difficult Mission Director Mo
41 Here, Let Me Teach You How to Train Your Ice Dragon
42 Gifts of monsters and money
43 No Toleration for Disconnection!
44 Can No Hero Resist The Temptation of Beauty?
45 You Got Tricked!
46 Found You
47 The Giant Rat Crisis
48 A Plan to Stop the Disconnection?
49 The Joy of Spotting Prey
50 Don’t Spare A Single One
51 Start Farming!
52 What Should We Do When the Monsters Commit Suicide?
53 The Relentless Peak
54 No Farming of White Named Monsters
55 We’re the Owner
56 Issue A Challenge For Me
57 It’s a Cultivation Race!
58 Not Some Easy-To-Deal-With Super Boss
59 Preparations for Farming the Boss
60 Searching Every Nook and Cranny for the Missing Boss
61 The Cunning Super Boss
62 Being F*cking Awesome Is Really Pressuring
63 Fake It Till You Make I
64 A Tight Slap to the Face
65 A Cultivation Club Has Opened
66 Retaliate If They Overstep
67 To You, Earning Money is Better Than Cultivation
68 It Really Got Deflected...
69 The Three Most Dangerous Types of Extraordinaires
70 Let Us Start Cultivating
71 System, You“re Being Cocky
72 Even A Villain Could Survive After the Villain Monologue...
73 If You Could Attain Immortality and Live as a Shut-In Forever, Why Settle for Less?
74 There Are Different Types of Death Penalty Too!
75 Must Have Travelled Thousands of Miles Just to Save Me
76 How Can I Compete When Even the Genius Needs to Cheat?
77 Soon, You All Will Go Blind from the Brightness
78 It“s Possible to Spend a Hundred Million On a Meal, Can You Believe It?
79 We Shouldn’t Exploit Others!
80 That Vigilante A is Much Nicer to Talk to!
81 A Follower Full of Fighting Spirit and a Recovering Boss
82 We Should Let the Monsters Look for Us in the Future
83 How Does One Train to Quickly Attain the Greatness Needed to Cultivate Morality?
84 Time to Farm Hard Monsters
85 These Two Monsters Were... Underwhelming
86 Where Did That Pair of Dogs Go?
87 I Treat You as a Brother, And You Dare Plot Against Me?
88 The Shock of Willpower Can Already Be Triggered?
89 Turning a Genius Into a Good-For-Nothing
90 Aren’t Allowed to Ask That Question
91 I Knew That This New Game Is Not As Simple As It Looks
92 The Host Can Really Show-off Now
93 If It Misses, Please Upgrade
94 Sir System Went Ballistic...
95 Someone Is Going to Slay a Dragon
96 I Can Learn This Stuff with One Look
97 Sir System, You“re Showing Off Again
99 I’ll Cultivate Godhood Properly After Getting Through This
100 Travelling a Thousand Miles on a Sword for a Dog
101 The Burden Will Still Be Handled by Sir System, I Just Have to Continue Cheering
102 The First Thing We Have to Completely Eradicate
103 This Is How You Utilize a Perfect Partner
104 Man Proposes, God Disposes… Give Me Ten Million And I’ll Tell You What It Means
105 We’ll Be Able To Fly For Free In The Future
106 Heroic Achievement: Unparelled Affection!
107 The System Decided to Conduct an Experimen
108 Sure Enough, Problematic Situations Should Be Left to the Hos
109 A Word of Advice for You, Host.
110 Sir System Learns to Cry Wine and Sell Vinegar
111 Don“t Even Think About Touching My Precious Game Book
112 Never Say “Never”
113 There Is but One Truth!
114 You Won“t Be Able to Put Those Experiences to Use If I Suppress My Grade and Seize Full Control of Your Body
115 Extend Your Head over Here, System, Let Me Buff You
116 The Easiest Way To Get Aggro!
117 The Death Snipe Is In Process
118 Apparently Someone Wants To Kill that Dog of A Vigilante
119 My Brother, If You Don“t Turn Green for Me, I Can“t Help You
120 I Reckon Vigilante A Would Be Injured for at Least a Few Years
121 Turn-based Battle Commentary and the Godlike Teammate
122 Initiating System Advancement Plan
123 The Beginning of a Part of the Plan
124 Repent, Even if You’re Already Dead!
125 It Seems That I Must Get a Huge Collection for Him
126 A Host That Is Still Confiden
127 Rescue is Arriving in T-24 hours
128 Only The Useful Could Live Longer
129 The Genius with the Overactive Imagination and The Freshie Inmate Leader
130 Vigilante A, the Unambitious
131 My Warpath, the Star Ocean
132 I Wanna Wait for Them on My Throne
133 Watch Me Break a Door As I Leave
134 A Mediocre Vigilante A
135 It’s Just Barely Fighting, Right?
136 Disassembling the Stage in a Fake Fight, Disassembling the House in a Real One!
137 The Idiot Who Trapped Himself
138 Two Types, Two Outcomes
139 They Think You’re Too Strong, So They Don’t Want To Play With You Anymore
140 In the System Space, I“m the King.
141 Farm All You Like, Just Be Discree
142 The Land of Heritage
143 Know Yourself and Your Enemies, and You Will Never Be Defeated
144 I Already Have an Awesome Plan
145 Ptooey, This is Your Awesome Plan?
146 Vigilante A Rates Everyone
147 Brains and Brawn, Not Just One
148 Who“s the Idiot?
149 Everyone Is Angry
150 The Experience Pack and the Positional Warfare
151 Host, Make Me a Farming Spo
152 Strength in Unity, Tiandao Dominates!
153 This Farming Spot Is Not Easy to Build
154 Let“s Go, We“ll Gift the Spadehead a Buff Or Debuff
155 Running Toward the Vast Outside World
156 Every Pro Has Its Con in Worldly Matters
157 Making Sure the Vile Snake Will Never Again Cheat Other Demons
158 There Will Be No Discussions
159 First, Have A Taste Of ‘Vigilante A’s Flying Book“
160 I Am Just That Dishonorable, What Are You Gonna Do About I
161 I Will Drop By Every Year
162 A Huge Earning
163 Well, Then, Did Your Fiance Run Away On Your Wedding?
164 A Fox Assuming A Tiger’s Authority
165 A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing
166 Harvest Ceremony
167 We Have Been Tricked
168 Vigilante A Isn’t Just One Person
169 Who Would I Hit If Not You?
170 There’s Still A Tiger Pelt There...
171 What An Awesome Explanation
172 Rather Die Than Be Caugh
173 What Is Your Facial Regiment?
174 Bossman, Do You Have Time Tonight?
175 There“s a Term Called “Sharing“
176 An Unnecessary Worry
177 Hurry Up And Turn Blue
178 We’ve Become Very Awesome
179 I Have To Let An Extremely Awesome Fellow In
180 I Want To Fly Higher
181 Just like Heaven
182 Tom Is Still More Intelligen
183 It’s All His Faul
184 Never Forget The Bottom, When You Get To The Top
185 Azure Mountain
186 Let’s Launch One Too
187 A Mosquito“s Flesh is Still Flesh
188 Hurry and Call the Venerable Dragon God
189 Whoever Prevents Me from Using the Internet Shall be Made A Fool Of Themselves!
190 Watch My Talisman
191 Effective Abacus
192 Under The Bright Light of the Sun
193 One Cannot Get What is Denied Him by Destiny No Matter How Hard He Tries; the Vicissitudes of Life Has its Causes
194 Sir System is a Great Teacher
195 Sir, I Want to Go Sow Fields
196 Ascension Tower
197 Everyone Was Satisfied
198 I Felt like My Chivalrous Virtue Has Risen Slightly
199 We Are Just Selling a Ball
200 In Death, We Can“t Even Reincarnate as a Pig
201 Six Times the Protein Conten
202 Everyone Knows About My Murderous Instinc
203 Dig a Deep Groove Firs
204 Impale Them Till They Die like a Bunch of Candied Haws
205 Time to Achieve Lake-level
206 Unparalleled
207 It’ll Be Enough As Long As We Don’t Lose
208 The True Protagonist Appears
209 Even If He Acts Like a Pig, He Was Still a Descended Pig!
210 Nine Transformations Rejuvenating Pill
211 How Effective It is for a High-level Character to Farm Lower-level Monsters
212 You Shouldn’t Use Your Strength to Bully Others?
213 The Monster That Was Strong Enough To Make Sir System Retrea
214 Bodhisattva and True Dragon, I Have Been Tricked by You!
215 Enter the Azure Mountain Sect and Cuckold or Be Cuckolded by Others
216 The True Rules of Azure Mountain
217 Who Were You Practicing Cultivation With During That Time
218 If Only You Were as Powerful as the Venerable Dragon God Then
219 You Only Worry About Losing the Internet Connection
220 Sir System Would Always Be Sir System
221 Fight to Your Heart’s Conten
222 How Can We Let Your Little Field Trip End Just Like That?
223 I Think I Heard Someone Say They Want to Give Me Money
224 Magic Lamp
225 If You’re Not Pond-level, Then You Can’t Even Compare to a Dog.
226 I Have Never Known Of Such a Shameless System
227 I Am Not as Calculating as You Humans
228 I Have A Friend
229 Zhuge Liang May Be Smart, But Destiny is a Far More Complicated Matter
230 The Power of the Totem
231 A Dragon Flew Across the Sky
232 No Need to Leave with the Well
233 Swallowed I
234 The One Who Was On Their Phone While Facing The Dragon God...
235 I Always Pay to Win
236 Heavenly Karma
237 Gentleman
238 It Will Be Hard to Find More Allies
239 Our Spirit Bear Wasn’t Weak. It Was All Because of Vigilante A’s Foxiness
240 One Can Only Learn More by Staying Humble
241 A New World
242 Heartless Technique
243 I Never Met Such a Shameless Person
244 Nothing to Be Surprised Abou
245 Peace, Because Someone Else Is Carrying the Burden
246 Edible and Inedible
247 Who Dares to Kill Me?!
248 All Martial Arts in the World Have Weaknesses, except for Pay-To-Winners!
249 The Great Days are Just Ahead
250 Who Else But Him
251 The Path of Heavenly Punishmen
252 Assume the Role Even with My Sickness
253 A Grievous Injustice
254 Add Another Temporary Function for Me
255 Who Is Qualified Then?
256 Gaining Compliance Through Reason
257 An Arcane Realm Fell from the Sky
258 The Hero Wouldn“t Have Liked Someone Else to Take His Job
259 The Son of Heaven Who Is a Piece of Mud That Doesn“t Stick to the Wall
260 Movies Were Just Movies
261 Who Wants To Enter The City Firs
262 Oh My, the Octopus Brothers Turned Against Each Other! The Reason is…
263 No One Can Stop Our Desire For Containers
264 A Great Change
265 The Appearance of Whirlpools
266 Demon of Ten Lifetimes
267 Recalling the Pas
268 Who’s the Fool
269 He Has A Dream
270 This Old Book Really Can Be Thrown Away
271 Come Beat Me Up
272 Twelve Arms“ Destiny
273 Tian Zhu Might be the Biggest Winner?
274 A Mighty War Demon
275 No One in This World Could Fulfill the Three Conditions
276 Willing to Serve the Venerable One!
277 The Hunting Ground of the War Demon
278 World Number One
279 I Crushed The Demon With a Flap of My Tail
280 Land of Demonic Energy
281 You Really Need Treatmen
282 I’ll Just Blame Someone Else Too
283 Sir System Wouldn“t Fall for the Same Trick Twice
284 I... Don“t... Accept...
285 Can We Ask Him to Take It Back?
286 I Shall Battle for Another Thousand Years in Here
287 Dream-Cultivation Method
288 Work Overtime from Today Onwards
289 Take the Residue and Refuse the Essence
290 An Idea
291 Work Hard for a Hundred Days
292 Demon Baby
293 Demons, Are They Really So Scary
294 I Will Definitely Not Let It Corrode Me Even Slightly
295 All Living Creatures Vie for Freedom under the Autumn Sky
296 The Moon is Approaching Us
297 Who Has Such a Great Ability
298 You Can’t Eat Fish Anymore
299 Daddy Axiom
300 Who Can Buy a Ticket?
301 Hurry Up and Build Noah’s Ark
302 Decided To Do It Alone
303 Looking For A Steed Using A Picture And Hook“s Express Delivery
304 Killing A Staff Officer As A Sacrifice For The Heavens
305 Whether You’d Like To Die Or Not, We’re Powerless To Help
306 Sacrificing to the Heavens and Ascension
307 The True Bodhi Tactics, Defeat the Enemy and Achieve Victory
308 When the Dragon God Appeared, All Knelt in Admiration
309 The Beasts’ Battle for Daddy
310 Who Will Hold The Sky
311 How To Go Against This Bear
312 The Power of The Righteous Path
314 Iron Blood Octopus
315 The Book And The Cat Must Be Fated
316 We Have To Work Overtime Even If The Sky Doesn“t Collapse
317 This Black Cat Has a Bad Conscience
318 An Octupus“ Ambition
319 Undead Realm
320 How To Buy A Train Ticket?
321 The Land of Eternity and the Eternal Fountain
322 Splitting the Arcane Realm in Three
323 Looking for a Donkey While Riding the Horse
324 The Eastern Pharos Shines on the Entire World, the Draconic Penitentiary Subdues All under the Sky
325 Ferrying the Dead into Heaven, Ferrying the Living across Seas
326 Quickly Lead It Back onto the Right Path
327 An Honest Man Among All Honest Men
328 Two Paths
329 Cang Gongzi
330 You Shall Be Crowned King
331 All Beings In The World
332 Where“s the Principle of Heaven?
333 Those Who Stay near Vermilion Get Stained Red
334 Rain is Coming
335 Every Salted Fish Share the Common Responsibility for the Fate of the World
336 Who Else But Me?
337 Birth of the Divine Monumen
338 I’m Seized by the System Anyway
339 Hold the Responsibility
340 Its Hard to Fool Them, Even for Once
341 Birthday Presen
342 Zhi Nan“s Might Surpasses the Heavens and Dharma
343 Strike the Temple Block Ten Thousand Times, and You Will See
344 Who Should I Send?
345 Play Real-Life PUBG With Me
346 Why Haven’t You Entered Yet?
347 Plan Before You Act, Step Back to be Safe
348 If There are No Demons To Farm, We Will Create Them
349 The Way of the System
350 Magical Mountain Keeper
351 A Wide Sea Allows Fish to Leap About, a Vast Sky Allows Birds to Fly*
352 A Big Sho
353 This Request Is Quite Difficul
354 Work Hard
355 All the Demons Had Suffered Enough of Vigilante A
356 Slaying Demon with Morality
357 You Should Understand
358 A Little Flower La La La
359 An Understanding Friend Is Hard To Find
360 From Today Onwards, Let’s Cut the Cake
361 My Path Is Formed
362 The Seas Will Become Our Bosom Friends, The Heavens Will Become Our Neighbors
363 Be A Happy Person
364 Make All Laws Disappear, Rid the Heavens of its Existence
365 The Host’s Image
366 I Bring My Own Power Supplies
367 A Salted Fish Never Changes Its Scales
368 Boasting Past the Heavens
369 Lost Again
370 Targeted Stalking
371 I Want To Become A Dragon
372 Don’t Think a True Dragon Can’t be A Pond Loach
373 No Fighting Without Cheating
374 I Shall Fight in My Own Battlefield
375 Just Take a Breather
376 Mythological Era
377 Heavenly Meri
378 Keep up One’s Spirit, Keep a Close Watch
379 Most Suitable for Being Stationed to Keep Watch
380 The Show Is Starting
381 The Tide Has Turned
382 The Gold Standard To Climb The Divine Gate
383 Evil Has Finally Arrived
384 The Hongmen Banquet of The Righteous
385 The First to Ascend the Stairway to Heaven
386 The Fearsome Stairway to Heaven
387 Pulling His Own Leg
388 The Real Representative of the Demons
389 It’s Just That Simple
390 The Third Stage
391 The Best Reward
392 Kill Two Birds with One Stone
393 Tools Are Not Allowed Inside
394 Is This the Will of the Heavens?
395 Whoever Gives It Favor Is Its Daddy
396 The Older, The Wiser
397 Eating A Whale
398 Digesting the Question
399 Indigestion
400 The Great Green Insect Containing a Universe Within I
401 Know Your Appetite
402 The Fierce Dark Tiger and Black Cat Tom
403 There’s Always a Light at the End of the Tunnel
404 Lonely Life
405 A Cat’s Hard Life
406 This Chicken Soup Tastes Good
407 Birth Of A Big Fiend
408 Where Did You Come From, Fiend
409 You Shall Suffer Heavenly Retribution
410 The Ever-Victorious
411 Annihilate the Enemy With the Heavenly Axiom
412 Origin
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