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    Titan Beneath the Heavens 新月 Ongoing
    Doomsday Wonderland Beards And Tails Ongoing
    Super Electric Eel Avatar The sheathed sword Ongoing
    Era of Disaster Demon“s Realm Completed
    Swallowed Star Wo Chi Xi Hong Shi Ongoing
    Master of the Stars Weight Loss Expert Ongoing
    Global Evolution Dog Bite Ongoing
    Monster Factory The sheathed sword Ongoing
    The Card Apprentice Fang Xiang Ongoing
    The Record of Unusual Creatures Yuan Tong Ongoing
    Doom Lord Wishing For A Pillow To Sleep Ongoing
    The Godsfall Chronicles Half-Drunk Wanderer Ongoing
    Magi Craft Meister MIYUKI Ruria Ongoing
    Apocalypse Cockroach 偉岸蟑螂 Ongoing
    Galactic Dark Net Sonic Nine Light Year Completed
    Star Rank Hunter Chen Ci Lan Tiao Ongoing
    Age of Cosmic Exploration Zhttty Completed
    I am the Monarch Cheol Jonggeum Ongoing
    Demon Hunter Misty South Ongoing
    Epoch of Twilight Don“t Play People For A Fool Ongoing
    Legend of the Supreme Soldier Fang Xiang Completed
    Sovereign of Judgment TodayAgain Completed
    Dark Blood Age 天下飘火 Ongoing
    Superstars of Tomorrow Lazy Cliche Ongoing
    Shadow Hack Great Lord Of Cloudland Ongoing

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